Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust Grant

Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust Grant


Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust Grant

The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation is delighted to announce the Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust Matching Grant program to benefit small United Methodist Churches in the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference. This is a onetime matching grant program for 2011. The purpose of this grant is to aid in the funding of currently planned programs, projects, or ministries taking place this year in our small churches. The long-term objective of this grant is to raise a congregation’s stewardship awareness and support for small church initiatives while developing a lasting legacy of financial generosity and support of The United Methodist Church for future generations to come. The Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust is an example of one man building a lasting legacy of charity and generosity. The Trust was established generations ago to fulfill Mr. Clark’s vision of ongoing financial support for small churches working to meet the needs of the community they serve.

Grant Summary

Funding Interest: Small churches in small communities of the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference

Geographic Focus: All Districts of the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference

Restrictions: Large Churches (see definitions section)

Grant Cycle: Grant Application Period Opens 3/15/11 and concludes when all funds are distributed.

Submission Deadline: First Round 5/01/11; Second Round (if necessary) 6/15/11

Funding Date: First funding 5/15/11 or after, all funding will be distributed on or before 10/01/11

Type of Support: 50% Matching Dollar Grant (50 cents of every program dollar raised)

Grant Funding Limit: Not to exceed $10,000 to any individual congregation or small group ministry

Grant Funding Minimum: The minimum size of a grant will be $1,000

Use of Funds: Programs, Congregational Development, Capital Repairs, or Operational Expenses

The committee is particularly interested in funding programs related to addressing the need for congregation membership growth and the development of new outreach, mission, or ministry work.


  1. Support provided from the Clark Trust Grant shall not exceed a $10,000 match to any individual congregation approved.
  2. The minimum grant will not be less than $1,000 to any individual congregation approved.
  3. A "small church" is defined as a congregation whose annual operation budget is less than $250,000 and average Sunday worship attendance is less than 150 people.
  4. A "small community" is understood as a town with a population of less than 50,000.
  5. Funds that are requested to be matched must be deposited in an account opened with the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation and opened in the Church’s name for the benefit of the project within 30 days after grant approval. There is no limit to the time the account is opened.
  6. A final report concerning how funds were used must be submitted to the Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation by 10/31/11 to be included in the final report to the Frank E. Clark Trust.


The Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation applied for and received this grant and is solely responsible for the awarding and administrating the matching funds. The Foundation is additionally responsible for submitting a final report on the use of the gift to the Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust. To aid in this effort the Foundation established the Frank E. Clark Grant Committee to receive and evaluate applications, award matching funds, and submit a final report to the Trust. All decisions and actions of this volunteer committee will be considered final.


  1. Review the Grant Summary, Objectives, Use of Funds, Restrictions, and Grant Process
  2. If you meet these guidelines complete the following application form
  3. Assemble all necessary supporting documents as requested in the application form
  4. Mail one copy of the signed and completed application and supporting documents and Email one copy of the completed application to the foundation.

Mailing Address:

Mid-Atlantic United Methodist Foundation

PO Box 820

Valley Forge, PA 19482

Email Address:

Frank E. Clark Charitable Trust Grant Application

Church Name

Dollar Amount Requested$

We are willing to accept a lower dollar grant toward this project.


Programs Congregational Development

Capital Repairs Operational Expenses

Tell Us About Your Church

Who is applying?

Please provide your church name, District, and the name of the community your church serves.

What is your annual operating budget?




What is your current weekly attendance?




Do you meet your annual apportionment goals? Yes No

Will this project reach the broad community beyond the local church? Yes No

Do you have an Endowment Fund? Yes No

Tell Us About Your Need

Why are you applying for matching funds?

Please describe the general purpose of this matching grant.

Is this in partnership with another church or churches in your community? Yes No

In what successful programs or projects has your church initiated or participated?

Why would a matching grant of this size be helpful to your church at this time?

Do you anticipate Stewardship improvement?

To the extent possible, please discuss how a matching grant from the Clark Trust might improve overall stewardship in your church and raise additional funds for ministry, other programs, or legacy giving.

What ongoing or continual financial support is the Congregation committing to for program success?

How do you plan on implementing this program in your church or community?

Please describe the anticipated timeline, process, and implementation steps necessary for success.

Tell Us About The Project Leadership

Who is the leader for this project?





What other key staff, committee members, or individuals are taking leadership responsibility for success of this program or project?

Name / Position

What is your detailed budget?

Please submit, on a separate page, a detailed projected budget for this program or project. Please indicate the anticipated cost of the project and sources of program funds to be matched. Please provide itemized expenses anticipated for the program.

How much funding have you raised to date?$

How have you been raising funds?

Tell us what you hope to accomplish with this grant.

How will program success be measured?

Church has read the “IMPORTANT PROPOSAL INFORMATION AND DEFINITIONS”, “THE GRANT AWARD PROCESS”, and “STEPS TO PROPER APPLICATION” and agrees with all terms and conditions for the grant as outlined.

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