Group Supervisor Qualifications

Group Supervisor Qualifications

Teacher’s AideQualifications/Responsibilities

West Chester Area Day Care Center

501 East Nields Street

West Chester, PA. 19382


Position Description: The person selected for this position will be responsible for assisting in the implementation of daily program activities.


  1. A teacher’s aide shall have attained one of the following qualification levels:

(a)A high school diploma or a general educational development certificate.

(b)A minimum of an 8th grade education and enrollment in a training curriculum such as the Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) credential. The classroom portion of the curriculum shall be completed. Documentation of completion of classroom training and continuing enrollment in the training curriculum must be provided to director.

(c)A minimum of an 8th grade education and 2 years of experience with children.

(d)An aide or a combination of aides shall be supervised at all times by a staff person qualified at minimum as an assistant group supervisor.

  1. A teacher’s aide must also meet the requirements of the state licensing agencies. This includes, but is not limited to, a current physical examination with a negative Mantoux test (or chest x-ray if required), child abuse and criminal clearances, and documentation of U.S. citizenship to work in the U.S.


  • Planning, supervising, and implementing daily program activities by providing developmentally appropriate lessons which include the PA Early Learning Standards and practices for all children considering individual needs and cultural backgrounds. Lesson plans are to be completed and turned in by Monday morning for that week.
  • Completing at least two assessments/progress reports on each child based on authentic, documented observations. Completing a DECA (Devereaux Early Childhood Assessment) for any child aged 2-5 years old at least twice a year.
  • Coordinating activities of assistant group supervisor and aides
  • Assisting the Director and Administrative personnel with designated activities.
  • Fulfilling administrative duties for the class including keeping accurate food forms, menus if applicable,attendance, and sign-in sheets, completing accident, incident and behavior reports, maintaining classroom supply inventories and all required postings in the classroom etc…
  • Helping each child to become aware of his role as an integral member of a group.
  • Being responsible for the ordered arrangement, appearance, décor, and learning environment of the classroom.
  • Assuming an equal share of the joint housekeeping responsibilities willfully and any kitchen duties as necessary.
  • Attending and participating in all staff meetings.
  • Participating in recommended and/or mandatory training programs, conferences, courses, and other aspects of professional growth. Completing the necessary amount of hours of training as required by DPW (Dept of Public Welfare) and/or Keystone Stars. Maintain an accurate PDR (Professional Development Record) at all times. Complete the New Staff Orientation Training when hired which consists of six videotapes and completing the workbook.
  • Planning and implementing methods of establishing a positive liaison with parents. Holding at a minimum two scheduled parent-teacher conferences each year and as needed throughout the year. Establishing clear communication (written and verbal) such as keeping them informed of supplies and classroom activities.
  • Assisting in public relations events sponsored by the school.
  • Physical constraints required include the ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid, the ability to see and read newsprint with or without corrective lenses, to speak and be understood under normal circumstances, to lift and carry children and other items weighing up to 50 pounds, and the use of arms, hands, legs and feet with or without corrective devices to accomplish the job, including evacuation of the building during emergencies.
  • Demonstrate to handle crisis situations, especially where children are involved; able to respond immediately to any emergency situation. Perform emergency duties when the need arises.
  • Mandatory attendance required for staff development/in-service day.
  • Maintaining professional attitudes and loyalty to the school at all times.
  • Treating all children, parents, families, visitors, administrators, etc… with dignity and respect.
  • Clocking in and out using the time clock accurately and honestly
  • Complying with all policies and procedures in the personnel handbook at all times
  • Interact with children in a manner that clearly conveys love and acceptance.
  • Respond to the children by touching, holding, smiling and speaking in a positive tone of voice.
  • Initiate classroom activities.
  • Participate in supervising free play and outdoor play.
  • Supervise and assist children with meals and clean up
  • Assist and supervise children during toileting period and diapering.
  • Use equipment and supplies conscientiously.
  • Be flexible and willing to assist another employee in a time of need.
  • Exhibit courteous behavior to parents, fellow employees, and teachers.
  • Greet each parent and child daily.
  • Give children individual attention, watching carefully for safety hazards.
  • Participate in fire drills alternating months.
  • Be able to perform all of the above duties with no day-to-day supervision

Required Knowledge Skills and Abilities

• Skills in patience.

• Skills in time management.

• Skills in remaining calm under pressure.

• Skills in talking with parents.

• Ability to get along with co-workers.

• Be flexible in working with different age groups.

• Be able to lift push and carry 40 lbs., sit for 30 minutes and stand for one hour.

• Be able to use all fingers on both hands, and have use of both legs, and be able to walk 500 feet.

• Have near and far vision correctable and depth perception.

• Be able to hear all types of sounds.

• Be able to read stories to the children.

• Be perceptive and aware of all children in your care.

• Be able to communicate properly and effectively with parents.

• Be able to work in all types of environments:

o Inside and outside.

o Office, classroom, and kitchen.

o Cold temperatures outside.

o Steps or stairs.

o Slippery or uneven working surfaces.

o Working around moving objects.

o Irregular work hours.

o Noise tolerance.

Personnel File Needs to Include:

(Some required by the PA Dept of Public Welfare within 30 days of hire date)

1. Current physical exam with Mantoux TB Test. (Physical is at your expense and needs to be completed every two years from hire date)

2. State Police and Child Abuse Clearances ($10.00 processing fee for each which is withheld from your first two paychecks)

3. FBI Background check (must register on line and get fingerprinted first)

3. Two forms of Identification.

4. Copy of a High School Diploma and/or college transcripts.

5. Two letters of reference.

6. Signed Disclosure Statement, Civil Rights, Workman’s Compensation, I9, W4, W11 (if applicable), babysitting release form and Handbook receipt