Founding of Rome: Notes

Founding of Rome: Notes

Founding of Rome: Notes

I. Aeneas (Trojan War)

-Fled Troy after the Greeks sacked the city in 1184 BC

-Fated to found a “NEW TROY”

-Sailed to Italy and founded a city in the region of Latium

-Aeneas’ son, Ascanius, founded the town closer to the Tiber River in the same region, called Alba Longa

-The descendants of Aeneas and his son Ascanius would found the city on the bank of the Tiber that would later be known as Rome

II. Romulus and Remus

-Romans believed that Romulus and Remus were born of a mortal mother (Rhea Silvia) and MARS (god of war)

-Numitor and Amulius (brothers) – descendents of Romulus and Remus

-Amulius was EVIL and killed his brother Numitor who was the rightful king of Alba Longa

-Amulius also killed Numitor’s sons and forced their sister, Rhea Silvia, to become a priestess so that she would not bear any children

-Rhea Silvia was loved by Mars and she gave birth to twin sons, Romulus and Remus

-Romulus and Remus -- were concealed from their wicked uncle and placed in a basket to float down the Tiber river

-A mother wolf came along (sacred to Mars) and found the babies and raised them

-Later they were found by a sheperd and his wife: Faustulus and Larentia

-Their identity was discovered by the evil king Amulius—Romulus and Remus drove him out of Alba Longa

-Romulus and Remus went to found a new settlement where they grew up

-Remus-6 vultures

-Romulus-12 vultures

-Romulus is victor (753BC) and built his city on the Palatine Hill

Traditional Date of the founding of Rome is April 21, 753B.C.

ROME AS A MONARCHY (rule of kings) from 753BC –


1. Romulus 753-715: Romulus was the legendary founder of Rome. The Sabine king of Cures, Tatius, co-ruled with Romulus from the time of the rape of the Sabine women until his death in 648 B.C.

2. Numa Pompilius 715-763: Numa Pompilius is credited with many of the ancient religious conventions of ancient Rome.

3. Tullus Hostilius 673-642 B.C.

Tullus Hostilius doubled the population of Rome, added Alban nobles to the Senate of Rome, and built the Curia Hostilia.

4. Ancus Martius 642-617 B.C.

Ancus Marcius was a grandson of Numa Pompilius and a bridge builder. The bridge across the Tiber is credited to Ancus Marcius.

5. L. Tarquinius Priscus 616-579 B.C.

The first Etruscan king of Rome, Tarquinius Priscus had a Corinthian father. Tarquin created 100 new senators and expanded Rome. He also established the Roman games.

6. Servius Tullius 578-535 B.C.

Servius Tullius was the son-in-law of Tarquinius Priscus. He divided the Roman citizens into tribes and fixed the military obligations of 5 census-determined classes.

7. Tarquinius Superbus (Tarquin the Proud) 534-510 B.C.

Tarquinius Superbus or Tarquin the Proud was the last Etruscan or any king of Rome. He was forcibly ousted by Brutus.