Harrington Village Community Association

Harrington Village Community Association


Homeowners Communication Form

Date: / Lot#:

Please list your Concerns/Questions:

Return this form to: Janice Shearer, Property Manager, Grosse & Quade Mgmt. Company ,762 East Main Street, 2nd Floor Lansdale, PA 19446 or scan/email to:

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Modification Request Form

Request Form for Architectural Approval

Submission of this form and approval, in advance, is required before any and all exterior modification of the premises or unit. See Procedures and Instruction sheet for the review and approval/disapproval process. Approval process normally takes 45 days.

I apply for permission to make the following alterations to the premises in accordance with the provisions of the Association and Declaration of the Harrington Village Community Association.

Date: / Lot#:
Name: / Phone#:

Nature of Modification:

Attach any drawing, sketches or specification to the form. Please see Procedure and Instruction sheet for any additional information that may be required, as appropriate, to review your request.

Return this form to: Janice Shearer, Property Manager, Grosse & Quade Management Co. 762 East Main St. 2nd Floor, Lansdale, PA 19446 or scan/email to:

For Official Use Only

ARC Action: / Returned for Additional Information or Revision / / Approval Recommended / / Approval Not Recommended /

ARC Comments:

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The review process is as follows:

1. Prepare your request with all the appropriate documentation.

2. Send your request to Janice Shearer (Address on the form).

3. The ARC will review your request at its meeting.

4. The ARC will recommend either "approve" or "disapprove". In certain cases, the ARC may recommend changes to the request or resubmission of an alternative plan.

5. The ARC Chairperson will notify you of Board approval/disapproval.

The review process can take from four (4) to as long as six (6) weeks, depending on when you submit your request and the ARC’s and Board of Directors’ meeting dates.

Your Modification Request must include:

1. Indicate material to be used, including color and other pertinent information. Any materials and/or color(s) used must conform to the approved materials and colors. Applicant must attach appropriate sketches or drawings and a description of the work to be done.

2. If applicable, include information on the contractor (name, telephone number, etc.) and a copy of the contractor's Certificate of Insurance.

You are also responsible for the following regarding landscaping modifications:

1. Utilities:Be aware of the possibility of utilities in the area(s) where you are asking to make a modification. Telephone, cable TV, electric, natural gas, and irrigation system lines could be in the area intended for modification.

It is best to check with the respective utility companies when planning a modification. You must alert vendors that due care and caution are to be exercised regarding utilities, including the irrigation system.

2. Grading :Be careful that Modifications do not change grading so as to avoid potential flooding problems.

3. Mulch :Modifications and additions to landscaping must be finished with black-dyed hardwood mulch similar to other mulch areas in the community.

4. Damages:Homeowners are responsible for any damages caused by, during or after modifications.


Violation Form

Homeowners are encouraged to first discuss their complaint with the alleged offending party. If that approach does not provide a satisfactory solution, the complainant must submit and sign this form for the Board to review and take action. The Board will only take action on individual complaints. Complaints submitted anonymously or on behalf of groups or committees will not be addressed by the Board.

Date: / Lot#:
Complainant's Name:
Complainant's Address:
Complainant's Phone#:
Complainant's Email:
Alleged Violator's Name:
Alleged Violator's Address:
Date Violation Occurred:

Description of Alleged Violation:

Complainant's name will be held in confidence. If a formal hearing becomes necessary, the Complainant may be asked to appear before the Board.

Return this form to: Janice Shearer, Property Manager, Grosse & Quade Mgmt. 762 East Main Street, 2nd floor, Lansdale, PA 19446 or scan/email to:

Signature: ______Date: ______