Every Angler Must Be a Financial Member of Basin Lure and Fly Anglers to Compete

Every Angler Must Be a Financial Member of Basin Lure and Fly Anglers to Compete

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•Every angler must be a financial member of Basin Lure and Fly Anglers to compete

• Tournaments consist of one and two day events which are pre-entry or enter-on-the-day.

• Two day events will be a two day combined bag weight

•Pre entry/early entries must be deposited into the bank account and an email sent to & before entry will be placed on the starting list. Online entries will be paid via PayPal. No refund will be given to anglers who pre-enter and elect not to fish any given round, unless prior notification (48 hour) is given to the Tournament Director (TD).

• $120 for early payment or $140 on the day or after the early payment cut-off date for single day events for boating teams.

• $70 for early payment or $90 on the

day or after the early payment cut-off date for single day events kayak anglers.

• $180 for early payment or $200 on the day or after the early payment cut-off date for two-day events for boating teams.

• $120 for early payment or $140 on the day or after the early payment cut-off date for two-day events for kayak anglers.

• All entry forms must be accompanied4 by payment to be processed. Entries without payment will be discarded. It is the responsibility of the competitor to contact the Tournament Director if their entry is not listed. All competitors must fill out an entry form.

•The boat horse power is recommended to be a minimum of 20 horse power

•There is no age limit for entry to this competition, but a guardian/parent must witness and co-sign with anyone under 18. All anglers under 15 must be accompanied by an adult as part of their team.

•A copy of boat insurance and boat driver licence must accompany your completed entry form, failure to do so will disallow entry. This information is required once at your first event and once your renewal has been completed.

•Only One (1) substitute for the entire series per angler can be made, and only this substitute can be used in the Grand Final if needed.

Any complaints regarding breach of the rules must be addressed in writing to the TD within 24hrs of the specific incident. Penalties for rule and conduct violation may include:

-Disqualification of your day

-Disqualification from the Tournament

-Disqualification from the Series

-A maximum of 750g may be applied

Penalty applied is dependant of the breach and will be at the discretion of the TD.

• The TD and Basin Lure and Fly committee reserve the right to modify, add or delete rules at any time throughout the series if it is necessary. Notification will be emailed to all anglers advising of changes.

• Any concerns regarding clarification of rules can be discussed with the TD PRIOR to the start of the tournament.

Pre Start and Briefing

• Entries made on the day of the event will be charged an additional $20.00 surcharge on top of the normal entry fee.

•Anglers/teams must collect their key tag at least 15 minutes prior to their starting time. Anglers/teams collecting their key tags after this time will leave last regardless of team number.

•At least one angler from each team and all kayak anglers must be present during the briefing. Failure will result in forfeiting your start position and starting last.

•All live wells will be checked either prior to each event on the morning from the shore or by a drive by start.

•It is the responsibility of each angler to ensure that they hold a current Fishing Licence for the waterway in which the event is held, if required.

•The boundaries for each events will be set depending on the location which will be nominated at the briefing. Fishing outside these boundaries will result in disqualification.

•Propulsion for kayaks is by underwater kick or paddle power only, no electronic or combustion propulsion.

•In this competition we will use an ALVEY rule to measure fish.

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Pre-Fish Bans

• A pre-fish ban means anglers are not allowed on competition waterways and linked systems for ANY REASON. Please refer to the specific event information sheet for details.

• During the prefish ban no contestant may be on tournament waters, and no person may be on tournament waters to locate fish or gain fishing information on a contestant’s behalf.

• Please refer to the specific event information for details of pre-fish bans.

• A practice day may be nominated by the event organisers.

Fishing Rules

• It is the responsibility of all competitors to obtain necessary angler permits or licences as demanded by the waterway in the state being fished.

• Competitors must abide by all state fishing and boating regulations. .

• Anglers may fish any line class with spin, baitcast, spincast or fly fishing tackle.

• Trolling is not permitted - lure and fly CASTING only. Trolling is defined as using the momentum of a vessel to give the lure action. Casting along a stretch of bank under electric, pedal or paddle power is permitted if using the power source to keep position. However, when altering the vessel position, do not leave your lines in the water.

• The TD reserves the right to disqualify anglers deemed to be purposely trolling in defiance of the spirit of the events.

• Drift fishing is allowed.

• Anglers are not permitted to fish from outside their fishing vessels at any time during sessions, including fighting and landing fish.

• Any restrictions, non-boating or non-fishing areas must be adhered to; failure to do this will result in either disqualification from the session, and or the tournament and a maximum penalty of 750 grams may be applied.

• Fishing is NOT permitted within any defined non-boating or non-fishing areas. If asked to leave a private marina or oyster lease, you must do so. Fishing or casting inside sanctuary zones is prohibited.

• Fish must be caught during the designated times and kept in a livewell. One (1) “spare” may be kept live until the end of the session. The ‘spare’ must be released prior to weigh in. Once an

atomic SBS logo pngangler has caught their limit and they then catch another fish they must immediately release one of their fish. Anglers caught fishing with more than the competition defined bag limit will be immediately disqualified and SBS staff reserves the right to check live wells during competition hours.

• Anglers may only use one rod at a time while fishing all events. This includes such cases as when a lure is snagged but still attached to the rod, anglers cannot pick up another rod and begin casting - this would constitute using two rods. .

• In the case of physical or medical emergencies, SBS officials will judge the acceptability of catches and reserve the right to weigh in or refuse early weighing of fish.

•BLF SBS reserves the right to film and/or photograph any part of this competition.

Weigh-in procedure and Points Scoring

• Anglers will finish a session by placing the key tag back on the appropriate board location before the session finishes. Anglers placing their key on the key tag board after the session finish time will incur a weight penalty.

• Tags not returned by the allotted weigh–in time will be penalised at the rate of 50 grams per minute. If an angler returns later than 15 minutes after weigh-in time the angler will be penalised 750 grams and all fish caught will not be weighed. It is the angler’s responsibility to allow enough time to ensure the key tag is placed before the allotted time.

• The bag limit for events is five for boating teams and three for kayak anglers

• Bream must be the minimum state legal length, plus 1cm (NSW – 26cm, VIC-29cm) and will be measured to the tip rather than to fork. Any undersized fish weighed in will be disqualified from the angler's bag.

• Only live bream are eligible for tournament points (yellowfin, black).

• The fish’s mouth must be closed while measuring.

• Bream will be weighed in order of angler arrival to the bump tub line up.

• Details of the weigh-in site and times will be established during the briefing prior to the start of the event.

• Each team/angler may weigh up to the session maximum bag limit of bream.

atomic SBS logo png• Bream will be weighed collectively with “Big Bream” candidates weighed individually.

Note: that it is the angler’s responsibility to identify these fish to the weigh master.

• If the angler believes the weight that is represented by the scales is wrong they can request the scales be re-tared and the bag reweighed. If this is the case the angler must then take the second weight regardless of whether it is heavier or lighter than the first weight that was recorded.

• Dead fish, or those unable to swim away from the release point (as deemed by SBS officials) will be reweighed and deducted from the anglers’ bag weight. At all times, bream are the responsibility of individual anglers.

• Anglers must release the fish in a humane way so the fish are not harmed and have the best survival rate possible. This means at some weigh-in locations the angler must walk into knee deep water to release their fish safely. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

• Anglers may return to the weigh in earlier than the allotted time, however, that is all the anglers in that vessel can fish for the day.

•The weigh master’s and associated committee’s decision is final.

• Ties will be awarded as such. Prize money (if eligible) and points will be equal to the tied teams/anglers.


• All kayak competitors are to wear Australian Standards PFD type 1 at all times.

• All boating competitors are to wear Australian Standards PFD type 1 whilst boat is on the plane or otherwise required to by that states laws. It is a requirement that lanyards be used, if the boat is fitted with one, whilst the engine is running.

• All competitors must return their key-tag to the tag board when they return to the event site before the allocated finish time.

• Organisers will search for late returns.

• Competitors may use mobile phones for safety reasons, but not to communicate fishing information.

•If bad weather falls on the event day the committee reserves the right to cancel, postpone the event or preferably reduce the arena if safe to do so. The committee may reduce the fishing time to avoid placing anglers in danger. If cancellation is deemed necessary credit towards another round will be given to those whom have pre-paid.

Grand Final

• Slots will be available for the Southern Bream Series Grand Final via qualifying rounds.

• Declined places will be offered to the next down the list from that event.

• Declined invitations will be offered to the next in line up to four times, or zero fish, if any more than four bumps are required, the next invitation will be based on SBS discretion.

Team of the Year (TOY) Kayak Angler of the Year (KAOY)

•Team/Angler of the Year points and rankings Points will be calculated on event results.

•The event is a Teams series and points will be accrued as such.

• Points from each SBS event will be allocated according to placing.

§ 1st 100 points

§ 2nd 99 points etc. etc.

• Anglers not catching any fish will be awarded 10 points.

• The SBS Team Angler of the Year will be awarded to the team with the highest collation of points from the Qualifying events.

• The SBS Kayak Angler of the Year will be awarded to the angler with the highest collation of points from the Qualifying events.

• Team/Angler of the Year ties will be settled by a count back. The team/angler who finishes the qualifying rounds with the highest number of placing in each event will be awarded the prize.

For example: Team A finishes the year with placing of 2nd,5th,34th,8th,46th,14th and 3rd. Team B finishes with 15th,1st,10th,45th,6th,3rdand 5th. Team B would be awarded Team of the Year on count back of placing.