FRW 4554: Postcolonial France Or France Through Their Eyes

FRW 4554: Postcolonial France Or France Through Their Eyes

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Phone: 7-2533

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FRW 4554: postcolonial france or france through their eyes

Catalogue Description:The course explores the status and experience of immigrants (and their descendants) as perceived by them. It focuses on works by writers and filmmakers whose families are originally from the Maghreb. It pays attention to discursive and aesthetic strategies as means of subversion, criticism and resistance.

3 credits

Prerequisites:FRE 3400 with a grade no lower than C or permission of instructor

Course Readings


Azouz Begag. Le Gône du Châaba.

Nacer Kettan. Le Sourire de Brahim.

Soraya Nini. Ils disent que je suis une beurette.

Ferrudja Kessas. Beur’s story.

Dalila Kerchouche. Leïla, avoir 17 ans dans un camp de harkis

Faїza Guène. Des Rêves pour les Oufs

Critical readings:

Nicolas Bancel et Pascal Blanchard. De l’Indigène à l’immigré.

Alec Hargreaves: Immigration and identity in Beur fiction:voices from the North African immigrant community in France(excerpts)

Paul Silverstein. Algeria in France (excerpts)

Additional Articles posted on BB.

-A S-L Project-

This class includes an Academic Service Learning component to be carried with Toussaint L’Ouverture High school in Delray Beach. Students will be paired with students from TLHS who come from non-English speaking homes and who have experienced difficulties in acquiring English skills.

The Academic Service-Learning project is designed so that you can make a meaningful difference in your community and in the life of a young person and so that you can learn more about the immigrant experience(s) and struggles that are at the core of this class. You will have the opportunity to integrate your own work in French into your activities with the students. This service work can appear on your transcript if you so choose. You may download the Volunteer and Academic Service-Learning Log from the Weppner Center’s website to record your hours and obtain your supervisor signatures:

The deadline for submitting Academic Service-Learning hours with all approvals is Friday …... The hours will be reported to the Registrar’s office for posting to the students’ official transcript—a benefit for the students’ future employment or professional/graduate school enrollment.

You will work with those students on their reading skills in English. You will also (when they are French/Creole speakers) be reading/ translating to them in French or Creole. Many of the texts that you will use will be from the students’ classes; they will therefore be texts that support the student’s educational goals. This will hopefully be a rewarding and inspirational experience for you.

You MUST SHOW UP to do your work with the students. They will look up to you as a role model and the teacher will be doing her or his lesson plans based on your participation. In addition, students participating in the Academic Service- Learning project will have to abide by certain rules and guidelines (a list of guidelines will be provided). Additionally, in order to be present and participate on the campuses of the charter schools in Palm Beach County, students must undergo a criminal background check or a Palm Beach County police station. Once they complete their background check, students have to complete and sign an A-S-L risk waiver and submit it to the professor. The form is available here:

The classroom teacher at the school in whose class the student to which you are assigned is enrolled will be responsible for logging your time with the student. The classroom teacher will submit reports to your professor periodically that assess your compliance and participation in the program. The classroom teacher will also work with you to help you to identify a learning plan for the student and identify her or his learning goals.

Each FAU student is expected to commit a total of fifteen hours to the A-S-L project. FAU students will be allowed the opportunity to sign up for times that best suit their schedules. At the end of each session, you will write a summary of your experience in a journal that you will submit to your professor at the end of the semester. Once you complete the 15 hours, you will write a 5 page long paper in which you will describe, reflect on, and assess your experience. You will reflect on your professional and personal development as well as if and how your work has benefitted the community being serviced. You will also compare and contrast what you have learned in this class about the North-African (im)migrant experience in France with that of the students you will work with. You will particularly address issues examined in class such as language negotiation, integration/exclusion, (national) identity, etc.

Any FAU student who cannot participate in this project or any FAU student who is unable to participate because of her or his criminal history will complete a 20 page research paper on a topic upon which the professor and student mutually agree. Additionally, any student who is removed from the Academic Service-Learning project will complete the 20 page research paper.

Grading Scale:

A 93-100 / A - 90-92 / B+ 87-89 / B 83-86 / B- 80-82 / C+ 77-79 / C 73-76 / C - 70-72
D+ 67-69 / D 63-66 / D - 60-62 / F < 60


Postcolonial France ,1

Attendance and participation. 15 %

Presentation: 15%

Midterm paper: (6-7 pages): 20%

Academic Service-Learning journal and paper: 15 %

2 Reaction papers on films: 5%

Final essay (research paper: 10-12 pages) 30%

Class Policies:


- Class meets 2 times a week: attendance is mandatory. If a student is absent due to an emergency such an illness or death in the family, he/she will be excused onlywith a written excuse.

- After 2 absences your attendance grade will drop by a letter grade for each absence.

-Cell phones are strictly not allowed in class. Please TURN OFF all cell phones BEFORE coming to class


-If the student is absent for any reason, he/she will be responsible for turning in the homework on time, posting comments on BB, or turning in their papers. He/she will be responsible also for the material covered in class (Check the BlackBoard calendar).

-Students are expected to read or complete the assignments for the date indicated prior to coming to class (syllabus / Blackboard)

- Readings, exercises and essays should be done on time.


- Each student will give an oral presentation on a subject that he/she will choose with the professor. Students are encouraged to use visual aids for their presentations and/or discuss it with the professor prior to the scheduled date. No presentation will be rescheduled.

Mid-Term and Final papers:

-Papers are to be written in French. Students are encouraged to meet with their professor ahead of time to discuss the topic, outline, sources etc.

- Students are to comply with the following specifications: double-spaced, 1-inch margins all around, size 12 font, Times New Roman, Number all pages, Name, Course #, should be single-spaced at top left of first page, title should be centered on the first page.

-All essays are due. NO late or incomplete homework will be accepted.

French film series.

Between March and April there will be a French Film Series: through a generous grant from the Tournées Film Festival 5 French films will be screened on campus. They all examine issues related to immigration, migration, identity, and memory. Students are required to attend at least 2 of the 5 films and write a 2 page reaction paper on each. For each additional film they attend and on which they will write, students will get extra credits.

Students with Disabilities

  • In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), students who require special accommodations due to a disability to properly execute coursework must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) located in Boca Raton –SU 133 (561-297- 3880), in Davie, MOD I (954- 236-1222), in Jupiter- SR 117 (561-799-8585), or at the Treasure Coast – CO 128 (772- 873- 3305) and follow all OSD procedures.

Academic Integrity

  • Students at Florida Atlantic University are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards. Academic dishonesty, including cheating and plagiarism, is considered a serious breach of these ethical standards, because it interferes with the University mission to provide a high quality education in which no student enjoys an unfair advantage over any other. Academic dishonesty is also destructive of the University community, which is grounded in a system of mutual trust and places high value on personal integrity and individual responsibility. Harsh penalties are associated with academic dishonesty. For more information, see:


WEEK 1:*Readings and homework are listed one session in advance, and are to be prepared for the following session.

Pre-reading: -Alec Hargreaves. Immigration and identity in Beur fiction:voices from the North African immigrant community in France. (excerpts)

Session 1:

-Introduction to course, Class policies, Presentations, Academic Service Learning

-Overview: History of France in/and Algeria

-Overview: France and immigration, France as a land of immigration: laws, policies and customs.

Homework: Readings: 1. Le Gone du Chaâba p. 7—50

2. De l’Indigène à l’immigré (20 pages)

Session 2

-Discussion of readings.

-Start screening of Le Thé au Harem d’Archi Ahmed

Homework:Readings: 1. Le Gone du Chaâba p. 50- 100

2. De l’Indigène à l’immigré p. 21-40


Session 3

-Discussion of readings.

-Continue screening of Le Thé au Harem d’Archi Ahmed

Homework:1. Le Gone du Chaâba p. 100- 150

2. De l’Indigène à l’immigré p. 40-60

Session 4

-Discussion of readings.

-Finish screening of Le Thé au Harem d’Archimed

Homework:: 1. Le Gone du Chaâba p. 150 -200

2. De l’Indigène à l’immigré p. 60-80


Session 5

-Discussion of readings

-Discussion of film.

Homework:1. Le Gone du Chaâba. Finish the novel

2. - S. Mehrez “Azouz Begag: Un di zafas di bidoufile or The Beur Writer: A Question of Territory” (Blackboard)

Session 6

-Discussion of readings.

-SOS Racisme et la marche des Beurs: Student Presentation: …………

Homework: 1. Start ReadingIls disent que je suis une beurette(40 pages)

2. De l’Indigène à l’immigré p. 80-100

3. «Language and Identity in Beur Culture» by Alec Hargreaves (Blackboard)


Session 7

-Discussion of Reading.

-Graduate Student presentation: Azzouz Begag, Abdellatif Chaouite. Ecarts d’identité(text provided by professor)


Homework:1. Reading Ils disent que je suis une beurette( p.41-90)

2. De l’Indigène à l’immigré p. 100-120

Session 8

-Discussion of Reading

-Le 17 octobre 1961: Student presentation: ………………………………

Homework: 1. Reading Ils disent que je suis une beurettep.90- 150

2. De l’Indigène à l’immigré p. 100-120


Session 9

-Discussion of Reading

-Start Screening Mémoires d’immigrés. L’héritage maghrébin

Homework:: 1. Reading Ils disent que je suis une beurette( p.150-200)

2. Finish reading De l’Indigène à l’immigré

Session 10

-Discussion of Reading

-Screening Part II Mémoires d’immigrés. L’héritage maghrébin

Homework:: 1. Finish Reading Ils disent que je suis une beurette

2.Fazia Aitel:«Of Discourse about the Beur In France and in the American University Today” (Blackboard)

Week 6:

Session 11

-Discussion of Reading and Screening

-Screening part III: Mémoires d’immigrés. L’héritage maghrébin

Homework: 1. Transmission and mourning in Mémoires d'immigrés : l'héritage maghrébin : Yamina Benguigui as 'memory entrepreneuse' / Sylvie Durmelat (Blackboard)

2. Start Reading: Le Sourire de Brahim (1-50)

Session 12

-Discussion of screening and Readings.

-Student Presentation: Du bidonville à la cité: ………………………

Homework:1. Continue reading Le Sourire de Brahim (50-100)

2. Prepare outline for mid-term paper.


Session 13

-Submit outline of mid-term paper

-Discussion of readings

-Student Presentation: Le Rap et le hip hop en banlieue ……………………

Homework:1. Finish Reading Le Sourire de Brahim

Session 14

-Finish Discussion of Le Sourire de Brahim

Homework:Work on Mid-term paper


Session 15

-Discussion of assigned readings

-Start screening Salut Cousin!

Homework:: Mid-term paper due on Thursday

Session 16

-Submit mid-term paper

-Finish screening Salut Cousin!

-Class discussion of film

Homework:1. Delvaux: “L'Ironie du sort: le tiers espace

de la littérature beure» (Blackboard)

2. Susan Ireland “Writing at the Crossroads:

Cultural Conflict in the Work of Beur Women Writers”



Session 17

-Graduate Student Presentation: The headscarf affair: …………………

-Discussion of readings

Homework:1. Reading of first 50 pages of Beur’s Story

Session 18

-Graduate student presentation: La Seine était rouge (Sebbar) ……………

-Discussion of readings

Homework:1. Reading Beur’s story: p. 50-120

2. Alec Hargreaves: “Third generation Algerians in France: Between Genealogy and History” (Blackboard)

WEEK 10:

Session 19

-Discussion of readings

-Student presentation: Petit Folio: ………………

Homework:1. Continue reading Beur’s story p. 120- 200

Session 20

-Class discussion of readings

-Student presentation: Jane Freedman “Women and

immigration:Nationality and Citizenship” in Women,

Immigration and Identities in France. (13-28)

Homework:Finish reading Beur’s story

WEEK 11:

Session 21

-Class discussion of the novel

-Student Presentation:

Homework: Start reading Leila: avoir 17 ans (50 pages)

Session 22

-Class discussion of readings

-Student presentation: The Harkis in/and France? ………………………

Homework:Continue reading Leila: avoir 17 ans(p. 50-120)

WEEK 12:

Session 23

-Class discussion of reading

-Student Presentation: La Haine (M. Kassovitch): ……………………..

Homework:Finish reading Leila: Avoir 17 ans

Session 24

-Class discussion of reading

-Student Presentation: The 2005 riots in France: …………………………..

Homework: Start reading Des Rêves pour les Oufs!

Prepare outline of final paper

WEEK 13:

Session 25

-Class discussion and review of outlines

Homework: continue reading Des Rêves pour les Oufs

Session 26

-Screening of Inch’Allah dimanche

Homework: continue reading Des Rêves pour les Oufs

Finish Academic Service-Learning paper

WEEK 14:

Session 27

-Submit A-S-L paper

-Finish screening

-Class discussion of film

Homework:1. Finish Reading Des Rêves pour les Oufs

2. Dominic Thomas: “New Writing for New Times: Faïza Guène, banlieue Writing, and the Post-Beur Generation” (Blackboard)

Session 28

-Class discussion of Des Rêves pour les Oufs

Homework: Work on your final paper

WEEK 15:

Session 29

-Recapitulation of course issues

Submit your final paper on the date/time of the Final EXAM

Postcolonial France ,1