Filippos Lampadarios - Spata Blanos Sports Park (BOWLING)

Filippos Lampadarios - Spata Blanos Sports Park (BOWLING)

Filippos Lampadarios - Spata – Blanos Sports Park (BOWLING)


As a privately owned venue, Blanos Sports Park created many challenges for all FA’s. This meant that everyone needed to work together as a team to make it happen properly. In fact, from day 1, every one of the FA’s was very passionate and enthusiastic in working to that goal. But it was the great teamwork displayed by everyone there that made Dr. Shriver say that he had the best time while visiting Blanos Sports Park.

As manager of the Honored Guests Services, the main difficulty I faced was with establishing a flow for the “clients”. With a large number of athletes and families roaming the venue, it proved a hard task. One that was achieved with the great teamwork I mentioned above.

The second largest problem I faced there, was the area that had been chosen for the ASF/MVP lounge.It was a balcony that was closed-off with windows, thus allowing all the heat of the sunrays in, and not allowing the heat to escape! The temperature of the room made it uncomfortable to sit in, meaning that if the guests couldn’t relax at the lounge, they would have to go to the stands. The problem was that due to the large amounts of athletes and families, the seating was extremely scarce, meaning that essentially the guests would not be able to sit anywhere. This problem was resolved by the venue owner, who decided to help us out by offering to purchase the materials needed to sun-proof the room, as there was no available petty-cash for us to go out and buy them ourselves, and given that the Look department had their allowance cut by 50%!

Overall though, apart from the fact that everything moved smoothly, it is also important to mention that none of this would have been possible without the invaluable help of our fantastic volunteers, as well as the other FA’s. Both managed to work in unison and made for a great team.


No / Issue Description / Recommendation
1 / ASF/MVP lounge too warm –
As aforementioned, the area housing the lounge was overly warm and un-inviting to potential guests. / Not much one could do, except seek the help and understanding of the venue’s owners who came through and helped out massively.

No / Functional Area / Issue Description
1 / Media Department / There came a few times where the Media Dept had some requests for access to our clients that were not justified in our protocol. These issues/pressures occurred in the days before the Games, and we managed to work things out. After all, we both wanted to do our jobs in harmony.

Indicative list of visitors

Zulueta GaniGlobal Messenger Mentor

Silos AntonGlobal Messenger

Στέφας ΑλέξανδροςΑντιδήμαρχος Αμαρουσίου

Reilly NiamhGlobal Students Delgate Bangor University

Ophelders AddiePresident Eu. T.B.F.

Damentko MariuszSport Director SOI

Chang Ching – YuHOD EA. SO Chinese Taipei

Τσίμπρης Εμμανουήλ Υποστράτηγος Ειδικών Δυνάμεων

Childree KimGMS Support

Blyden Johnneice GMS Support

Doolan Denis Interim President managing DIR

Maner SueSpecial Olympics Sothcardina

Hippen PeggySpecial Olympics Sothcardina

Ophelders AddiePresident Eu. T.B.F.

Damentko MariuszSport Director SOI

Κουλοχέρης ΒασίλειοςΠρόεδρος Ομοσπονδίας Μπόουλινγκ*

Sharon BollenbachVice President Special Olympics of Canada

Kathy DuvalSenior Program Manager

Βασίλης ΚασιμάτηςSOH

Άρτεμις ΒασιλικοπούλουSOH

Geoff VickersChair National Selection Committee

Catriona BarryCEO Special Olympics Australia

Νίκος ΛαυρεντάκηςΠεριφερειάρχης μεταφορών

Αθανάσιος ΜαργέτηςΑντιδήμαρχος Σπάτων-Αρτέμιδος

Horne DavidCouncilor Portsmouth city council

Lambert NelloVice chairman Special Olympics Bahamas

Cleopatra AdderleyDirector Special Olympics Bahamas

Laura LingChairperson Special Olympics Hong Kong

IP Davis President Special Olympics Hong Kong

Dr. Prexl Renate(Duestor)(?) S.O.O.

Μαρία ΦαγογένηVolunteers Program Director

Yan GSOI Documentation Crew China

Vivian Wong KA WAI SOI Documentation Crew China

Mitsui Yoshiko Special Olympics Nippon

Watanabe HiromiSpecial Olympics Nippon

Murakami TomoworiSpecial Olympics Nippon

Κων/νος Λιάκος Φωτογράφος SOI

Wong KA WAI VivianSOI Documentation Crew

Yang CHISOI Documentation Crew

Jay EmmettSenior Director – Special Olympics International

Tim ShriverChairman & CEO Special Olympics International

Γιάννα ΔεσποτοπούλουPresident of Athens 2011

Anton SilosIGM

Gani Zuluetta IGM – Mentor

Anton SilosGlobal Messanger

Yuko ArimoriHOD Japan

Emiko TsoutsoumiVOL DAL

Maner SueSpecial Olympics Sothcardina

Peggy HippenSpecial Olympics Sothcardina

Skvarka PaulStaff, RSO

Saito TakuyaPresident SPBB Company

Mori RiyoASF Guest

Mitsui YoshikoSpecial Olympics NIPPON

(Wurster)SO Germany

Gürgen (Kimir)SO Germany

(Baner) BärbelSO Germany

Τζοΐτης Αθανάσιος Διοικητής Πυρ. Υπηρ. Κορωπίου

Anton SilosGlobal Messenger SOI

Zuluetta IsaganiGlobal Messenger SOI

(Heinnd Olpen)HOD

Childree Kim GMS Support

Blyden JohnneiceGMS Support

Taillon Patrick

Zieler Gunther

English MattChief Executive Officer

Roman EichlerΕκπρόσωπος αθλητών των Special Olympics Γερμανίας

Hoyles Christine

Lacrosse Camy

Cmacnabb Alex

Lacrosse Thomas

Miyares AndyGlobal Messenger SOI

Rex LangthorneSOI Board – Australia

Bryan Robles (USE)

Damentko MariuszSport Director SOI

Παπαδημητρίου Νίκος Γεν. Γραμματέας Ελλ. Ομοσπονδίας Bowling