Executive Committee - Maryland Swimming Inc

Executive Committee - Maryland Swimming Inc


Executive Committee - Maryland Swimming Inc.

November 14, 2017 at 7 PM

Loyola Blakefield High School

I. Call to Order

II. Review of the Prior Meeting Notes- June 13, 2017

III. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Audit: waiting for date

Action Step: Anna Summerfield and DeLaine McCleary will follow up with Jamie Cahn.

  1. DeLaine McCleary has three proposals and now has a company we can transition to, and it seems as if we will save some money.

Action step: DeLaine McCleary will look at reports and see how much we have paid in past and compare with proposals. Send information to Pat and Anna and they will make a decision as to the best way to proceed.

IV. Open Business

  1. Investment Policy

Action Step: Adopt the policy and implement it. Anna Summerfield will e-mail it to Pat Kaplan and it will be placed in our policies.

  1. Virtual Meetings

Action Step: Pat Kaplan will send Zoom document set-up to everyone.

  1. Strategic Plan
  1. Three out of four sections are complete and the fourth (policies and procedures) is a work in progress.
  2. Bylaws have been approved.

Action Step: Work will continue to be done.

  1. Adhoc committee

Action Step: Continuing to work.

E.Sportsmanship Policy

1. Peter Leib polished the Code of Conduct.

2. Changes suggested

Action Steps:

  1. Pat Kaplan will change template and add code of conduct to the rules section of the meet notice.
  2. Bill Kirkner and Trevor Rill will review and provide feedback. Then, we will send a clean copy to Pat Kaplan.
  1. Athletes Question
  1. Over 21 year olds taking awards at State Level Championships meets
  1. Athletes met on 11/12 at UMBC to discuss question.
  2. Athletes want college swimmers to participate in any of the A-D final heats.
  3. No age limit because they are provided good competition.
  4. SC: College swimmers should not be awarded points or given awards.
  5. LC: EXCEPTION: College swimmers should be able to swim and be awarded points for if they are swimming attached with a club team.
  1. Discussion
  1. Could the college swimmers swim in finals and put them in the system as exhibition- times count, but overall place/points does not?

Action Steps:

  1. Pat Kaplan will send report out to coaches on the board and they may make comments and send to Jeff Scrivener.
  2. Athletes will present at January meeting and will await a vote in hopes of it becoming effective April 1, 2018.
  1. Review of all initiatives

Action Step: Anna Summerfield will update the online document and send to Margaret for an addition to notes.

V. New Business

A. Equipment

Action Step: Letter with clarification about equipment will be sent to all Meet Directors.

Date and Type of Next Meeting: January 9, 2018 Full Board