Tuesday, March 14, 2017 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Core Conference Room SS4-409

Committee Membership:
Co-Chairs: Sabrina Kwist and Alex Porter

Classified Representatives: Abbey Duldulao, Tamara Green

Faculty Representatives: Theodora Adkins, James Noel, Janice Townsend

Manager Representatives: Dave Belman, A’kilah Moore, Carla Rosas

Student Representatives: Israel Castro, Nilton Serva


In attendance: Alex Porter, Abbey Duldulao, Tamara Green, Theodora Adkins, Janice Townsend Dave Belman, Carla Rosas, Israel Castro, Nilton Serva

Item #

/ Time / Topic/Activity / Lead / Information
Action / Minutes
/ 5 / Welcome / Abbey / Alex Porter Introduced and introductions
/ 4 / Public Comment and Announcements / Abbey / Israel shared about the Cesar Chavez March and the Young Professionals Conference (fliers were given out)
Abbey made a request on behalf of anonymous students for the group to begin discussing and advocate for tutors due to unfair wages for LMC tutors since the increase of minimum wage.
/ 1 / Choose a note taker / Abbey / Janice Townsend
/ 5 / Approve Agenda for March 14, 2017
Approve Minutes from November 8, 2016 meeting
Approve Minutes from February 14, 2017 meeting / Abbey / A / Motion made by Israel and Tamara - Unanimously approved
Next meeting – not with us
Motion made by Janice and Tamara – Approved by 4 Abstained 4
/ 5 / Seeking Cultural Competence in hiring
Updated manager hiring worksheet / Janice / I / Purpose to clarify the role of EEOC
Theo asked, “What is the will of Management”? as change has to be at the top
Academic Senate in favor of role of EEO in manager hiring- will discuss in more depth at their next meeting
/ 5 / Email to ask district to formalize campus hiring process options / Sabrina / I / No report
/ 5 / Letter to college president regarding Kimberly Papillion / Tamara / I, D,A / Tamara Green sent out the letter to Bob Kratochvil; letter of introduction for proposal to bring back Kimberly Papillion for possible flex or convocation event where all can participate. No response from Bob yet. Tamara will follow-up with an email soon.
/ 5 / Student representation on the DEEOC / Israel / I, D, A / Nilton Serva will be joining EEOC for the remainder of SP17 and continue on for FALL 2017 and will be District EEOC Rep for Fall 17.
/ Report on Districtwide EEO Advisory Committee Meeting
No Meeting since last EEO meeting / Dave / I / No meeting since last, Dave will bring the idea of Kimberly Papillion
/ 15 / EEO Sub-Committee Report-Outs
  • Updates from sub-committees and prioritization of actions
  • Retaining a Diverse Workforce/ Changing the Culture to Support a Diverse Workforce - Carla R., Dave B. and A’kilah M., Israel C.
  • Hiring a Diverse Workforce - Janice T., Abbey D., Tamara G. and Theo A.
/ All / I, D, A / Group 1 and 3 focused on new employee survey and will bring a work plan for survey to disseminate next meeting. They will see if they can get the district exit interview surveys.
Israel defined the goal of group 1 and 3 as feeling connected from the beginning and increasing engagement of faculty by connecting to LMC resources to be able to support all students
Group 2 working on Role of EEO in manager hiring letter to President Bob
Nilton Serva will join Group 1/3 (Retaining a Diverse Workforce and Changing the Culture to Support a Diverse Workforce.
/ 15 /
  • SGC Approval of EEOC Charges
Classified Senate
Academic Senate / Janice/Abbey / I, D, A / Motion made by Israel and Tamara - Unanimously approved
Next meeting – not with us
Motion made by Janice and Tamara – Approved by 4 Abstained 4
  1. 0020
/ 5 / Clarifying:
Membership on DEEOAC (Need 3)- March 17 meeting
  • Vice President of Business and Administrative Services
  • Dave Belman
  • James Noel – Theodora Adkins Alternate
  • Israel Castro
  • Tamara Green applying with Classified Senate
  • Student Rep
/ Janice / I, D, A / Information sharing, discussion and possible approval – Clarify voting members
1) Alex
2) Vote taken to have Theo replace Dave on DEEOAC for Fall 17 and Tamara will begin attending regularly this month as part of the learning process.
3) James as Rep and Theo as Alternate
Nilton will be on the DEEOAC beginning May and continue for the Fall 17 semester as the student rep for DEEOAC.
/ 30 / Follow-up from DEEOC Meeting with Tamara, Abbey and Ruth
  • EEOC role in manager hires
  • Role of EEOC-what is our vision
/ Janice
Abbey / I, D, A / Academic Senate is reviewing
Dave and Carla discussed a road show with smaller manager like groupings (student services, academic deans, etc) and will bring a plan to the next meeting.
Role of EEOC-What is our vision was a carryover item from previous agendas and has been covered by our charges and goals and objective statements and for now is complete
/ 10 / Follow-up/Next steps from Kimberly Papillion’s training
  • Professional Development
  • Letter
  • Other follow-up?
/ Janice/Tamara / I, D, A / Tamara to write and send a follow-up email to Bob if a response is not received by the committee.
New Business
/ 10 / Next Steps and Future Agenda Items
  • Follow-up Items List for next meeting
  • Spring 2017 Meeting Dates – Feb 14th, Mar 14th, Apr 11th and May 9th
/ Abbey / D / Meeting adjourned 4:30


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