Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications) Technician

Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications) Technician

Electrical Engineering Technician 1

Specialty: Commissioning and Testing

JP #: 7470

Location: 95% travel- Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana

Additional Position Information:

Position Overview:

This full-time contract position is located in the Power Test and Energization (TETC) group within the Commissioning and Testing Services (TET) organization at Bonneville Power Administration (). The Commissioning and Testing Technician will provide engineering, design, and field support for commissioning and testing, contract management and inspection, and specialty services for new and upgraded electrical facilities on the transmission network in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. This position will also provide technical support to project managers in all phases of projects from planning and estimating through project closeout and post energization reviews. The position is located at the Ross Complex in Vancouver, WA, but may involve up to 95% travel to various field locations across the service area.

Position Responsibilities include:

  • Under the guidance of a senior commissioning engineer or technician, test substation equipment, primarily power circuit breakers, transformers, and static capacitors. This testing involves verification of CT/PT ratio, CT polarity, transformer impedance, power factor for transformers, timing of power circuit breakers, and insulation voltage withstand tests.
  • Perform operational checks on all new or revised substation outdoor equipment to maintain proper operation of the equipment and associated control, protective devices, indicating devices, interlocks, limiting devices, etc.
  • Perform post energization in-service tests on relaying, metering, and indicating devices of new and revised facilities to verify proper functioning of all interrelated circuits and equipment.
  • Perform corrections to maintain proper equipment functionality.
  • Revise or correct all drawings to reflect the as-built condition of the equipment wiring and physical layout.
  • Assist in development of requirements for technical specifications for procurement of power system equipment, and provide technical support in the administration of material contracts and turnkey system contracts.
  • Provide technical support to construction, operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Assist in the design, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems.
  • Assist in the construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation, or testing activities to verify compliance with specifications, codes, and customer requirements.
  • Provide assistance to engineering personnel regarding inspection of completed installations and observe operations to maintain conformance to design and equipment specifications and compliance with operational and safety standards.
  • Assist in the troubleshooting of equipment and provide technical support to craft/customer personnel.

Position Requirements:


  • Associate’s Degree in engineering technology, mathematics, computer science, engineering technician, or a closely-related field is required.
  • This is a Level 1 position: ½ to 4+ years of directly-related practical work experience in a technical/engineering environment is required.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel and Word) required (MS Office 2010 proficiency required).

General Requirements:

  • Attention to detail and analytical thinking abilities are required.
  • Knowledge of engineering concepts, principals, and practices applicable to components and facilities found on a regional transmission system is highly desired.
  • Ability to participate and perform effectively in a project team environment and effectively manage multiple work assignments and changing priorities.

Additional Requirements:

  • The selected candidate will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as a condition of the contract assignment.
  • This position may be eligible for situational offsite work, subject to the completion of a Supplemental Labor Offsite Work Memorandum of Understanding.
  • RSA token shall only be utilized when conducting work directly related to the API. Any other work is unauthorized. Contract worker is responsible for the safe-keeping of the issued RSA Token at all times. If the RSA Token is lost or compromised, immediately contact the COTR. All information associated with the work performed offsite must be maintained in the network environment. No information shall be allowed to be transmitted, stored, and created, etc., on the contract worker’s personal devices. Contract personnel must follow all and government-wide security, asset management, and cyber security policies and procedures.
  • Up to 95% travel to various field locations is throughout the service area is expected. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required for all field travel (see below).
  • Up to 10% overtime is anticipated.
  • This position involves frequent walking, bending, stooping and overhead work.
  • This position requires access to NERC CIP controlled facilities. Candidate must complete required training and comply with established NERC CIP policy when entering and exiting these sites.
  • This position requires work in and around energized facilities; worker must acquire (within six months of initial assignment) and retain the appropriate level Energized Facility Permit (see Page 4) as a condition of this contract assignment.
  • Complete oral interview required by Operations to hold Work Permit (given by TET management).
  • Successful completion of Restricted Electrical Worker Permit Exam and Substation Electrical Hazard Awareness Tour.
  • Must pass substation entry exam and receive a Restricted Electrical Worker permit.
  • Pass all requirements needed to possess a substation key and have unescorted access to control houses and radio stations is a condition of this contract assignment.
  • Valid State Driver’s License is required.
  • First Aid/AED/CPR Certification required within 30 days of assignment start. The worker/employer is responsible for maintaining current certification.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is required:
  • White Hard Hat
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Dust Mask
  • Hand protection (work gloves)
  • ASTM F2413-11, Class 75EH rated footwear with over the ankle lace up and rigid sole and heel.
  • Electrical and Arc Flash protective clothing and PPE as required by OSHA and consistent with Safety and Health Policy for work on or near an energized facility (estimated everyday usage 4-5 days per week).
  • Other appropriate/required PPE, as required by State or Federal OSHA for the work to be performed.
  • Performance Expectations:
  • Act as a team player; consistently model outstanding customer service skills, with demonstrated willingness to go the extra mile.
  • Transmit information effectively, with ability to present and describe issues clearly and concisely.
  • Be self-directed, punctual and have an excellent attendance record.
  • This program demands a professional staff which travels a good deal of the time; this position will be expected to work effectively with minimal interaction and direction.

Required -Provided Training:

  • APM Safe Workplace Training (32 hrs)
  • Arc Flash PPE Training (8 hrs)

Restricted Electrical Worker Permit

This Permit allows unescorted access into, out of and movement within energized facilities to perform selective craft or technical functions involving work that could have an impact on the power system by persons who have received appropriate instructions, training and have demonstrated a level of understanding necessary to safely move about within energized facilities.

Examples: Craft apprentices, craft trainees, line equipment operators, and electrical/electronic engineers.

Minimum requirements

For employees and supplemental labor contractors:

OKnowledge and understanding of the Accident Prevention Manual.

oCompletion of the APM Safe Workplace Training for all first time applicants.

Need to perform restricted electrical duties in or around energized facilities which could impact the power system.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Conduct Handbook.

Job title that is included in or closely related to an electrical craft or function, or works closely with electrical craft functions.

Knowledge and understanding of hazards inherent and precautions required for working safely on applicable parts of the high-voltage system.

  • Current NERC-CIP training.

Note: Exceptions to job titles must be approved by the Substation Operations Group manager.

Minimum rules governing Restricted Electrical Permit holder conduct while in energized facilities:

Allows unescorted access and movement by persons trained and required to perform specific, selective craft or technical functions involving work that could have an effect on the power system up to the applicable MAD.

Work involving the possibility of inadvertent contact with high-voltage parts or the violation of MAD must be performed under the direct, on-site supervision of an individual holding an Electrical Worker Permit acting as a Safety Watcher.

Shall adhere to all APM or Safety and Health Requirement rules applicable to the work being performed.

  • Shall adhere to substation security policies and procedures as stated in the Rules of Conduct Handbook.

May escort an unpermitted person for access, non-electrical work, or restricted electrical work.

To obtain or renew this Permit:

For employees and Supplemental Labor contractors:

OThe applicant must possess an active badge/proximity card.

oFirst time Permit applicants must complete APM Safe Workplace Training.

oThe applicant must demonstrate an understanding of the Rules of Conduct Handbook and Accident Prevention Manual by passing a Restricted Electrical Worker Exam. The applicant must schedule the Restricted Electrical Worker Permit Exam with a district Chief Substation Operator or designee who will administer the exam.

oApplicants for their first Permit who have passed the exam must also schedule and complete a Substation Tour with a District Chief Operator or designee who will conduct the tour. See section 9.3.

oAfter successfully passing the Restricted Electrical Worker Permit exam, applicants for new Permits, as defined in section 4.2, must complete an Application for Energized Facilities Permit form 6500.11e. The form must be signed by the TOZ- approved responsible work group manager/supervisor and sent to the Substation Operations Group for verification and processing.

The Substation Operations Group, TOZ, will review and verify the submitted information.

If approved, the Restricted Electrical Worker Permit will be issued by adding the applicants name to the Permit Directory.

Electronic access to energized facilities will automatically be granted after successful completion of the Permit process. Those needing access to energized facilities not having electronic access must request an Energized Facilities Key by submitting a completed form 6500.04e to the Substation Operations Group. The Substation Operations Group will issue a numbered Energized Facilities Key to the requestor.

When the Permit holder no longer has a need for access or no longer meets the minimum qualifications for this Permit, the person must return the Energized Facilities Key within 7 days to the Substation Operations Group, TOZ or a District Chief Substation Operator. Failure to return the key is a violation of Energized Facilities Key Policy. See section 7, Key Holder Responsibilities.

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