Ducks Class Assembly 10

SCIENCE assembly Script on SENSES

______: Welcome to our assembly.
Our assembly is about our senses. In Science we are learning about sound and hearing. We hope you will enjoy it.
______: This is a teddy. He doesn't have senses. (say in a sad voice) God didn't give him life. He can't see (pointing to eyes). He can't hear (pointing to ears). He can't taste ( pointing to mouth). He can't smell (pointing to nose). He can't touch (holding up hands and wiggle fingers).

______: This is ______. She is living. God gave her life. God gave her five senses (hold up 5 fingers).

______: Touch (hold up hands) We can use our hands to touch all the beautiful animals in the world.

______: I can touch a dog. I am stroking my dog. (Stroke a fluffy dog)

everyone say- ‘AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH’

______: Taste (point to mouth) We use our mouths to taste all the beautiful food and drink.

______: I like tasting…strawberries. everyone say- ‘yum’ yum’
______: I like tasting ..chocolate. everyone say- ‘yum’ yum’

______: I don’t like tasting bananas…….yuk!! ( pull a horrible face)

______: SMELL (point to nose) We use our noses to smell all the beautiful things in God's world.

______: I like to smell flowers. (hold up a picture)

______: I like to smell perfume. (hold up a picture)

______: I don’t like smelling…boiled eggs…….yuk! ( pull a horrible face looking at egg)

______: Seeing (point to eyes) We use our eyes to see all the beautiful things in God's World.

______: I like to look at ……my guinea pigs.. (Hold up painting.)

______: I like to look at …all animals…... (Hold up paintings.)

______: I like to look at …my kitten... (Hold up painting.)

______: Hearing We use our ears to hear all the beautiful sounds in God's World.

______: Please use your ears to listen to us sing a new song that we have learnt in Music called Okki Tokki Unga. ALL SING SONG AND DO ACTIONS.

______: We heard lots of different sounds on our sound walk around school.

______: …On the sound walk I heard the sound of birds. (hold up a picture)

______: …On the sound walk I heard the sound of a people talking. (hold up a picture)

______: …On the sound walk I heard the sound of dogs barking. (hold up a picture)

______: Sounds are all around us. Please close your eyes and listen. Say ‘SSSHHHHHHH’ What sounds can you hear? At this time of year we hear lots of weather sounds.

______, ______, ______, ______& ______; We can make different weather sounds.

______: (Shake rain maker ) I am making a rainy sound. (All children do rain actions)

______: I can make a windy sound. (All children do wind actions)

______ : (hit triangle ) I can make an icy sound. (All children do ice actions)

______& ______: (hit drums and tambourine) We can make a stormy sound. (All children do stormy actions)

______: In Music we have learnt a song about the noises winter weather makes. Please listen to us sing ‘ Moving Into Winter’


______: Please put your hands together for the prayer.


Dear God,
We are blessed with the gift of hearing.
Help us to appreciate this and to use it with special care.
Help us to think about people who cannot hear.
Help us to listen more carefully to our parents, carers and teachers.

______: Thank you for listening to our assembly. We hope you have enjoyed it.