Executive Meeting Agenda

Executive Meeting Agenda



Date: November 20, 2013

Location: St. Catharines Golf and Country Club

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Invitees: Katie Cookney, Chaussie Lawson, Shannon Convery, Craig Ozog, Jeff Edge, Mike Ragona, Julie Boyse, Randy Corsini

Call to Order: 4:10

Regrets and why: Chaussie in Edmonton for work, Jeff on vacation, Randy wasn’t included on the invite

Confirmation of Quorum: yes 5 out of 8

President’s Comments: excited for tonight 50 people in attendance for tonight

Receipt of Minutes any changes, errors, etc… (Secretaries report & correspondence)

Acceptance of Minutes: Katie

Moved:KatieSeconded: Shannon

Matters Arising From Minutes –none

Treasurers Report –

Balance of chapter account - $26,857.39

Total amount of cheques written – none since last meeting

List of cheques since last report – none - for future meeting Shannon will send out the list ahead of time so everyone can review and if there are any questions will address at this time

Total amount of cheques deposited - $11, 089.80 still outstanding for a couple from golf

List of totals for each type of revenue generation (ie October dinner meeting, Golf etc)

October – no revenue

Golf – not finalized

Was budget met from last meeting – show actuals vs budget – note reasons for variances – no October meeting

Are we on budget for the year? Note reasons for variances – outstanding golf

Delegates Report – no report – Mike brought 2 cheques to give to Jeff to take to TO to get their membership activated

Delegate to Advise of Upcoming Toronto OIAA Events- December 11, 2013

Jeff to get me the pics from the conference best 30 – newsletter going out next week, website up to date except pics waiting for conference first / newsletter/ Website – 2013-2014 / Julie Boyse
Still some outstanding accounts / Golf Tournament – September 20, 2013 / Chaussie Lawson
October – no meeting
50 people in attendance – PP 17, Katie and Shannon, if there are receipts that need to be sent Katie will send / Past
President’s - November 20, 2013 / Katie Cookney/Chaussie Lawson
Coppola’s – private room / X-mas – Dec 17, 2013 / Katie Cookney/Chaussie Lawson
we had our first meeting last week, got everything together, budget turned – Mike will e-mail Julie the new budget, registration forms will be put on the tables tonight / Curling - January 17, 2014 / Mike Ragona / Flo Labonte
Dawn Elliott
Trevor Black Julie Boyse
at the Keg need idea for speaker / February meeting –February 26, 2014 / Vote for not having a meeting / Shannon
March Meeting – March 23, 2014 / Joint Seminar / Craig/Mike
no meeting / April meeting - April 30, 2014 / Vote for not having a meeting
Elections - May 28, 2014 / Katie Cookney/Chaussie Lawson / Looking at wine tours
Membership 2013/2014 / Jeff Edge
Donations 2013/2014 / Katie Cookney
Xmas nov 27 / OIAA Hamilton
2013/2014 / Julie Boyse
will be updating them based on Katherine’s / By-Laws 2013.2014 / Julie Boyse
Still outstanding sponsorship Tracy still has 2 left rec’d 2 following up with Melissa on budget / Provincial conference 2013 / Julie Boyse


No old business to discuss


No new business to discuss

Budgets must be submitted 2 months prior to event.

Speaker request – if anyone has requested bring to next meeting.




Moved: ____Katie______Time: __4:50 pm______