Genesis 12-20: Abraham, Sarah, and Lot

Genesis 12-20: Abraham, Sarah, and Lot

8th Bible: Old Testament


(A large part of the test will cover these very same questions.)

Genesis 12:

1.  In what way would “all families of the earth be blessed” through Abram? ______



2.  Through what would God justify the heathen? ______.

3.  What is the word used for when God and His holy law do not condemn, but rather, declares a sinner to be guiltless (as if they had never sinned)? [This can be, of course, only through the substitutionary atonement of the Lord Jesus.] ______.

4.  Simply stated, God promises what three things to Abraham? ______,

______, and ______.

5.  The Spiritual Seed refers to who: ______and ______.

6.  Write the phrase from Galatians 3:28-29 that refers to the Spiritual children of Abraham.


Genesis 14:

7.  Who was Melchizedek? ______



8.  Since Jesus has an unchangeable priesthood, what is He able to do? (Copy Hebrews 7:25)



9.  Who needed to always make sacrifices? ______.

10.  Why did they always need sacrifices? The sacrifices could not bring ______.

11.  Who “needeth not daily, as those high priests, to offer up sacrifice, first for His own sins, and then for the people’s”? ______. Why not? (see the last few words from Hebrews 7:27) ______.

Genesis 15:

12.  Why was Abram concerned? ______.

13.  Abram could not find rest until ______.

14.  Abram did what and this was counted to him for righteousness? ______.

15.  Was the way of salvation for Abram different than the way of salvation for us? YES or NO

16.  Could the Old Testament believers be saved by making many sacrifices? YES or NO

Why not? What did the sacrifices point to? ______.

17.  What did Abram’s faith focus on? ______.

18.  Abram asked for a sign and God answered Abram by making an oath. This way of making an oath was the same as saying what? ______

Genesis 17:

19.  Verses 6-8 give us the essence of the covenant that God makes with Abram. Write out verse 7.




20.  What are the meanings of Abram’s name and what it changed to in verse 5?

·  Abram=______Abraham=______

21.  Sarai’s name changed to Sarah which means what? ______.

22.  What was the sign and seal of the covenant? ______.

God’s Covenant of Grace with Abraham: Page 6 of Notes

23.  Underline or highlight any words or phrases in the following paragraph that you find important:

“God’s covenant of grace was and forever shall remain the binding agreement between God the Father and God the Son; (God the Father representing the Trinity and God the Son representing His people). Yet, God showed and established this covenant with Abraham by promising that the same blessed Seed promised in Genesis 3:15 would come through the line of Abraham. God would fulfill the covenant of grace through the physical seed of Abraham and this would be a blessing to all people and nations. Out of the seed of Abraham, Jesus Christ would be born who would be the Savior of Abraham and all his spiritual children. Abraham believed in God’s promise and was justified (received the forgiveness of all his sins) in Christ, even though Jesus had not yet been born, suffered, and died.”

24.  How was Abraham justified before God? ______.

25.  What was the Object of Abraham’s faith? ______.

26.  “Abraham’s line was chosen for the identity of Messiah, but all the nations of the earth would benefit from the Messiah. In the covenant made with Abraham there is a word of hope for the whole world of sinners.” How would the whole world be blessed through Abraham? ______


Circumcision and Baptism:

27.  When did baptism replace circumcision as the sign and seal of the covenant? ______.

28.  The essence of both circumcision and baptism teach what? ______


29.  How does a person enter the church visible? ______.

30.  How does a person enter the church invisible? ______.

31.  Those in the world have what type of relationship to God’s covenant of grace? (Find the appropriate letter c. in the outer white space.) ______.

32.  What three distinctions of people were there in the Old Testament?

a.  ______

b.  ______

c.  ______


33.  Now read the third page of the handouts containing the story of Marvin. Then look at the little paragraph after the story. Finish this quote: “The outward cleansing with water ______

34.  Read about the Benefits of Spiritual Baptism after the story of Marvin. Spiritual baptism serves as a SIGN and a SEAL of what? ______


35.  Write the verse or phrase that essentially says the same thing as: “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” ______.

36.  Verse 17: “Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed.” What is the mountain a type of?

a.  ______.

b.  Escape for thy life to ______… lest thou be consumed.

37.  How are the above phrases from Verse 17 similar to the commands given to penitent (repenting) sinners?

a)  Return not to ______, for that is ______.

b)  Rest ______, for that is ______.

c)  Reach towards ______, for that is ______.