Engage Renfrewshire Is Committed to Promote, Develop, Grow and Support Local Third Sector

Engage Renfrewshire Is Committed to Promote, Develop, Grow and Support Local Third Sector

Engage Renfrewshire is committed to promote, develop, grow and support local Third Sector Social Enterprise activity. Part of this ongoing commitment is to provide information for local Social Enterprise organisations to enable them to access contracts, business and networking opportunities.

Engage Renfrewshire is currently supporting and working with The Common Grind on a variety of service delivery elements, including other partnerships with public, private and third sector organisations. These include:

  • Mile end Mill / Sir James Clark business centre from Private Sector providing, Pop up café and training space
  • Criminal Justice Team linking in with the Barista employability initiative
  • Freedom Bakery

The Common Grind is a social enterprise, using 100% of their profits to improve people’s lives and minimise their environmental impacts. All of their products are locally, ethically and sustainably sourced! very impressive and honourable for such a young couple and fledgling enterprise. The Common Grind also donate 20% of their profits to FareShare, an organisation partnered with MoveOn that sends food waste to food banks and charities who transform it into healthy meals for rough sleepers and other vulnerable people.

As they continue to grow and expand, their goal is to provide catering industry training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged people in Renfrewshire and west central Scotland. An integral part of this process is the 20 hour barista training programme which teaches the young people to operate, clean and calibrate the coffee machine prior to every serving in order to maximise the balance of flavour and sweetness of the coffee.

This alongside a customer service module and practical work experience at their pop up café located at the Sir James Clark building in Paisley, ensures that the young people have a valuable skills package that will enhance their employment opportunities, leading to the potential for each young person to achieve a SQA accredited Barista training certificate.

The Common Grind experience is all about them being a; Pop – up speciality coffee caterer for weddings, corporate events, festivals, street markets & special occasions (Including supplying personalised cups).

The package also includes speciality teas & hot chocolate a variety of cold drinks not forgetting sweet treats and pastries provided by the freedom bakery.

The Common Grind is a true Social Enterprise with an environmental and equalities outlook embedded into its ethos.

Iain Cunningham, Third Sector Development Officer at Engage said: “The Common Grind is a perfect example of how a simple idea can create and have such a positive impact on social, environmental and economic issues locally & nationally, they are a credit to themselves and an inspiration to others”

Heather and Marcel co-founders of the common Grind said: “Thanks to Engage for their continued support and opportunities to promote the Common Grind to Renfrewshire’s Third Sector Network – and Community Planning Partners as this will enhance our scope of provision and service delivery to the wider communities and strengthen our sustainability”