GSRP Teacher Compliance Plan

GSRP Teacher Compliance Plan

GSRP Teacher Compliance Plan

When GSRP Lead Teachers are employed without proper credentialing, a written compliance plan that includes administrative monitoring should be a condition of hire. ISDs will provide assurance in the FY15 GSRP Implementation Plan (formerly “Application”) that the compliance plan is on file locally.

The written plan must outline educational training and include an anticipated compliance date that is within two years of the date of hire into the GSRP Lead Teacher position. Progress toward completion of the compliance plan must minimally consist of two credit-bearing courses per calendar year. (from MDE GSRP Implementation Manual)


  • This form must be completed, signed by the teacher and program director and submitted to the GSRP Early Childhood Contact at Oakland Schools within 90 days of beginning employment.
  • Transcripts, copies of acceptances into programs and any other relevant documents must be submitted along with the completed form.
  • The Early Childhood Specialist and OS GSRP Early Childhood Contact will sign and return the form if the plan is acceptable.
  • If the plan is not acceptable, it will be returned unsigned with requested changes and a new due date.

Teacher name______

Date of hire as lead teacher into Oakland County GSRP program______

Date teacher must be in full compliance with GSRP teacher requirements______

Program serving as lead GSRP teacher______

Credential working to obtain BA in child development/early childhood______

Early Childhood Endorsement (ZS)______Elementary Certification______

Reinstatement of Elementary Certification with ZA/ZS Endorsement______

Other (explain)______

College or university attending for necessary course work______

Number of courses required for completion of requirements______

Plan for Completing Necessary Coursework

Please indicate the courses that will be taken during each period. Circle the season in the first box that is appropriate to the time of hire. Circle the next season in the second box and so on. All classes must be completed within this two year cycle. At least two courses must be taken each year. At the end of each semester where coursework is indicated, a copy of your transcript or grade report must be submitted to the program administrator. The report will then be forwarded to the GSRP Early Childhood Contact at Oakland Schools by the program administrator. If expected coursework is not successfully completed, an explanation of the reason for this and an amended plan must be filed with the program administrator and Oakland Schools by January 30, June 15 or September 15 for the fall, winter or summer semesters. Non-compliance with this process or non-completion of all requirements within two years will result in termination of employment as a lead teacher within a GSRP program in Oakland County.

Fall Winter Summer
Year One / Fall Winter Summer
Year One / Fall Winter Summer
Year One
Fall Winter Summer
Year Two / Fall Winter Summer
Year Two / Fall Winter Summer
Year Two

We understand and are in agreement with the requirements and proposed plan to meet them.


Signature Date

Program Director______


Early Childhood Specialist______


OS Early Childhood Contact______Signature Date