ECS PD Brainstorm

ECS PD Brainstorm

ECS PD Brainstorm

“What Kinds of DATA will you collect (in the beginning) in order to provide supportive and relationship-based ECS services?”


  1. Support/Mentor/Relationships
  2. What do you see as my role as your ECS?
  3. Tell me about your children?
  4. What concerns do you have?
  5. What kind of support at this time would you need from me as an ECS?
  6. What kind of support does the team need from the ECS?
  7. Support levels?
  8. Experience
  9. Has the team worked together before?
  10. What is the familiarity of the PQA?
  11. What is your experience working with children with special needs?
  12. What is your experience working with ELLs?

- Do you speak a 2nd language?

  1. What is your experience working with children/families of different cultures?
  2. What is your experience teaching preschool?

- What type of preschool(s) have they worked in before?

  1. HighScope- Knowledge and Experience
  2. Have you used HighScope?
  3. How do you feel about your level of knowledge vs. practice? (actual)
  4. Professional Learning
  5. Have you had the COR Advantage training (when)?
  6. Have you had any HighScope Training (when, which ones)?
  7. Have you implemented HighScope (for how long)?
  8. What other types of trainings have you had?
  9. COR
  10. How do you feel about COR?
  11. What degree of comfort do you have with using COR for planning?
  12. Data
  13. What have you learned from your screening (ASQ) data?
  14. How will you collect anecdotal notes?
  15. What building concerns do you think will affect your PQA?
  16. Daily Routine
  17. How is the daily routine going so far?
  18. What part of the daily routine are you most comfortable with? . . least comfortable with?
  19. Scheduling/Time Management
  20. Tell me about when you meet as a team – how are these meetings structured?
  21. When do you take and enter COR notes?
  22. House Keeping
  23. Are there any immediate supplies/needs you need to create a successful environment?
  24. What is the best form of communication in between visits? . . . best meeting times?
  25. PQA/Feedback dates?
  26. Future Plans
  27. What are some goals you have for this new school year?
  28. What are your agenda items for your first parent orientation?
  29. How do you find out more about families?
  30. Thoughts/Attitudes
  31. What do you enjoy most about teaching?
  32. Describe your roles in the classroom.
  33. What are you most looking forward to this year?