Greendale Committee Meeting Monday September 7Th 2015 6.30Pm

Greendale Committee Meeting Monday September 7Th 2015 6.30Pm

Greendale Committee meeting Monday September 7th 2015 6.30pm

Present: Jay Mason, Stacy Skilton, Sarah Shand, Irene O’Malley, Natasha Purcell, Ian Smith, Victoria Roberts, Susanna Taylor, Luke Donovan, Sue Shannon

Apologies: None

Absent: Ian Morley, Greg Margerison

Minutes of previous meeting

No matters arising - Minutes moved Sue Shannon, seconded Sarah Shand

Inwards Correspondence

- Membership Enquiries

- Members congratulating committee on fantastic newsletter

- Tournament entry forms from Paul Evans

Outwards correspondence

- Card to Debbie

- Card for Jan Mclellan

- Voucher for Sue Walker fundraiser

- Companies Office re account audit 2014 - all sorted now

Officers Reports:

Presidents report: TSA Feedback to meeting from delegation to the TSA. Very negative situation that means that as a club we will extend the wall out and redo the other walls up. Opening day huge success. Courier Ad - is it value for effort? Next incoming committee to address.

Communication and Event Manager Report: Newsletter was a huge success, handed hard copies to those not on email. Spring tournament entries starting to come in, we need a big push from the club members to enter the tournament. Want want 40+ pairs! Thump Sports really pleased with opening day by our members, a lot purchased. E.I.T very keen on creating relationship with the club, Luke to do up specific times, and program. As well as Sport HB - Seniors program. Sign at entrance of Greendale to be updated. Taradale Primary no go if a cost for Hotshots program. Taradale Intermediate and Taradale High school coming down to the club regularly to work with Luke. Newsletter out in next 2 weeks.

Treasurers report: Term deposit reinvested plus extra $10,000. $18,000 in cheque account. See attached report for details. Surplus $6300.

Budget next meeting. Moved by Susanna Taylor, seconded by Jay Mason.

Membership Managers Report: Complimentary emails to be put on website under “testimonials”. Certain members need to be reminded regarding renewing membership. One bottle of wine to be given out each week at club day at club to a new or potentially new member. Pro Rata for EIT student only playing for 3 months ($100)

Club Captains report: Great turn out on Saturdays, Irene pushing Spring tournament as much as she can.

Junior Co-Ordinator: Saturday open day started on the 5th, great success with new format, 118 kids, more will join in the coming weeks. Monday night singles kicked off 7th. Good turn out already. Community coaches course - refresher and for new coaches, subsidised by THB and possibly Greendale. Ian to get back to club with numbers. Holiday program first week of Holidays. 3 mornings.

General Business:

1, TSA - Delegates for Greendale on the TSA are Marie Thomas, Greg Margerison and Simon Cowan. Moved by Jay Mason, seconded Luke Donovan as per the new TSA rules.

We thank the outgoing delegates for the work they have done over many years.

2, Spring Doubles - Corozo Estate/Alchemy Singles championships. $50 vouchers from Thump Sports. Luke to lease with committee on duties.

3, Strategic Planning - Meeting to be set up with Bruce Taylor/Anne Rocard etc. Needs to happen and can potentially be an open meeting too.

4, Welfare - Natasha spoke with Buster on his health, hopes to be back for Spring Tournament, also Debbie hoping to be back asap. Contacts for new members to be updated as well as contacts with no email address.

5, Paul Evans ad for THB all in favour paying $100.

6, Allocation of courts to members, “Pay to Play” needs to happen sooner rather than later.


Meeting closed 8.45pm

Next meeting Monday 6.30pm 5th October 2015 TSA building.