Health Benchmark Study Guide

Health Benchmark Study Guide

Health Benchmark Study Guide

Standard 2: Mental, Emotional, and Social Health
1. A mental disorder is an illness that affects the mind and reduced a person’s ability to function, to adjust to change, or to get along with others.

2. Dreams are NOT a cause of mental disorders.

3. Anxiety disorders are fears persisting for a long period of time that interfere with daily living. Schizophrenia is NOT an anxiety disorder.

4. Schizophrenia is one of the most serious mental disorders that can be identified by severe disturbances in thinking, mood, awareness, and behavior. This mental disorder means “split mind” and is often confused with multiple personality disorder.

5. Stress is the response of the body and mind to being challenged or threatened.

6. If a friend is thinking about suicide you should explain how concerned you are and make an adult aware of the situation.

7. A person with low self-esteem judges themselves harshly.

8. Self-actualization is the process by which people can reach their full potential.

9. Guilt is an example of a learned emotion.

10. The most effective way to stop bullying is to get help from an adult.

11. An eating disorder marked by bingeing and purging is bulimia.

12. An eating disorder marked by not eating enough to maintain a healthy body weight is anorexia nervosa.

13. A person with depression feels sad or hopeless for months.

14. Stress is NOT an example of a mental health disorder.

15. True or False: If you are depressed, you are suicidal. This statement isFALSE.

Standard 3: Nutrition
16. According to the My Pyramid plan, pasta and breads belong to the grains group.

17. Price is NOT required on food labels.

18. People with diabetes must control their weight, may have poor nutritional habits, and must monitor their diet carefully. (all of the above)

19. Complex carbohydrates are composed of sugars and are linked together, found in grain products, and are good sources of energy. (all of the above)

20. Chicken is high in protein.

21. Sodium is sometimes associated with high blood pressure.

22. Loss of water through heavy perspiring can result in dehydration.

23. Sex (gender) is not used to determine the amounts you should consume from each food group in the My Pyramid plan.

24. Cross-contamination is most likely to occur when foods are not properly cleaned.

25. Sodium is NOT an essential nutrient.

26. True or False: Metabolism is the chemical process by which your body breaks down food. This statement isTRUE.

27. True or False: Calories are energy. This statement isTRUE.

28. Proteins are the essential nutrient responsible for growing and repairing your body’s tissues.

29. Carbohydrates is NOT an example of a non-energy essential nutrient.