ECONOMICS: the Total Package Includes COLA, Performance Pay and Insurance

ECONOMICS: the Total Package Includes COLA, Performance Pay and Insurance



ECONOMICS: The Total Package includes COLA, Performance Pay and Insurance


$3,423,750 cost of living (1.5%) increase for all teachers retroactive to July 1, 2015

$3,423,750 salary adjustments for employees with Professional Service (PSC), Continuing (CC,) and Annual (AC) contracts

$ 250,000 additional pay for Differentiated Pay categories/supplements required by statute

$ 44,000the cost of state-required retention fee of digital fingerprinting
$ 559,895 to increase the Board’s contribution to maintain a fully-paid employee benefits package for eligible employees

$7,701,395 Total Including supplement schedule improvements,represents an overall 3.53% package !

STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS FOR INSTRUCTIONAL SALARY IMPROVEMENTS:2014-2015 was the year that Senate Bill 736 required all teachers on Annual Contract (AC) earn salary increases based upon performance ratings. FL statute dictates the ranges and criteria for such increases and requires that the increases be greater for teachers on AC than for those teachers who have Professional Service (PSC) or Continuing Contracts (CC) which provide certain due process rights and employment security. Differentiated pay/supplements for Title One or DDD/F school teachers and for critical shortage areas identified by the District (for 2015-2016: School Psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Teacher - ASD, Teacher -EBD, Teacher – Health Public Service Occupation Education, Teacher – HS Math, Teacher – HS Science, Teacher – MS Math, Teacher – Technology Education) are also required by statute.

Health Benefits:The Board will maintain a fully-funded employee benefits package by contributing $6,385.83(an increase of $130.39) per eligible employee. The alternate “opt-out” will remain at $1,200 for those employees who have health coverage from another provider and who do not choose one of the Board-approved health plans. Any surplus will be applied towards the insurance plan costs for the 2015 plan year. The District will continue the annual health risk assessment incentive of up to $250 per employee.

SUPPLEMENT SCHEDULE IMPROVEMENTS:The creation of additional academic supplements and athletic supplement increasesequates to an additional $357,244 in this year’s settlement.


  • Leaves of Absence (Article VIII) Section A – establishes a sick leave “donation” program which will enable employees without accrued sick leave to request and accept up to 100 days of leave donated from other employees for major medical, accident or illness issues for the employee, his/her spouse and dependent child.
  • Addendum D – Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing Program – this program will expand from 5 to 9 the panel of drugs/medications that can be tested in the event an employee arrives at work in an apparent impaired condition.

Memorandums of Understanding - New or Significantly Revised:

  • Lacoochee ES Turnaround – final year of turnaround plan; continues additional recruitment/retention compensation for teachers moving to this school.

Pasco’s Virtual Instruction Program – maintains student load limits; improves compensation for adjunct and part-time teachers in the program.

  • Processing Pay Increases in Anticipation of Ratification – ensures all employees receive pay increases as soon as possible; provides for the District to collect pay increases issued in anticipation of ratification should the contract not be ratified by the bargaining unit.
  • Student Success Act for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 School Years –outlines a two-year plan for teacher evaluations based on two full-lesson observations for all teachers; adjusts the overall weighting of components in the summative evaluation to minimize the influence of changing student assessments and VAM scores; maintains an additive component for Deliberate Practice; and limits elevated thresholds for Highly Effective to domain 1, while maintaining existing thresholds for Effective in all domains.
  • University of Minnesota Mathematical Reasoning Strategies (MARS) Project – voluntary participation (w/compensation) in curriculum research for seventh grade Math teachers in selected Middle Schools.

Re-signed or Slightly Modified memorandums of understanding

  • Electronic Job Advertisement
  • Electronic Personnel Directory
  • Electronic Printing of Agreement
  • Elementary And Secondary Education Act (NCLB)
  • Florida’s K-12 Comprehensive Research-Based Reading Plan & Professional Development Protocol Standards
  • Instructional Extended School Year – Summer 2015
  • Retention Of Fingerprints
  • School Choice Preference Employee Request
  • School Utilization Of Expanded Homerooms/Skinny Periods
  • Voluntary Pre-K program – Summer 2015