For Action: Inspection and Repair of Inflatables Prohibited Person

For Action: Inspection and repair of inflatables – prohibited person

The Health and Safety Executive have issued the following advice for schools:

The HSE have been made aware that Peter Morrell is once again advertising his services forinspection and repair of inflatable play equipment. He is known to use a number of aliases including Mr Coltilda. The most current seems to be Peter Edward McCormack.

Peter Morrell was prohibited from conducting in-service inspections (thorough examinations) of inflatable amusement devices and inflatable play equipment in 2008. The Prohibition Notice issued on 11th November 2008 is still in force, and resulted from in-service inspections not being conducted competently or diligently.

Mr Morrell has previously been prosecuted and imprisoned for matters related to previous breaches of the Prohibition Notice.

Schools with their own inflatable equipment should ensure it is inspected annually by a registered inspection body e.g. the Amusement Device Inspection Scheme (ADIPS) and Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation (PIPA). Both are independent voluntary schemes, funded and run by industry members.

The RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) also provide a list of their members who can undertake inflatable inspections).

Further H&S guidance on inflatables is available on the Grid.