Hana Yori Dango Volume 9 Chapter 5

Hana Yori Dango Volume 9 Chapter 5

Hana Yori Dango Volume 9 Chapter 5

[117-1]Kin-san:Forgive me!

[117-3]Tsukushi:Kin-san, it’s okay!

Stop bowing.

Kin-san:No, I was utterly ignorant that he was a friend of yours going abroad tomorrow—

[118-1]Kin-san:Honestly! I get so fired up without knowing. . .

I thought he was just playing a prank with that ridiculous order—

[118-2]Tsukushi:I really don’t care anymore!

That’s right. If I look at it from a working-class guy like Kin-san’s point of view

one can’t help but think the super-rich Doumyouji was acting strangely.

[118-3]Tsukushi:I-I don’t care where that guy goes.

Maybe going abroad will cure his idiocy a little—

[118-4]Kin-san:Didn’t he say “I’ll never come home”?

I’ve done something inexcusable.

[119-1]Doumyouji:~I’ll never

come home—

[119-2]Tsukushi:I-It’s really fine!


Tsukushi:When I think of all the awful things he’s done, knowing he’s leaving makes me feel relieved!

[119-4]Kin-san:. . .He’s Doumyouji Tsukasa, isn’t he?

Tsukushi:Eh? How did you know?

[120-2]Kin-san:Ah, everyone knows that super-rich guy!

Well, let’s g’ome, shall we!? (go home)

[120-3]Kin-san:Oh, yeah! What’s your name?

I still don’t know it.

[120-4]Tsukushi:Ah, it’s true!

I’m Makino Tsukushi, the weed Tsukushi!! What about you, Kin-san?

[121-1]Tsukushi:I heard the manager call you “Amakusa-san.”


[121-2]Kin-san: That’s true, but you just call me whatever you like.

Kin-san or Gin-san or whatever.

[121-3]Kin-san:See ya! I’m really sorry.

Take care on your way home!

Tsukushi:Yeah, bye-bye!

[121-5]Tsukushi:No one could say anything bad

about someone as good a person as Kin-san.

[122-1]Tsukushi:I sort of regret not having said goodbye properly, but. . .

it was an appropriate closing scene for us. . .

[122-2]Susumu:Eeeeh? Thai rice again?

Mama:It can’t be helped! Domestic rice is expensive, so I couldn’t get it! [It doesn’t

matter, just eat!]

Susumu:It would be nice to have some meat once in a while!

Papa:[We mustn’t be extravagant.]


Tsukushi:Poor Susumu. . .he’s a growing boy, after all.



[123-2]Mama:What’s wrong? Are you okay!?

[123-3]Papa:T. . .Take this.


Mama:. . .What is it?

Papa:I sold my blood at an undisclosed located today.

[123-4]Mama:Pa. . .


Tsukushi:Papa. . .!!!

[124-1]Papa:Juuuuust kidding!


[124-2]Tsukushi:Honestly! What family in this world could live off of sold blood!?

Background:Papa’s I tricked you dance

Susumu:Pop! Hurry up and work so I can eat some meat!

Mama:Wha? 1000 yen!? What can I do with this!??



[124-5]F4:You remember when we played at being poor?

F4:Yeah, yeah!

SFX: THUD THUD THUD (Musical bass)

F4:We wore torn-up clothes on purpose!

[125-1]Akira:And we ate sardines. [Gyahaha]

Kazuya:I eat those now.

[125-2]Soujirou:Huh? Why are you here?

Kazuya:Eeeh? Aren’t I member of the F4?

[125-3]Soujirou:. . .Did you tell him that?

Akira:Don’t know anything about it.

Kazuya:Eeeeh~~~? No waaay!

[125-4]Soujirou:. . .Hey, Tsukasa.

Quit making that sour face and come over here.

Akira:We arranged this get-together for your benefit.

[126-1]Soujirou:Makino slapped him today so he’s holding a grudge.

Akira:And she didn’t even show up to this last party.

[126-2]Kazuya:It’s not like that for Tsukushi-chan.

She’s working!

Her dad got fired because his company went through restructuring.

[126-3]Soujirou:Restructuring! [Trendy!]

Akira:Makino is really poor!

Rui:Heeh. . .

Kazuya:She’s having a really hard time. I feel so sorry for her.

[126-4]Doumyouji:Hmmph. Her old man worked at a zoo, huh?

F4 + Kazuya:[Haah?]

[127-1]Banner:Squirrels and Tigers [This is not a cat.]

(Restructuring: “Risutora.” Squirrels and Tigers: “Risu to Tora.”)

[127-2]Rui:. . .It might be nice with him gone for two years.

Souijrou:I was thinking the same thing.

Akira:Me too.

Kazuya:Me too.

[127-3]Doumyouji:It’s not just two years!

I’m never coming back!

[127-4]Soujirou:Yes, yes.

Akira:You’ll be back in about a month.

[127-5]SFX: GRRR

[128-1]Doumyouji:I’ll kill you!

All of you!


[128-3]F4/Kazuya:[Calm down!]




[128-5]Tsukushi:The next day

Tearful voices filled the hallway.

[128-6]Students:[Whine] I can’t believe Doumyouji-san is going.

An afternoon flight. . .

He may already be gone. [Waah. . .]

[128-7]Voice:You’re not going to see him off?

[129-1]Sakurako:You’re not going to see him for two years.

[129-2]Tsukushi:Her eyes are all red. . .she’s been crying.

—I’m not going.

[129-3]Sakurako:I thought

that you

loved Doumyouji-san, Makino-senpai!

[129-4]Tsukushi:Why would I—

Sakurako:You always said you loved Hanazawa-san—

[130-1]Sakurako:But I think

that you really loveDoumyouji-san. . .

[130-3]Sakurako:You’re the only one that can stop him!

[130-4]Sakurako:Whyy. . .?

[131-1]Tsukushi:Stop him. . .?

Me. . .?

[131-2]Tsukushi:The thought never occurred to me.

I was just. . .

I was just a little lonely—

[131-3]F4:Take care, Tsukasa.


F4:You’ll speak English fluently the next time we see you, huh?

[132-1]Tsubaki:This will be the first time Tsukasa will be parted from you guys, won’t it?

Soujirou:Yeah, I guess that’s true.

[132-2]Soujirou:It’ll be lonely to see you go, Nee-chan.

You’re going back to L.A. after you drop Tsukasa off, right?

Tsubaki:Yes. . .I’m going to hang out a bit first, though.


Did you say goodbye to Tsukushi-chan?

[132-4]F4:[Nee-chan, that’s taboo!]

[132-5]Doumyouji:Shut up! I don’t care about that ugly girl!

[133-1]Tsubaki:It’s about time.

Tsukasa, let’s go.

Thanks for coming to see us off.

[133-2]Rui:Tsukasa, come here a minute.

[133-3]Doumyouji:. . .What is it?

Rui:Well. . .

[134-1]Tsukushi:When I think about it, we’ve been through a lot.

When I first entered this school, I just watched the F4 in shock from far away.

[134-2]Tsukushi:~Why don’t those people wear uniforms?

Student:~Don’t, Makino-san! Look away!

[134-3]Tsukushi:They were a group of bishounen, shining conspicuously like models.

[134-4]Tsukushi:My classmate Makiko-chan fell down the stairs

and scored a direct hit on Doumyouji. . .

[135-1]Doumyouji:~Get off.

[135-2]Tsukushi:Oh man, his face back then—

[Ku ku ku]

Just remembering makes me laugh!

[135-3]Tsukushi:[Sigh. . .]

[135-4]Tsukushi:Back then I was scared to even breathe.

I could never imagine we’d end up like this.

That’s right.

[136-1]Tsukushi:I was just a coward.

My heart screamed that I should change.

[136-2]Tsukushi:The one who changed me

[136-3]Tsukushi:was probably him.

SFX: KIIIIN (Revving up)

Pilot:We will be taking off shortly.


[137-2]Tsubaki:What are you spacing out about? We’re taking off!

[137-4]Rui:~Nothing happened that night with Makino.

~I couldn’t sleep with her.

[138-1]Rui:~I think

Makino really loves you, Tsukasa.

I didn’t tell you as payback for the stuffed animal.

[138-2]Doumyouji:. . .Rui. . .

That bastard.

He really did it this time.


[138-4]Doumyouji:Stop! I’m not going to New York!


Doumyouji:Lemme off! Stop the plaaaane!

[139-1]Stewardess:Sir, that’s dangerous!! Please sit down!

Doumyouji:Shut up, ugly! I’m Doumyouji Tsukasa!

Stop this plane!

[139-2]Tsubaki:Tsukasa!!? Be quiet and calm down!

Doumyouji:I have to hit Rui just once!

Flight Attendants: WAAAAAH!

[139-3]Tsubaki:Get a rope and tie him up!

Flight Attendant:A-a rope!? But—

Tsubaki:He’s a wild animal! Don’t think of him as human! Hurry!

[140-1]Doumyouji:You think you can do that to me!?


Doumyouji:I’ll demolish this whole airline. . .

[140-2]SFX: PLOP


[140-3]Tsubaki:. . .Honestly!

[Pant pant]

He’s such a pain in the. . .

[141-1]Tsukushi:Ah. . .

I wonder if that’s the plane.

[141-2]Tsukushi:Doumyouji. . .