Essays on Faith and Confirmation

Essays on Faith and Confirmation

Holy Trinity Sunday

May 22

On May 22nd, we will celebrate Holy Trinity Sunday with a number of special events planned. At our 8:15 and 9:30 worship services the band will lead us in worship on that day. Also, our Family Worship service will celebrate the nurture of the faith of our children and families as we come to the close of another formal educational year. As I said in another piece in this newsletter, my gratitude and the gratitude of all is shared with our nurture volunteers. We began this year in the fall of 2015 with the purchase of Bibles (through the Memorial Fund) for all the young people of our parish. This past year we have seen an emphasis on exploring the Bible as we live Jesus into the world. We are grateful for the support of many and especially the parents and guardians of our children as we look to grow into our faith in witness and service to others.

On May 22nd then we will party with food and coffee and drinks and with the planting of our sunflower and zinnia seeds, symbolic of our growth in God’s love and grace. Join us on that day as we celebrate in whose name we are baptized and called into partnership in the Gospel.

Also, on May 22nd, Richard Theg, the President of the Congregation, will share a short talk at each service updating the congregation on our shared ministry to the church and the greater community.


You are invited to join these six young people, Lynsey DaSilva, Turner Evich, Michael Maurice, Hunter Nadeau, Victoria Perry, and Dylan Proulx, as they present their Essays on Faith and Affirm their Baptism and are confirmed into the Church in these two separate services.



MAY 11

7:00 PM



11:00 AM

A Family Worship Event


Sunday, May 8

10:00 AM

Sunday School

It is in the month of May when we wrap up our Sunday School program for the year. Before I lay out the remaining weeks allow me to express my gratitude to all who have helped in the nurture of our children’s faith. Teachers, parents, musicians have been valuable in the need for all of us to grow in knowledge and love of God and God’s creation. The joy of this education hour and the varied ways we attempt to share faith means we all grow in our wisdom and understanding of God in Christ. So, thank you! And yes, especially thank those children among us who bring joy to our lives!


We share our love, blessings, and joy to all who have or will graduate this year from High school, college, and other institutions of learning. May God bless the next step in your journey of life and in the nurture of your faith.

Holy Baptism

On April 24, we welcomed into the family of God, through the water and Word of Holy Baptism, Ryker David Blood, son of Jeff and Lisa Blood. Sponsors are Shaun Mello and Joselynn Cozzens.


The month of May will bring sunshine and flowers, with lots of outside time for the children. Everyone enjoys whiffle ball and soccer. We encourage all the children to play, even the one’s just learning the games. Poor sportsmanship is not tolerated and, if it occurs, that child will have to sit out of the game or find some other activity.

Last month we had school vacation with eleven children attending. What fun we had. We traveled to Woods Hole in Falmouth and visited the OceanographicScienceExhibitCenter. We explored and learned new things. We had lunch at the Nobska Light house and explored the area. We then traveled to the NationalMarineLifeCenter in Bourne. We were given a tour and talked about their hospital care to the ocean animals. We saw turtles up close and watched as their tank was being cleaned which led us to adopt Frank Sealnartra the seal. We will be providing him with; food, medicines, vitamins and care. We have a picture of him and a surrogate stuffed animal toy seal for the children to have a hands on approach to the care of our adopted seal. . Before we left Bourne, we watched a Coast Guard boat and a large Tug boat go by us on the canal. The children were all waving at them and were surprised by the boats greeting us with their horns. Another day we went to MylesStandishStateForest in Carver. We hiked 3.2 miles around the reservoir, seeing plenty of wild life; fish, turtles, ducks and a swan. We ate lunch on the picnic tables, and then the children role played some activities before returning to the church. We ended the week with all of us going to the movies and saw the Jungle Book.

Our plans for the month of May are still being fine tuned with activities. I know we will make Mothers Day gifts for the child’s special someone in their life. I want to continue with a Art scrapbook, looking at work of famous artists while also giving the children a chance to create their own paintings. We will continue to virtual travel to our last country for the school year.

This coming school year we will look for someone interested in a part-time job at TLCPLC. The job would be monitoring the children at the schools and on the van. At the program we would want someone to be able to work with the children on various activities and follow our weekly schedule. The hours are 2:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, except the early release days and school vacation time. The employment opportunity requires that you are at least 18 years old with some childcare experience.. All that are interested please call 508 -994-3826 or submit a resume to us. If you know of anyone in the greater community who may have an interest in this position, please share this information also.

Gail and I thank you for your support of the program and keeping us in your prayers. This gives us the strength to care and guide the children and give them the love that they need.

With Love and Blessings,

Ruth E. Medeiros, Director.

Prayers of Comfort and Hope

Our prayers of comfort and hope in the resurrection of our Lord are shared with the family of Lois Tonnessen. Lois died on April 21 with her funeral service held on April 25. May God bring peace and healing love to all who mourn her death.

Sharing the Harvest

A number of years ago, the Dartmouth YMCA began a food ministry to the greater community with the planting of fields of seeds and plants of fresh vegetables for distribution to area food pantries and kitchens that serve those in need. Dependent upon volunteer groups, personally I have always wanted to become more involved with this ministry and last year made the first step. This year though I hope to become more involved and I invite you to join me. Throughout the ensuing months, I plan on scheduling a weekly time in the morning when I will spend a couple of hours working the farm. Watch for more information in the TLC weekly or on Facebook and let me know if you are interested.

Peace and Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Paul

a Prayer of Blessing for Mothers

Gracious God, in love you have given us the gift of mothers. Grant to each of them your power and grace. Strengthen them in their mothering with tenderness and understanding, with compassion and joy. Endow them with wisdom and knowledge so that they might teach their children how to live and how to love; how to seek and pursue that which is right and true; how to turn away from all that is hurtful and wrong. Deepen their own faith so that they might instill in their children a love for you that will sustain and keep them their whole life long. We ask this in Jesus' name.


Mothers and Daughters Banquet

Please note if you are a mother or a daughter you may attend which means all women are invited!

Saturday, May 7

6:00 PM

Cost: $12 Adults, $6 (ages 5-12), under 5 free

(Last day of ticket sales is May 2)

Mark your calendar now for what is always an entertaining and scrumptious event! The menu is still a work in progress but the chefs will hope to please your palates once again!



At 9:30 a.m. on Monday, May 30th, a procession will commence at the Seamen’s Bethel, 15 Johnny Cake Hill, in the heart of the New BedfordWhalingNationalHistoricalPark and proceed down Union Street and onto Fishermen’s Wharf. The procession will be lead by an antique pump organ carried in a wheelbarrow from the Bethel followed by members of the Port Society, its Ladies’ Branch, family members and the public. At 10:00 am the Fishermen’s Memorial Service will be held as we remember all those who have been lost at sea.


(Listings may be extended 3-12 months via the parish office)

Jeremy Ewing (1/17)Lois Tonnessen (10/16)

Nate Bouley (8/16)Elizabeth Lemaire (8/16)

Denna Laing (8/16)Tom Ryan (8/16)

Diana Harlfinger (7/16)Bobby Britto (7/16)

Laurie Amaral (7/16)Zachary Hollister (7/16)

Debbie Kackley (7/16)Jeanie Golden (7/16)

Rick Schlak (7/16)Helen Matson (7/16)

Jenna Mae (7/16)George Jennings (7/16)

Kathy Fitzgerald (7/16)Joseph Gaudiello (7/16)

Helen Taylor (7/16)Dan (7/16)

Paul Fitzgerald (7/16)Thelma (6/16)

Magnus Aadland (6/16)Fred Belanger (6/16)

Contact Information

Church Phone508 993-6351

Pastor Paul’s Home508 996-2355

Pastor Paul’s Cell508 264-5624

E-Mail Addresses:




As an example of Christ's constant presence in our midst, I am inviting the children, families, and adults of Trinity Lutheran to take paper cutouts of Jesus with them on vacations, volunteer work and to worship at other churches throughout the summer months. But even those categories are not limit of where you may take “Flat Jesus!” I invite you to be creative and show how Jesus goes with you always from now until September.

"'Flat Jesus' is a reminder that we need Jesus' presence with us everywhere we go.” The idea was inspired by Flat Stanley and by other church communities who have embraced the idea of Flat Jesus. The original Flat Stanley Project, a literacy campaign that began in 1995, saw children cutting out and coloring a paper Flat Stanley, then using a database to mail or email Stan and track where the cutout travels. Guidelines for our “Flat Jesus” project are listed below. As part of Sunday School on May 15, we will work on our Flat Jesus project.

For our purposes at Trinity I am inviting you to:

  1. Color and cut out your “Flat Jesus”
  2. Laminate it if possible.
  3. Take “Flat Jesus” with you these summer months wherever you go.
  4. Vacations, volunteer work, camps, worship, and any other places and experiences you have this summer.
  5. Take photos of you/others with “Flat Jesus.”
  6. Then share with the congregation on Trinity Lutheran’s Facebook page. (We will attempt to create a “Flat Jesus” page specifically for this purpose.)
  7. When you share the photo tell us something about where/when it was taken.
  8. If you are not able to share electronically, share through the mail or personally by mailing/bringing your photos to the church. We will create a bulletin board for “Flat Jesus.”
  9. And, by all means, remember Jesus is with you always!

The Flat Jesus will be available at the church beginning on May 15!

Dear Friends in Christ,

(some words first shared in May 2012 and, I believe, still appropriate)

On Monday, May 30, our nation will once again celebrate Memorial Day. The beginning of Memorial Day (originally known as “Decoration Day) is rooted in the 1860’s at the conclusion of the Civil War. Though there are differing opinions of its actual beginning, most scholars agree the ‘day’ grew out of the need to honor those who had given their lives through their military service. The remarkable aspect of its beginnings is that Memorial Day was celebrated by both Union and Confederate states and was seen as an opportunity to come together to honor the whole of those who fought and died. In some respects you may say it brought together brothers and families who had suffered on all sides of the conflict. And perhaps, it became a source of healing and hope for many who still struggled with their partisan beliefs and for many who still hurt from the pain of division the war had caused.

Poems, songs, historical writings, and fictional accounts fill volumes concerning those years in our country’s history. It was indeed a cross and a crossroad in the shaping and forming of this land and our beliefs and ideals. The conflict and the struggle to move beyond that which divided us perhaps still remains a struggle. It is not only issues of race which divide though those issues are still prominent. Issues of rights for all people, regardless of their differences, and issues of welfare for the least among us remain points of division in our land. And, it saddens me. It saddens me when any of us are unable to see the goodness of God’s creation in the other person. It saddens me when we fail to honor and respect and love all the living among us even as we remember those who have died. It saddens me when our first impulse is to take sides and become partisan in our values and systems of belief and not listen to the other. On Monday, May 30, we will once again celebrate Memorial Day and many of us will pause to remember those of our military, those lost at sea, and those who are family and friends. We will remember and our remembering will be a good thing. Yet, I also will take time to remember all those who live among us and who struggle with their acceptance by portions of our society. I will remember all those who have fought and who continue to fight in wars and conflicts which bring more violence to our world. And I will pray for peace and pray that they and all people will be safe from the harm which hatred, distrust, prejudice, and dishonor cause within the world.

Whether church or nation the words of Abraham Lincoln speak to us:

It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Peace & Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Paul