Hall Council Advisor

Hall Council Advisor

Position Outline

The Hall Council Advisor position at Central Michigan University will focus on supporting and enhancing residence hall students’ opportunities for leadership and success. Primary responsibilities focus on meeting with the Residence Hall Director daily and working on a weekly basis with the RHD in advising hall councils and executive boards. The HCA provides leadership to students and staff, advises student leaders to better the organization and themselves, works to build community within the residence hall through leadership opportunities, and utilizes hall councils, conference opportunities, and department student success tools to aid in conversation and goal setting. The HCA promotes and supports intentional learning through our residential curriculum, Learning in Community, knowledge of and upholding University policy, and serves as a resource and/or liaison for the University. Paraprofessional staff play an important role in helping Residence Life achieve our educational priority, so that as a result of living on campus, students will become empowered citizens who responsibly impact their communities.

The position will generally require 20 hours per week.



·  Advise Hall Councils with RHD support and assistance.

RHD is still expected to attend/support; HCA should be lead advisor to e-board and council

·  Advise Hall Council Executive Board, members and meetings.

o  1:1 Meetings with President, Treasurer, and other officers as needed

o  Conduct intentional interactions with student leaders in the halls

o  Implement strategies for effective conflict resolution

o  Work effectively with diverse individuals and groups toward a common goal

·  Implement/Organize Hall Council Elections.

·  Encourage and promote involvement with Residence Life leadership opportunities:

Get Hyped



Jump Start

RHA Recognition Programs

Other Opportunities as identified

·  Coordinate use of social media for hall council and general community development: required utilization of OrgSync and optional use of Facebook, Blackboard, or other tools as determined in conjunction with the RHD.

·  Recognition of Student Leaders in the hall.

Leadership on Staff

·  Assist RHD in planning and implementing needs-based staff in-services and developments.

·  Serve as a resource to staff and residents.

o  Assist RAs/MAs in developing action plans and programming ideas around information obtained from benchmarking surveys, residential curriculum, etc.

o  Attend floor meetings to help support staff and the community

o  Assist in the coordination of hall programs as assigned

·  Support and engage in Learning in Community

·  Collaborate with Success Coaches and/or other campus offices for student success.

·  Engage in dialogue to deepen understanding, respect and empathy for others and build a rapport that will foster open communication.

Administrative Duties:

·  Assist in opening and closing of the hall, preparation of rosters, damage inventories, cooperation with Campus Dining staff, and other duties as assigned.

·  Complete requested reports and documentation in a timely, thorough, and professional manner.

·  Assist in duty responsibility according to the formal and/or informal hall schedule and remain on call as required.

Health and Safety:

·  Become familiar with fire safety equipment and assist with drills as necessary.

·  Be available and report all safety hazards and maintenance concerns.

·  Assist the Residence Hall Director as assigned in emergencies.

Residence Hall Regulations:

·  Provide continuous interaction and example, which encourages students to act with reason, to assume responsibility for their actions, and to be consistently considerate of the rights and freedoms of others.

·  Know and adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to student behavior and residence hall organizations and communicate them to residents.

·  Develop consistent methods of enforcing rules and regulations, and assist students in developing methods of self-enforcement.

·  Take appropriate action to protect the health, safety, and rights of residents.

Staff Training and Communication:

·  Provide the Residence Hall Director with accurate and timely information concerning the environment of the hall via requested reports, documentation, 1:1 meetings, and staff meetings.

·  Attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings and training, including New Staff Training in August/January.

·  Utilize department provided online and other resources.

·  Develop and promote a positive working relationship with all residence hall staff, including Resident Assistants, Multicultural Advisors, receptionists, custodial and Dining Services employees.

Other duties as assigned.

Terms of employment/eligibility

·  Must have at least one full academic year experience as a Resident Assistant, Multicultural Advisor, or hall council/RHA e-board position before assuming the position.

·  Must be enrolled full time at Central Michigan University – Undergrad or Graduate Program

·  Must have a grade point average of 2.75 or higher at the time of application.

·  Must be able to complete one full academic year in this role; one semester placements are not available.

·  Must not be on any University probation. During the period of employment HCAs must not be in violation of any University policies or procedures.

·  All employment positions within the department of Residence Life are interrelated. Consequently, disciplinary action you receive while employed in one Residence Life position may impact your employment status in another Residence Life position, up to and including termination.

·  You are expected to place the position as one of your highest priorities. Employment and extracurricular involvement outside of the position must have the approval of your RHD. Employment must also be approved by the AD. If employment is approved by your RHD and AD, your Assistant Director will provide confirmation of that approval in writing. You may work outside of this position no more than 15 hours per week. To work in excess of 15 hours per week requires specific approval in advance by the RHD and AD for the time-period involved.

·  The successful candidate will have a history of leadership experience in hall council, student government, and/or student council.

NOTE: International students may not be employed outside of the position due to restrictions in their student visa.


HCA’s receive remuneration for the position in the form of “in kind wage” for their room and board. This “in-kind” support is classified by the U. S. Department of Education as a financial resource that reduces financial need. The amount of the remuneration will reduce CMU grant aid dollar for dollar. Additionally, CMU maintains a policy that CMU gift assistance (scholarships, grants and other “in-kind” remuneration) may not exceed the cost of attendance. Students should contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to determine what affect accepting a HCA position will have on their award package. The HCA will generally be assigned to live with another student staff member.