Hamilton 33Nd Annual 5K Road Classic Results

Hamilton 33Nd Annual 5K Road Classic Results

Hamilton 33nd Annual 5K Road Classic Results

July 7, 2012

Total Number of Runners: 221

Overall Male: Elliot Livensparger, West Unity, OH17:09

Overall Female: Autumn Beachy, Waterloo, IN19:39

0-18 Male

Brady Livensparger, West Unity, IN17:52

Mitchell Grime, Hamilton, IN18:08

Alex Hess, Fort Wayne, IN18:27

Stephen Kays, Angola, IN18:29

Isaiah Mortoroff, Pleasant Lake, IN20:35

Aaron Long, Mishawaka, IN21:32

Joshua Turner, Marshall, MI22:56

Kalen Schlegel, Fort Wayne, IN23:18

Craig Grime, Hamilton, IN24:34

Matthew Long, Mishawaka, IN25:41

0-18 Female

Grace Hess, Fort Wayne, IN23:37

Jenny Meyer, Ottawa, OH25:44

Marisa Eberle, Fort Wayne, IN27:56

Paige Julian, Angola, IN28:08

Grace Cooper, Garrett, IN28:42

Madison Caris, Fort Wayne, IN28:46

Samantha Rohoff, Fort Wayne, IN31:52

Haleigh Julian, Angola, IN31:14

Kirstin Comment, Hamilton, IN31:32

Karaghan Bireley, Hamilton, IN31:37

19-29 Male

Elliot Livensparger, West Unity, OH17:09

Charles Middleton, Huntertown, IN20:14

Justin Gilbert, Angola, IN24:57

Nathan Urbaniak, Perrysburg, OH25:01

Byran Schiffli, Ashley, IN25:28

Bart Urbaniak, Maumee, OH25:28

Adam Kline, Springboro, OH26:17

Steven Racster, Convoy, OH28:12

Robby Boots, Angola, IN28:09

Michael Nusbaum, Hamilton, IN31:20

19-29 Female

Autumn Beachy, Waterloo, IN19:39

Taylor Greve, Van Wert, OH24:07

Hester Stouder, Hamilton, IN26:11

Caitlin Scannell, Maumee, OH23:36

Connie Middleton, Huntertown, IN26:59

Jayma Nihart, Edgerton, OH27:55

Cheryl Kreinbrink, Ottawa, OH28:16

Addie Henricks, Byran, OH28:33

Brittany Knox, Anogola, IN30:01

Anna Clark, Fort Wayne, IN30:16

30-39 Male

Russell Mann, Winfield, IL18:34

Matt Meyer, Auburn, IN20:26

Billy Denman, Pleasant Lake, IN21:45

Matt Jones, Fort Wayne, IN22:24

Brian Porter, Grayslake, IL22:34

Cameron Haughey, Fishers, IN23:02

Chris Werling, Arlington Heights, IL23:25

Jared Kent, Fort Wayne, IN23:44

Nick Kern, Auburn, IN23:59

Casey Meyer, Waterville, OH24:23

30-39 Female

Julie Suever, Convoy, OH22:35

Michaela Buss, Hamilton, IN23:29

Dawm Agler, Fort Wayne, IN23:36

Erin Dechesler, Leo, IN24:03

Lora Schlegel, Fort Wayne, IN24:17

Leighann Sturges, Angola, IN24:52

Haddi Farnsworth, Hamilton, IN25:20

Angie Miesmer, Bowling Green OH25:32

Kyle Knox, Angola, IN25:39

Traci Flory, Defiance, OH25:45

40-49 Male

Manuel Martinez, Fort Wayne, IN18:01

Randall Richard, Hamilton, IN18:21

Mike Mansfield, Northville, MI20:33

Jeff Zimmerman, Auburn, IN21:16

Mike Routhier, West Unity, OH21:51

Tony Hill, Bryan, OH22:18

Andy Arney, Fort Wayne, IN22:23

Brett Hess, Fort Wayne, IN22:33

Mark Green, Angola, IN 23:56

John Wilson, Fort Wayne, IN24:20

40-49 Female

Lisa Roe, Angola, IN 20:28

Amy Hile, Fort Wayne, IN25:52

Laura Ingram, Hamilton, IN26:30

Holly Waters, Angola, IN27:22

Debbie Fuller, Angola, IN27:39

Sloan Swanson, Hoffman Estates, IL28:08

Kim Ehleiter, Waterloo, IN28:14

Charity Werling, Dublin, OH28:25

Kathleen Justine, San Francisco, CA28:19

Laurie Must, Cincinnati, OH28:41

50-59 Male

Steve Leffers, Fort Wayne, IN18:11

Rowland Perez, Auburn, IN19:47

Thomas Meyer, Ottawa, OH 27:35

Kevin Marsh, Butler, IN28:24

Jack Nihart, Edgerton, OH30:00

Andy Vogel, Bluffton, IN31:30

Dave Price, Woodburn, IN31:46

Craig Bobay, Fort Wayne, IN34:08

Rick Kitchen, Nashville, TN34:58

Charles Middleton, Angola, IN38:25

50-59 Female

Julianne Houser, Fort Wayne, IN28:27

Deborah Burris Kitchen, Nashville, TN33:54

Patty Martz, Angola, IN35:36

Shirley Urbaniak, Perrysburg, OH35:36

Ginny Vogel, Bluffton, IN36:06

Mary Beth Rippy, Greenwood, IN36:39

Teresa Middleton, Hamilton, IN38:34

60+ Male

Bill Maddock, Angola, IN24:43

Jim Scott, Angola, IN25:52

Mark Pitt, Indianapolis, IN28:01

Charles Wistinghausen, Montpelier, OH 31:27

Bill Scovell, Hamilton, IN36:01

Terry Parker, Auburn, IN38:08

60+ Female

Julie Cameron, Fort Wayne, IN34:12

Deb Gerber, Hamilton, IN

Linda Gleason, Hamilton, IN

Pee Wee Race ages 8 and under

Male Winner: Trevor Oechsle

Female Winner: Julia Inge