Employment Law Summer 2011

Employment Law Summer 2011


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Employment Law – Summer 2011

LAW 4053

Instruction by:Jeffrey Pittman, Attorney-at-Law

Juris Doctor & MBA -- University of Iowa

Office:Room 302, College of Business Building, ASU Jonesboro

Telephone:Department of Economics and Finance– (870) 972-2280

My desk - 972-2663; cell phone - 926-7081

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Course Materials

Bennett-Alexander, Employment Law for Business, McGraw-Hill (Custom Version),ISBN 9781121062443 (2010).

Course Objectives

Our major course objective is to analyze legal regulation of the employment relationship. Although we will focus on illegal discrimination in employment, we also will cover other important employment law topics. You also will have the opportunity to sharpen your research and writing skills through essay examinations and writing assignments.

Specific learning objectives are listed by chapter in the course textbook. These objectives highlight the critical body of knowledge you should master for each chapter and for the examinations. The general rule used in universities is that two or three hours of study are needed for each hour of class time. For this course, as we meet 10 hours a week, at least20 hours a week of course preparation will be needed.

I am available for questions through telephone calls to the above-listed numbers, or through email messages.


A. Topic coverage and tests

I draw examination questions from items posted to my website andthe following text coverage. I post class information on my website, as well as chapter handouts, PowerPoint slides and other materials.

Period 1:

Chapter 1 –The Regulation of Employment

Chapter 2 –Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Chapter 4 (5)–Race and Color Discrimination

Test #1 – Thursday, July 14

Period 2:

Chapter 4 (5)–Race and Color Discrimination (cont.)

Chapter 11 (13)–The Employee’s Right to Privacy and Management of Personal Information

Chapter 7 –Gender Discrimination

Test #2 – Tuesday, July 26

Period 3:

Chapter 7 – Gender Discrimination (cont.)

Chapter 8 – Sexual Harassment

Chapter 3 – Legal Construction of the Employment Environment (time permitting)

Final Examination – Wednesday, August 3

B. WritingClass Participation

You will be responsible for leading class discussion on selected points, and for being prepared to participate. In addition, short papers will be assigned. Details for this area will come later in class.

Grading and Course Policies

The examinations will be essay format. Your essay answers will be graded chiefly on content. I will grade anywriting assignments on both content and writing effectiveness.

Activity / Points
Test #1 / 150
Test #2 / 150
Final Exam / 150
WritingClass Participation (total points) / 150
Total / 600
Grading Scale / Grade
90-100% (90% = 540 pts.) / A
80-89% (80% = 480 pts.) / B
70-79% (70% = 420 pts.) / C
60-69% (60% = 360 pts.) / D
Below 60% / F


All terms in this course outline are subject to change.

Employment Law - Jeffrey Pittman, Instructor