FORMAT: Typed and Double-Spaced in MLA Format. Incorporate at Least Three Direct Quotes

FORMAT: Typed and Double-Spaced in MLA Format. Incorporate at Least Three Direct Quotes

ENC 1101

Essay 3 (750 words)

FORMAT: Typed and double-spaced in MLA format. Incorporate at least three direct quotes with signal phrases and MLA-style in-text citations.

OBJECTIVE: Compose and proofread a well-developed essay in response to the following topic. Write at least 750 words and at least five paragraphs (introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion).

TOPIC: Analyze and evaluate the argumentative strategies (rational appeals, ethical appeals, and emotional appeals) used in ONE of the following essays:

Pollitt’s “What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage” (548)

Colson’s “Gay ‘Marriage’: Societal Suicide” (554)

Krikorian’s “Safety Through Immigration Control” (567)

Danticat’s “Not Your Homeland” (572)

WRITING TASKS: As you outline and draft your essay, keep the following in mind:

  • Your introduction should provide background information (including the author and title of the source essay) and should lead readers to a thesis statement that is a direct response to the topic. Be sure that your thesis asserts an opinion about the essay you have chosen to write about.
  • Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence that supports and explains your thesis statement. Each topic sentence should mention the author of the source essay.
  • Each paragraph should support and illustrate its topic sentence in detail, using examples from the source essay. Your emphasis should be on analyzing and evaluating the source essay. Think about not only what the author says but also how he or she says it. What are his or her argumentative strategies? How effective are these strategies?
  • Your concluding paragraph should reinforce your thesis and clearly express your response to the source essay.
  • Save time to proofread.
  • You should not use any materials except The Bedford Handbook and a dictionary to complete this essay.

ASSESSMENT: Grades will be based on focus, content, organization, and sentence-level correctness and clarity. Additionally, proper quoting, paraphrasing, summary, proper MLA format, heading, in-text citations and work cited page are required.

TIP: Explain how the author has used the three kinds of appeals and evaluate whether each one is used effectively or whether it becomes a logical fallacy. DO NOT merely point out the appeals as they appear in the essay, BUT argue HOW the author uses the appeals and evaluate the rhetorical effect of the appeals.