HDFC Life Unveils a New Adcampaign

HDFC Life Unveils a New Adcampaign

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HDFC Life unveils a new AdCampaign

Takes a unique route of simple, day-to-day life analogies to connect with customers

  • Campaign to create awareness about thenew and unique combination of features available in HDC Life’s term plan Click2 Protect Plus
  • Communicates the flexibility of the plan and the fact that it allows people to customize it as per their needs

Mumbai, August14, 2014:HDFC Life, India’s leading life insurance company in the online term spacehas launched a newadvertisingcampaign to raise awareness about itsnewplan Click2protect Plus, an extension of its flagship term plan Click2Protect.Click2Protect Plus, a traditional, non-participating pure term insurance plancomes with multiple additional benefits and options to choose from.

Commenting on the new campaign, Mr.Sanjay Tripathy, Senior EVP – Marketing, Product, Digital & Ecommerce, HDFC Lifesaid, “Following the launch of HDFC Life Click2Protect Plus, our new term insurance plan, we have embarked on this new ad campaign to spread awareness about the importance of having a term plan that is flexible enough to help the buyer customize it as per his needs. For example, we understood that as life’s responsibilities grow, there is a need to increase life cover too. Most term plans don’t allow this, while with Click 2 Protect Plus, the customer has the option to increase life cover at key milestones such as Marriage or the birth of a child.We also realized that more often than not, when people receive a large sum of money at once, they don’t know what to do with it. This money often gets frittered away and then there is a shortfall again. With this plan, the beneficiary has the flexibility to receive the claim amount in Lumpsum and Monthly payouts thereby ensuring that they will always be provided for. Both our ads illustrate the feature benefits using simple real life analogies and reinforce our brand promise of ‘Sar Utha Ke Jiyo.”

On the campaign, Mr. Vikram Pandey, Creative Director, Leo Burnett, said, “The Life Insurance category is a complicated one, where people often tune out when technical features of policies are explained. The HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus campaign was an effort to explain the policy features simply, yet emotionally.”

HDFC Life plans to take its new campaign to the customer through different platforms and intensify the brand experience. Apart from television, this film will be supported by other media such as print, OOH, DTH, cinemawith significant focus on the digital and social media.

Campaign Credits:

Creative agency – Leo Burnett
Creative Director – Vikram Pandey/ Brahmesh Tiwari
Copywriter – Brahmesh Tiwari
Art Director – Amit Thakur
Production House - Equinox
Director – Ram Madhvani

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Notes to the editor:

Ad synopsis

TVC 1: The film begins in a house with the husband (Subodh) walking with a laptop to his wife, who is chopping tomatoes. He takes the chopping board from her and gives her the laptop telling her to understand the insurance policy he is buying. On looking at the online form, she curiously asks him as to why there is an option to increase life cover? On a completely unrelated topic, he tells her that a couple of more friends are expected for dinner. She in turn asks him to take more tomatoes since more people are coming. As soon as she says this, it is revealed that she is pregnant. She immediately realizes that he has given her answer to her question. The husband then tells her, that this product feature is there just so that she will never have a shortfall of anything in life. The voice over says, ‘with increasing responsibilities in life, increase your life cover with HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus’.

TVC 2: The film is a continuation of the first film. The wife this time asks Subodh as to why there is an option to receive claims in Lumpsum plus monthly payouts. The husband again responds on a completely unrelated topic. He tells her that he has spoken to Naik, and has ordered 10 crates of Mangoes at one go. She immediately disapproves and tells him to get 3 first and then the balance little by little, or else she will unnecessarily distribute them. The moment she says this, it strikes her that she again has the answer to her question. He reassuringly tells her that ‘just so that she’ll never have the problem of managing a lot of money at one go, neither will she ever have to ask anyone for money’. The voice over then states, ‘for big responsibilities and monthly expenses, now receive claims in Lumpsum plus Monthly payouts with Click 2 Protect Plus.

About HDFC Life

Established in 2000, HDFC Life is India’s leading long-term life insurance solutions provider offering a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet various customer needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings, Investment, and Health. The company also offers Women’s Plans to meet specific needs of women. Customers have the added advantage of customizing plans, by adding optional benefits called riders, at a nominal price. The company currently has 23 retail and 8 group products in its portfolio, along with 9 riders.

HDFC Life continues to have the widest reach with about 500 branches in India touching customers in over 900 cities and towns. The company has also established a liaison office in Dubai. The company has a strong presence in its existing markets with a strong base of Financial Consultants. HDFC Life is a joint venture between Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC), India’s leading housing finance institution and Standard Life plc, the leading provider of financial services in the United Kingdom.

HDFC Life’s online term plan Click2Protect is the leading product in its category in the market and the company has insured over 1.6 lakh lives during a period of over two years.

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