Hello <Student Name>

Hello <Student Name>

Hello <Student Name>,

Welcome to <course prefix and number, i.e. ENGL 1301>. My name is <Your Name>, and I am pleased to be your professor for <course name, i.e. Composition and Rhetoric I> online course. Our focus in this course will be on <…>. This course is entirely online, there are no required on-campus meetings. The course begins on <course start date>.

Although online learning provides the flexibility to do your coursework when you choose, keep in mind that it is not for everyone. Please review the following information as it can help you succeed in this online course.

You should be aware of the following characteristics that are important for successful online learning:

  • Independent and Active Learner
  • Goal-oriented
  • Proficient Reader & Communicator
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Organized and Able to Meet Deadlines
  • Good Time Management Skills

Before you continue with this online course, take some time to assess your skills, which are essential for the success of an online student. SmarterMeasure is an assessment that will give you an idea of your strengths in various components. Use the following login and password to access:

Login: lscstudent

Password: lonestar

As a student you also have access to the following resources to help you be successful online:

  • Student Orientation for Online Courses (You will need to complete the Student Online Orientation to have access to the online course).
  • Resources for LSC Online Students
  • Online Advising Resources
    Your success at Lone Star College is important to us. LSC-Online advisors are available to assist students with advising services related to courses offered in an online format. Some of these services include general advising, registration, the add/drop/withdrawal process, and degree planning.
  • Technology Support: 24/7 Service Desk

Need help at 2am? No problem. The Office of Technology Services "Service Desk" is available to support your technical needs and will forward tickets to LSC-Online as needed.

  • Email:
  • Report an Issue to the Service Desk
  • Phone Number: 1-866-614-5014
  • Helpful Software

Course Materials Needed:

  • Textbook: <Textbook Name>, by <Author(s)>, <Publisher> ISBN-13: 000-0000000000
  • <List additional required resources>
  • Access to an Internet-connected computer.
  • Adobe Reader to access pdf documents.
  • Adobe Flash player to watch the videos.
  • Make sure you have two (2) internet browsers to access the course. (This is in case one internet browse will not allow you to access/view the class.) If this happens, just access the course from the other browser. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most compatible browsers with D2L.

How to contact me:

I look forward to meeting you all in the online discussion forum during the first week of class. You are welcome to contact me with questions about the course content by emailing me from within the course email system, or by telephone at <office phone number>. If you email me from your personal email account, please include your name, the course number, and the details of you questions.

Looking forward to a great semester!

Professor <Your Name>