Heart Centreinnovation Fund -Overview

Heart Centreinnovation Fund -Overview

Heart CentreInnovation Fund -Overview


Pleaseprovideadescriptionofyourfundingrequest and itsgoal.You must also include the projected outcomes ofyourproposal,timelines and outlinemetrics forsuccess. Note: ALL sections havea specified maximumwordcount. Do notattach extra pagesordocuments to yourproposal.


You must also includeadetailed budget and justification with this proposal. Thetotal budget requested should not exceed $25,000.

Funding threshold

Each application will be evaluated based on thecriteriabelow andgivenascoreout of5. Applications

that scorebelowthethreshold of3.7 will not be funded.

Evaluation Criteria

1.Innovation:Proposed work represents novel, unique, highrisk concepts and creativethinking.

2.Potential forfuturedevelopment/ dissemination:Proposed researchrepresents work that will lead to future expansion.For research, is this an important proofofconcept orpilot work that will lead to new research directions orlargerfundingapplications ordevelopment ofnew research teams? For clinical, is this aprogram that might be applied in othersettingsand other centresand achieve widerdissemination?For education, is this aprogram that can be disseminated or expanded?

3.Measures ofimpact:This is perhaps themost important criteria. Howwill the work impact its intended target or field ofinquiry?Measuresmust be clearlydelineated and specificto the proposed work.

4.Quality oftheproposal:Is theproposal well-organized and written?Arethepurposes oraims ofthe work clearlyspecified?Is the work to beperformed clearlydescribed?Is therea rigorous and relevant evaluation ofoutcomes?If research, is the work scientificallysound?

5.Feasibility:Can the work proposed besuccessfullyperformedgiven theexpertise and resources available andrequested?

6.Applicants:Do the applicants havesufficient expertise, experience and motivation to perform and report thework?

7.Budget:Is thebudget sufficient to perform the work proposed successfully?Is thebudget reasonable and well justified?

**Submission process:

Electronic applications can be emailed to Treacey Sheehan by end of day on the deadline date: .

Version Date: April 2017

LabattFamilyHeartCentreInnovation FundApplicationForm

Name: / Position:
Extension: / Department/Area:
Email Address: / Date:

Is your request:A new application

A proposal for continued funding (attach a 1 page progress report)

A resubmission of a previous application(attached a 1/2 page summary that addresses the reviewer's comments)


2.Investigators (listall and theiraffiliation):


3.Lay Summary:(max250 words)

Summarize theproposed research using non-technical language. Ensure the description can be understood bya multidisciplinaryreview panel.

4.Address eachofthefollowing:(max250 words for each heading)


II.Potential for future development/dissemination


5.Investigator experience: (150 words):

6.FutureDirections (250words)

7.Budgetand budget justification:

Completethetablebelow with abreak-down ofeach item.

Item / Estimated Cost



Providea clearand conciseexplanation(1-2 sentences)ofeach requesteditem.

*If you arerequesting funding for salarysupport,theperson’s name, title,responsibilities, contractend date, and current FTEshould beincluded. If this is a newlyhired position,funding will not bereleased until theaboveinformation is provided.


Attach the3 sections belowtotheapplication andsubmitas1 completePDFdocument.Images andfigures counttowards thepagelimit.

9.Background and SignificanceoftheStudy: (1 page):


Usethestatement of theproblemto show that your proposed project is definitelyneeded and shouldbe funded.

It is essential to includea well documented statement of theneed/problemthat is thebasis for your project.What arethepressing problems that you want to address?

Is therea special reasonwhy you areuniquelysuited to conduct theproject? (Geographiclocation, language expertise, priorinvolvements in this area, closerelationship to theproject participants, etc.)

It can reallyhelp gain funding support for your project if you havealreadytaken somesmall steps to begin your project.

10.Methods (2 pages):


Tryto address each of thefollowing questions in this section:Who aretheparticipants in thestudy?

How will thedata be collected? What aretheprocedures that will befollowed?How will the project/data be evaluated? How will thedata beused?

Thereshould bea very clear linkbetween themethods you describein this section and theobjectives you havepreviouslydefined.Be explicit in your writing and state exactlyhow the methods you have chosen will fulfill your project'sobjectives and help dealwith theneeds/problems on which your proposal is focused.

Do not forget to includethe collaborativerelationships your project will bedeveloping with other cooperating groups. Agood wayto show collaboration is in the methods that you will beusing. Howwill the methods for your project encouragegroups to join together in dealing with theissues/concerns your project addresses?

Your Methods section should clearlyindicatehow the methods that will beused will allowtheoutcomes of your project to havevaluefor others beyond your project.