Frank, All the Very Best from Us - Get Well Soon!

Frank, All the Very Best from Us - Get Well Soon!

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Jonathan T Wright


11 November 2003

Messages posted in September 2003:

Frank, all the very best from us - get well soon! -

Keith, Kent, UK - 24 September 2003

Get well soon you can do it!

Perry Gurney, Kent - 24 September 2003

To a great man. All my best wishes.

Rob Medus, London - 27 September 2003

Frank, I know you are in a living hell right now. I know as I, too, have had mental health problems (clinical depression) it is the most bizarre, frightening and lonely feeling in the world. I didn't know what was happening to me, but I do know I would have preferred to have lost a limb than live with the way I was feeling. My heart goes out to you, and I sincerely hope that when that chilling feeling strikes, it doesn't last for long, and fades away forever as quickly as possible. I never thought ' I' would come back again, I thought that I had gone and this new sensation in my head would last for ever, BUT, fortunately it did get better. It does get better Frank, believe me, it does. That hellishly lonely feeling, that is indescribable to anyone unless they have experienced it, will go, hang on to that belief. Love, Genevieve Lacey, East Grinstead - 27 September 2003

As a great fan of Frank's for years and also a teacher who has recently suffered the same illness as Frank, please pass on my best wishes and respect to him. Let there be no doubt that he did the right thing in going for help, it’s the people that don't ask that don't recover! I have now returned to my profession after a 4 month sabbatical and our lives are better than ever, so, Frank, stick with it, and show the same courage now as you did when you faced A-Hole Tyson, etc. in your glorious career. You may not have been? the absolute best boxer we have ever produced but in my eyes you are the "greatest" because you were a modest ,kind gentleman with the courage of a "British Bulldog" when fighting, fight on and never ever quit, love to you ,family, etc., please call 01888-xxxxxx if you need to talk to someone who knows what you're going through, take care,

Scotty Lothian,Turriff-Aberdeenshire-Scotland - 27 September 2003

You became The Heavyweight Champion of The World, you will get through this too Frank, Eye of the Tiger, Good look.

Mike, North Wales - 26 September 2003

Hi! Frank, I hope you are on the road to recovery; unfortunately there is no quick fix for depression. I have been helping my niece through depression, and it takes time. Ignore all those people who tell you to pull yourself together, those are the folk who don't realise, that depression is an illness. Listen to the professionals do as they ask, and take one day at a time mate. It's a long road but you have the power to reach the goal, it’s another fight Frank, and you can get through it and come out a champion .My thoughts and prayers are with you and for you, I will be thinking of you champ. Best wishes

Derek Williams, Southampton - 26 September 2003

Think of it as a hard fight for the title Frank. You came through in the past - come through this. You gave the public loads of pleasure and we can't afford to lose such an icon and role model as you. Best Wishes

Frank Andy England, Manchester - 27 September 2003

To Frank, I work in the mental health field and wanted to let you know what someone is thinking of you all the way in Alaska. Your story touched my heart when I read about the ones you have lost...I know it is hard because I too have lost ones dear to me... I wish you all the best Frank.

Shirley in Alaska - 27 September 2003

Good Luck in getting well again. I was very disappointed about what the press was saying about you. You are one of the best boxers England has ever seen.

Michael Newbury, Wigan - 29 September 2003

All the best champ keep your chin up from all at the LIVERPOOL KICKBOXING AND MUAYTHAI ACADEMY Gerard Bimpson, Liverpool - 29 September 2003

Dear Mr. Bruno, My father lived near door to you in Barmouth Road many many years ago and he remembers you. His recollection of you is of being a giant of a man in both physical stature and in the way you handled yourself and how you treated people. I know depression as my mother has suffered from it all my life. I think it is a challenge but any person who gets into the boxing ring with Mike Tyson in his prime is not a man to walk away from a challenge.

You can do it. You are a big man and in some ways you can help alot of black people who suffer from this awful problem by being a vocal person. It is not widely seen how much it affects black people but I know from when I have been to the hospital to see my mum that there are alot of black people with this. My thoughts go with you and your family. You are a giant of a man and I know 100% you can do it !! Clifford Dray, London - 29 September 2003

good luck frank, your not alone with this, there`s no shortage of us with or have had depression, you will get through it eventually and be the stronger for it.

Jim, Dundee - 29 September 2003

Am such a big fan of frank. he's been an inspiration to many people including me!!! I wish i could find the words to express the pleasure i have had from watching him fight. And thats just it.he is a fighter and he will pull through this, and it will make him stronger. No one's laughing frank

We wish u well Come on lad Knock this out!!! PETER Goulding, Barnsley – 29 September 2003

just want to say hang in there Frank and hope you get well soon, all the lads from the Grimethorpe & Cudworth Hard and Fast Boxing Club, Barnsley are wishing you a fast recovery. We know it can be a long road but we also know you can do it. Good Luck.

ken + hard & fast Cudworth Boxing Club, Barnsley - 29 September 2003

You can knock this out champ, get well soon. Dennis, Durham - 29 September 2003

Frank, hang on in there, you aint the first and you definitely won't be the last to have an illness like this. I hope you get well soon and don't let them win, you are a fighter, win as you have done in the past. Get rid of the negative people around and stick with the positive people there are enough that want to help you. take care of you Franc, London - 30 September 2003

God bless you Frank. Hang on in there man. Your in the right place and your getting the help you need. You've always been a fighter and I'm sure your going to get through this and be an even better person than you are today. You are the must respected and loved British Boxer of all time, but you don't know that right now. Hopefully one day soon you'll realise that fact. You in my prayers. Yvonne, Bristol - 30 September 2003

Just want to wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. We are all thinking of you and send all our love.

Sue, Dewsbury - 30 September 2003

Frank, heres hoping for a quick recovery. Our thoughts are with you. Sincere best wishes big frank.

Malcolm Shields - 30 September 2003

Messages posted in October 2003:

Hello Frank. Good luck and my best wishes. You are a grat Fighter and a good man. Ich wünsche dir alles gute, du schaffst das! Marc Arens, Germany - 1 October 2003

Come on frank you can do it your a legend. Everyone’s behind you big man and we know your strong and will pull through and we will see the frank bruno we all know and love. I will never forget the chants of BRUNO BRUNO and the words "THE WINNER...... AND THE NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION". Good luck hope to see you soon from a massive fan from Wigan.

Martin Roche, WiganLancashire - 01 October 2003

Dear Frank, hope and best wishes for a speedy return to full form from all our family. We know things have been tough as of late, but don’t forget you are a warrior by nature, and a hero to many many people the world over. All our love and may God be with you, yours p.s. the country aint the same without you big guy. Kenny Wood, Leeds - 1 October 2003

Best of wishes Frank, keep the good side out, and best of luck with this challenge for everyone in Ireland. FergalTony, Ireland - 2 October 2003

Dear Frank Bruno, we heard you are unwell you were very nice to us when we met you at HARLOW sports centre last summer. we hope you get well soon from:

Emma ,Henry, Adrian, Avneet, Laura , Jake ,Melanie, Stephen, Tilak, Benson , Yvonne, Mr. Menendez, from class 3 at Oak View - Essex - 2 October 2003

Dear Frank, Get well soon, you are booked on my show 1st December, I have been overwhelmed by phone calls sending messages of support for you. They are looking forward to you coming to Leeds. Keep fighting and we will see you on the ist. Your the man Frank, THE BELL HAS RANG NOW GET UP AND FIGHT. All the best .

Keith Walker, Boxing Promoter - Leeds. - 2 October 2003

I've been down that dark black hole myself, when everything and everyone is against you. You frighten yourself with the thoughts you have and the way you have behaved. Some people will take advantage of this and you will then know who your friends really are. Let go of the past and look forward to a better life. IT WILL HAPPEN,BELIEVE ME FRANK. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but I guess at the moment you can't even find the bloody tunnel! Your public is here for you, we want Frank back again, and most of all we want to hear that laugh!! email for a chat anytime. I do know what it is like!!

Andrew Howe, Nottingham - 2 October 2003

Frank, hope you recover soon, best wishes Weymouth amateur boxing club

R owland Siddons, Weymouth-3 October 2003

Frank, i wish you well, this is another tough fight, we all know you can do it, everyone is rooting for you. Hope to hear that familiar laugh soon. Good luck

Rita Garbett,Swindon-3 October 2003

Hello, just wanted to say that I think you are a great guy, who has achieved so very much. It must be a pain in the arse for you to have to put up with the added pressure of people knowing you are unwell when it is so hard for you at present. This message is to let you know that there are people out there there that genuinely care about you and wish you better. You have and always be a fighter in whatever challenge you undertake. Very Best Wishes.

Jo-Ann Thatcher, London-4 October 2003

Frank, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2000, was on medication for a year or so and it was the darkest time of my life. However, there is always hope as I have now weaned myself off medication, graduated this year with a Business Mgt degree and am spending a year doing an internship in San Diego for a year and I have never felt better or more in control of my life. I know that you can pull through Frank. You are a strong character. The road may not be very easy but you can pull through. I believe in you just like you have believed in everyone else over the years. You are a great inspiration to many people including myself and you deserve to have your life back on track. Be strong.... Ian Orr, Norwich-5 October 2003

Dear Frank you will be going through the worst time ever in your life and can see no end, I know this because my mother as I was growing up became very ill I can only say that I am so proud that she got the help she needed and was so scared to ask for. Frank you are not on your own and have so many people who love and respect you, you are a man who is tall strong and proud, but you also happen to be a human being who needs some love and support so frank take that help mate and will be ok. my regards to you frank.

Vera Mcdowell,Stroud glos-6 October 2003

Just a simple get well wish and hope that you get back to your normal self.

Jeanne Jones, Exmouth - 6 October 2003

You will find the strength to get through this Frank just as you did with your boxing.

Malc, Kent - 6 October 2003

This is just a little message to say how sorry we are to hear of your illness. We look forward to hearing that you are feeling better soon as you are greatly missed. All good wishes for a speedy recovery. M.E.Clement-Evans, Yr Wyddgrug - 8 October 2003

Frank, you were THE man and please God you will be again, very soon. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery Champ.

Ray Dixon, Bracknell - 10 October 2003

Hope you are getting the help you need it will get better all the best frank.

Natalie Endean, Loughton, Essex - 11 October 2003

Dear Mr. Bruno, you have our support & understanding. we have a foster child who is very interested in boxing and would love some advice when you are feeling better, if not no worries your still the greatest, my wife often goes on about when she was young and when you still lived down Pemberton Gardens, you must remember girls hammering on your door for autographs, and she say's not once did you come out shouting, you are a very patient man frank, all the best.

Mr & Mrs Ellison, Romford - 13 October 2003

Dear frank, you are more than a fighter you have proofed it with the headway you are making

Good luck frank. Fran, Manchester - 14 October 2003

Hi frank!!!! Just wanted to wish you well, don't forget that you are a born fighter and you will get through this , take care and remember you have a lot of support out here .With best wishes love sue x

Sue, Essex.. 17 October 2003

I was appalled to see the sun headlines Frank, but it has inspired me, (as a mature student) to do a project on Mental health. The way “people” perceive it in general, I feel still leaves alot to be desired. Things are changing, when famous people like yourself come under media fire. Get well soon Frank, I'm sure you will. Don't give up, you have so many people behind you....

Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Tina L. Bettess, Baldock - 18 October 2003

Frank, we're all rooting for you at this time of your difficulties. You've been an inspiration to thousands and I hope the thought of this gives you some inspiration. As a sufferer of depression myself I understand what you must be going through and I also know how the support of others helps me, so hang in there and remember how many people are out there for you.

Tony Hay, Alton - 19 October 2003

Frank u r the man. Britain’s finest! ull get thru this eventually mate. looking 4ward 2 seeing u bk 2 business soon.

Danny, Preston - 19 October 2003

Hi Frank, how're you doing buddy? Great to see you are on the mend. I did send E/Mail to you when you were first taken ill. Your sickness is proof of the fact that you are a feeling person. Anyone with feelings, when under the stress that you were experiencing could have a temporary lapse. You are as we all are aware, a great fighter. You will as I have been aware from the onset of your problem overcome.

I did have an article on your behalf printed in the South Wales Echo on The 7th of October.

Kind regards Frank,

Ray Hannah, Barry South Glamorgan Wales...20 October 2003

Dear Frank, Steve and I were so sad to hear that you are not feeling so well right now but just wanted you to know that we are thinking about and you will come out winning!!!! Be strong and get well we love you tons even so far away. lots of love Fiona and Steve (Big fans always)

Fiona and Steve, Cayman Islands...20 October 2003

All the best big frank we got behind you before and all you true fans are with you again big man you are a true champion and a gentleman get well soon mate

jim kirkpatrick, bradford ... 25 October 2003

Glad your out, my thought have been with you, you have done a lot for this country and we are proud of our heroes, so keep your chin up, life can be a bitch, but keep in with the right crowd and they will help it threw you. Hope you find peace with your self and thanks for all you have done. I followed your career while in the army, as did many service men. Remember a real mate wont fleece you, keep an eyr on the one that have let you down. Take care and hope to hear good things about your career soon. Al the best Rick. Rick Hilder, Hastings .... 26 October 2003