Hosted for Potomac Valley Swimming By

Hosted for Potomac Valley Swimming By

/ This Meet is for all YORK 13 and over Swimmers.
All Age-group and 8 and under are swimming in the MAKO Winter Invitational
The MAKO Meet Manager was unable to fit our older swimmers into the
MAKO Winter Invitational
January 17-18 2009
Sanctioned by USA Swimming
Through Potomac Valley Swimming
Sanction # PVS-09-30

Hosted for Potomac Valley Swimming By:

Rockville Montgomery Swim Club
Machine Aquatics / Potomac Marlins
Meet Directors: / Machine Aquatics
Paris Jacobs

Club Officials Chairman: / Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex #1
Scott Robinson

Meet Locations: / Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex #1
8001 Sheriff Road
Landover, MD
Schedule: / Session / Warm-up / Events Start
13 & Over/Open
Men and Women
Saturday & Sunday / 1:20 - 2:20 pm / 2:30 pm
Note: Meet Director will determine if session start times will need to be adjusted based on number of entries received.
Eligibility: / Open to all Potomac Valley Swimming registered athletes. Also, open to registered athletes of invited USA Swimming clubs. Clubs interested in participating should request an invitation from the PVS General Chairman, Greg York at .
Swimmers shall compete at the age attained on the first day of the meet. It may be necessary to limit entries due to time constraints.
Inclusion Policy for Swimmers with a Disability: / PVS and host clubs along with their Meet Directors are committed to the Inclusion Policy as adopted by the BOD. Athletes with a disability are welcomed and are asked to provide advance notice of desired accommodations to the Meet Director. The athlete (or the athlete’s coach) is also responsible for notifying the session referee of any disability prior to the competition.
Warnings: / Any club that enters an unregistered or improperly registered athlete, falsifies an entry in any way, or permits an unregistered coach to represent them, will be fined the sum of $100.00 and no further entries will be accepted from that club until the said fine has been paid.
Entry fees are due with meet entry. Unpaid fees will be reported to the PVS Administrative Office at the conclusion of the meet.
Rules: / Current USA Swimming rules shall govern the meet. All events are timed finals. A contestant may enter no more than three events per day or six events during the meet.
Dive-over starts may be used at this meet at the discretion of the Meet Manager and/or Meet Referee. Coaches are requested to review Guidance for Dive-Over Starts for Coaches. Officials are requested to review Protocol for Dive-Over Starts. A determination whether to do so will be made shortly after entries for this meet have been processed.
No On-Deck USA-S Registrations will be permitted.
Positive Check In: / All events 200 Yards or longer will be deck seeded. The Meet Director will determine if positive check-in will be required for any events of 100 Yards or shorter. Athletes who check in to a deck-seeded event, have been seeded, and fail to swim the event will be barred from their next scheduled individual event, unless excused by the Referee before the event takes place.
Warm-up: / The prescribed Potomac Valley Swimming warm-up procedures and safety policies will be followed. The Meet Director may determine the structure of the warm-up, including times and lane assignments.
Officials: / Each participating club is requested to provide at least one table worker or official (referee, starter or stroke and turn judge) per session if entering 25 or more splashes. All certified officials wishing to volunteer to work this meet please contact the appropriate club officials chairman shown above prior to January 7. Please include your club affiliation, certifications held and sessions you wish to work. Officials volunteering should sign in at the recording table prior to the start of Warm-ups. Certified officials who have not previously advised of their availability may volunteer their services to the Referee at this time.
Timers: / Participating clubs are required to provide timers in proportion to their entries. A timer is required for each 25 entries. The number of timers being committed must be included on the club master entry. The number of timers required will be adjusted when club is providing other officials. Acceptance of the club entry is based upon compliance with the above. Host clubs are required to provide one timer per lane.
Supervision: / Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their swimmers and for cleaning up their team areas.
Admission Programs: / There is no admission charge. Programs for each session will be available for $2.00 each. Working officials and coaches receive a free program.

Saturday, January 17

13 & Over/Open Swimmers

MLK - Warm-up 1:20 – 2:20 pm Events 2:30 pm

Women Event # / Events / Men Event #
27 @ / 13& Over 200yd Freestyle / 28 @
29 / 13 & Over 100yd Butterfly / 30
31 $ / 13 & Over 200yd Breaststroke / 32 $
33 % / 13 & Over 200yd Backstroke / 34 %
35 / 13 & Over 100yd Freestyle / 36
37 & / Open 400 Individual Medley / 38 &
@ - Check in time for the 200yd Freestyle 2:00 pm
$ - Check in time for the 200yd Breaststroke 2:00 pm
% - Check in time for the 200yd Backstroke 2:00 pm
& - Check in time for the 400 Individual Medley 3:00 pm

Sunday, January 18

13 & Over/Open Swimmers

Warm-up 1:20 – 2:20 pm Events 2:30 pm

Women Event # / Events / Men Event #
67 / 13 & Over 100yd Backstroke / 68
69 # / 13 & Over 200yd Individual Medley / 70 #
71 % / 13 & Over 200yd Butterfly / 72 %
73 / 13 & Over 100yd Breaststroke / 74
75 / 13 & Over 50yd Freestyle / 76
77 & / 13 & Over 500yd Freestyle / 78 &
# - Check in time for the 200 Individual Medley 2:00 pm
% - Check in time for the 200yd Butterfly 2:00 pm
& - Check in time for the 500yd Freestyle 3:00 pm