ESL Conversation Lesson on Feet


STUDENT A’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student B)

1) / What do you know about feet?
2) / What English words do you know that describe the feet of animals or birds?
3) / What does it mean to ‘get your feet wet’ and when was the last time you got your feet wet?
4) / If you ‘have both feet on the ground,’ are you practical and sensible or the opposite. Do you have both feet on the ground?
5) / Do you think it’s OK to have cheesy (smelly) feet? Do you have cheesy feet?
6) / Do you ever get tired through being on your feet all day?
7) / Do you wish you had bigger or smaller feet?
8) / Are your feet ticklish?
9) / Have you ever injured your feet?
10) / What is reflexology? Do you think it works?

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STUDENT B’s QUESTIONS (Do not show these to student A)

1) / Do you like your feet?
2) / Do you think feet are attractive?
3) / What’s the difference between ‘to have one’s foot in the door’ and ‘to have one foot in the grave’?
4) / Do you ever ‘walk your feet off’ going shopping or sightseeing?
5) / Can you easily get out of tricky situations by thinking on your feet?
6) / In romance, have you ever been swept off your feet or have you ever swept someone off her feet?
7) / Do you like walking in bare feet?
8) / Have you ever got cold feet and then regretted it later?
9) / Do you like foot massages?
10) / Do you ever do something feet first?
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