Evans Jr. High School Promise Council Meeting

Evans Jr. High School Promise Council Meeting

Evans Jr. High School Promise Council Meeting

March 6, 2014


Peggy Miles, Chair EJHS Promise Council

Brook Yarbrough, Vice-Chair

Mary Jo Murphy, Secretary

Gina Mandros, Treasurer and United Way

Jourdan Bellgardt, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Kelly Schwamberger, Resource Room Chair

Vincent Turner, EJHS Principal

Jen Stroyan, EJHS 6th Grade

Brook Yarbrough, Vice Chair, and Eastview Christian Church

Kathryn Rabolt, EJHS Gateway to Tech

Taunia Leffler, Promise Council Big Table President

Minutes: Distributed meetings notes from February; all approved. No corrections or additions

Treasurer’s Report:Gina Mandros reported our current cash balance is $1,490 which includes Holiday donations and expenses paid out.

Old Business

Kelly reported on the February Food, Hygiene, Household cleaner baskets: 5 families picked up; others picked up during the week. Reminder call may have been made too soon, and there was no school day of pick-up which may have been cause for low number of pick-ups. Next month we suggest having office secretaries call the day before. High School students were a “no show” – again this could be because there was no school on February 18. All 5 that picked up were within the first 15 minutes of 3:30-5:30 timeframe. Kelly suggested considering a shorter time for pick-up since all families arrived by 4 p.m. It was also suggested that all food items get used up / distributed by end of school year.

Kelly reported on our family needs list, 11 families requested food. We need to provide for the March pick up, and are lacking in breakfast items. A motion was made by Taunia Leffler and Seconded by Peggy Miles to provide $75 from Treasury for Kelly to purchase items needed. Additional household and hygiene items will be needed; Kelly will get a list to Taunia to send out Sign-up Genius.

Gina - Food Bank List: an update is available. It was suggested that a list be placed near the Promise Council Cards (near entrance of EJHS), and also place Food Bank List in the food baskets.

New Business

1. Committee Reports:

Mentoring – Jourdan Bellgardt, BBBS:

  • 1 female volunteer waiting for match; Jen Stroyan has a student to refer
  • 2 male volunteers pending; 1 may be assigned to another school
  • Match last month – good introduction date; student will be in high school next year and has expressed an interest in continuing school based connection.

Communication Plan / Website: Kelly will handle future updates. As Minutes are completed, we can send to Kelly to load on website. Photos can be added.

Resource Room: Kathryn reported for Jenn Giermann on clothing – several requests from families for summer clothing. Need some assistance getting clothing organized; currently on shelves – need to get specific bins with labels of contents and sizing. Jen Stroyan suggested having girls in Tutorial sort. Gina suggested soliciting help from YMCA Volunteers group-RSVP. On February 12, high school students, and several members of the EJHS Promise Council organized the clothing room by gender / type / size.

Kelly agreed to purchase bins. A Motion to budget $100 for Kelly to purchase bins was made by Taunia Leffler and Seconded by Peggy Miles.

Food: Next pick up is Tuesday, March 18. Plan for 5 high school student volunteers to arrive after they get out of school to assemble boxes for pick-up. Pick-up time is 3:30.

2. Translator need

Jen’s Team needs a translator for 6th Grade Orientation parent meeting coming up April 24th 6 p.m. BBBS, Promise Council and United Way have contacts. Kelly suggested having 3-4 translators on a list we could call on for assistance as needed.

Jen reported last year 20-25 parents needed translators. Taunia suggested considering a separate room for a presentation in Spanish.

3. Lock-in EJHS Girls

Jen reported on the 1st EJHS Girls Lock-in held in February; kids were after school until 10 p.m. on a Friday. There was a $3.00 charge for dinner. Would like to request assistance from PC and/or PTO next year. What several students liked: “made new friends, both kids and teachers.”

Next PC Meeting: 4:00 Thursday, April 3 – Evans JHS, Conference Room 1199


Submitted by: Mary Jo Murphy

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