Gilmer Animal Clinic

Gilmer Animal Clinic

Gilmer Animal Clinic

Boarding Policy

*To ensure the health and safety of your pet as well as other animals in our care, we require that all dogs have proof of current immunizations against Rabies, Distemper, Parvo Virus, Bordetella Bronchitis, and K9 Flu. They must have also been tested for intestinal parasites within the past year. All cats must have current immunizations against Rabies, Feline Distemper, and Feline Leukemia.

*All pets will be inspected for external parasites (fleas and ticks) and intestinal parasites (hook, round, tape, whip worms) upon admission and treated as necessary at the owner’s expense.

*All dogs will be given a complimentary cleansing bath the day of dismissal when boarding more than one night. To ensure that the bath has been given and that your pet is ready to go you may want to call.

*Animals will be admitted and discharged only during regular clinic hours (8 am to 5:30 pm M-F, and 8 am to 12 pm on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, we will be closed on major holidays).

*Please leave an emergency telephone number and contact with our staff.

*Be aware that your pet’s diet may have varied while away from home. If your pet requires a special diet, please bring it with you. We routinely feed Science Diet. Your pet may also have barked at other pets or the temperature and humidity may have been slightly different from your home. This can create problems such as sore throat, tonsillitis, or diarrhea. We seek to prevent such problems, but please understand that these problems do sometimes develop, even with the best of care. Pet will be treated at our discretion and owners will be charged for treatment and medication needed for reasons that are not directly under our control.

*Please inform us if you are not happy with the way we care for your pet. Your satisfaction and your pet’s well-being are our primary concerns.

*We strive to give your pets the best care possible. All dogs are walked twice daily and each animal is given as much individualized attention as possible. We want you to be able to enjoy your time away from home without worrying about your pets.

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