Round 8 Bonuses by Craig Barker with help from Stan Jastrzebski and Eric Berman

1). For 10 points each--name these films about the American military experience in Vietnam.

A. The gold standard of Vietnam films is this 1986 Oliver Stone film, winner of that year's Best Picture Oscar, which starred Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Barber's "Adagio for Strings".

Answer: Platoon

B. You don't immediately think "Disney comedy" when you think of the Vietnam War. But this 1995 film starring Ray Liotta and Denis Leary about replacing an elephant for a Vietnamese village tried to do just that.

Answer: Operation Dumbo Drop

C. This 2002 film is Mel Gibson's most recent lead acting role. Gibson was cast as Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore, an air cavalry soldier who leads his men into the battle of the Ia Drang [ee-ah drang] Valley, one of the first major U.S engagements of the Vietnam War.

Answer: We Were Soldiers

2. VISUAL BONUS: In each photo, name the player taking the shot AND the goalie trying to block it, FFPE. As a hint, each goalie is his team’s regular starter this year.

A. Ray Emery or Chris Drury

B. Martin Brodeur or Darcy Tucker

C. Marty Turco or Ilya Kovalchuk

3). For 10 points each--name these albums from that watershed year in alternative rock, 1991.

A. Produced by Butch Vig, songs from this album include "Breed", "In Bloom", and "Drain You". It features Dave Grohl on drums and Krist Novoselic on bass.

Answer: Nevermind

B. The second album from their five-album deal with Warner Brothers, this R.E.M. work won the first Grammy for "Best Alternative Album" and remains the band's biggest selling album to date.

Answer: Out of Time

C. This Toad the Wet Sprocket album featured the major hits "Walk on the Ocean" and "All I Want" and became the band's first platinum album.

Answer: fear

4). Name these things related to the football career of Doug Flutie.

A. For 10 points--Flutie's Heisman Trophy was already in the bag when he launched his "Hail Mary" pass against Miami, defeating this Hurricane starting quarterback, who finished fourth in Heisman voting that season.

Answer: Bernie Kosar

B. For five points each--Flutie guided which two CFL franchises to Grey Cup championships, one in 1992, and the other team in 1996 and 1997.

Answer: Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts

C. For 10 points--On the final play of his NFL career, Flutie did something in an NFL game that had not been successfully attempted since 1941. What was it?

Answer: converted a drop kick for a extra point

5). For 10 points each--name these things related to video games which use the Unreal Engine 3.

A. This Xbox game, the first to unseat Halo 2 in the Xbox Live top spot, centers on the efforts of Delta Squad as they fight to save the human inhabitants of the planet Sera from The Locust Horde.

Answer: Gears of War

B. This latest installment of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series features the squad being dispatched to what title city to retake it from terrorists holding it hostage.

Answer: Las Vegas

C. Slated for a May 2007 release, Stranglehold is a video game follow-up of this 1992 John Woo film, often considered his masterpiece, featuring Chow Yun Fat as Inspector "Tequila" Yuen.

Answer: Hard Boiled

6). For 10 points each--name these fictional cities from The Simpsons.

A. One of the three towns to which Lyle Lanley sold a monorail, it was seen again in 2007 when Bart drives there and falls in love with an older girl named Darcy.

Answer: North Haverbrook

B. The planned community set up by Hank Scorpio's Globex Corporation, it is said to bear significant similarities with Redwood Shores, California.

Answer: Cypress Creek

C. Located up river from Springfield, it has an annual salute to Hannibal Crossing the Alps. It is the city the Simpsons are moved to by the Witness Relocation Program in "Cape Feare."

Answer: Terror Lake

7). For 10 points each--name these things related to the quintessential Indiana movie, Hoosiers.

(10) Coach Norman Dale, who, during his first season in Hickory, leads the Huskers to the state championship, was played by this actor, a two-time Oscar winner.

Answer: Gene Hackman

(10) This actor played "Shooter" Flatch; the town drunk turned assistant coach, and earned an Academy Award nomination in the process.

Answer: Dennis Hopper

(10) The state final game was filmed in this university's legendary Hinkle Fieldhouse, the same facility that played host to the 1954 State Championship game won by Milan.

Answer: Butler University

8). Given a year, name the song that was #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on St. Patrick's Day from clues.

A. Ten years ago (1997), this song by the Spice Girls was wrapping up a four week run at #1. You can currently hear it in the jogging commercial for Citi Rewards.

Answer: "Wannabe"

B. Fifteen years ago (1992), this acoustic track by Mr. Big was closing out a three week run at #1. It utterly cemented their reputation as a one hit wonder.

Answer: "To Be With You"

C. 20 years ago (1987), this Bruce Hornsby-penned song did a one week stint at #1 for Huey Lewis and the News. It shares its name with a 1990 horror film starring Tim Robbins as a psychologically disturbed Vietnam Vet.

Answer: "Jacob's Ladder"

9). 1936 saw the election of the inaugural class of the Baseball Hall of Fame, including Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth. F10PE, identify these greats who did not make it in on the first ballot.

A. This pitcher received only 6 votes in 1936, but was elected posthumously in 1949. He is best known for his right hand, which was mangled in a farm accident.

A: Mordecai Peter Centennial “Three-Finger” Brown

B. This player-manager received 105 votes in 1936 and was elected 6 years later. He holds the modern records for highest career batting average and highest season average at .424.

A: Rogers Hornsby

C. This first baseman received 21 votes in 1936, though he was still playing, and he was inducted in 1951. He was the youngest player to ever hit 500 homeruns and was primarily known for his play with Connie Mack’s A’s.

A: James Emory “Jimmie” Foxx

10). For 10 points each--name these things related to the career of graphic artist Frank Miller.

A. Miller's first major comic book effort was for Marvel in the early 1980s, when he penned this "man without fear." He can be seen in the 2003 film adaptation as "Man with Pen in his Head", put there by Bullseye.

Answer: Daredevil

B. Starting with 1991's "The Hard Goodbye", this line of Miller comics for Dark Horse was adapted for the screen in 2005 by Robert Rodriguez.

Answer: Sin City

C. Adapted in 2007 as "a shot for shot retelling of the comic", The 300 is a loosely adapted version of the Battle of Thermopylae as told from the perspective of this Spartan king.

Answer: Leonidas I

11). For 10 points each--name these Hanna-Barbera characters from descriptions.

A. This father and son pair of canines was likely based on the Spike and Tyke cartoons by MGM. The father, who sounds like Jimmy Durante, is doing his best to raise his rambunctious son.

Answer: Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy

B. This secret alter ego of the "mild-mannered" police station janitor Penrod Pooch was voiced by Scatman Crothers. He's a #1 Super Guy and was designed to capitalize on the martial arts craze of the 1970s.

Answer: Hong Kong Phooey

C. The sidekick of the incompetent and accident-prone villain Dick Dastardly in Wacky Races, this dog is known for his orange goggles, wheezing, asthmatic laugh, and sotto voce grumbling about his partner.

Answer: Muttley

12). For 10 points each--name these films in which a fictional space shuttle plays a prominent role.

A. This 1968 film featured a commercial shuttle, the Pan Am Orion, which ferries scientist Heywood Floyd from the earth to a giant revolving space station.

Answer: 2001: A Space Odyssey

B. In this 2000 film, a shuttle named Daedalus transported four Project Mercury rejects to repair a failing Soviet satellite loaded with nuclear missiles.

Answer: Space Cowboys

C. Two new style shuttles, Freedom and Independence, are rushed into service to save Earth in this 1998 summer blockbuster.

Answer: Armageddon

13). Indie rockers have increasingly been willing to license songs for use in commercials. For 10 points each--answer the following about artists who've taken that step.

A. This Akron blues-rock duo licensed "Girl Is On My Mind" from 2004's Rubber Factory for a recent round of Victoria’s Secret ads.

Answer: The Black Keys

B. This band on the Elephant 6 label re-wrote the lyrics to "Wraith Pinned to the Mist (And Other Games)" to include Outback Steakhouse in them for a 2006 spot.

Answer: Of Montreal

C. The Candyskins lent their appropriately-named "Feed It (A Place in the Sun)" to ads for this flagship brand of a certain potato chip conglomerate.

Answer: Lay's

14). Basketball players don't die; they're sent to the Hawks. For 10 points each--name these players who languished in obscurity in the ATL.

A. Drafted by the Celtics in 2001, this guard was an emerging star on the Phoenix Suns when he decided to throw it all away to lead the Atlanta Hawks to glory. The Suns got Boris Diaw (DEE-OW) as a part of the sign and trade.

Answer: Joe Johnson

B. Selected third by the T-Wolves in the 1992 NBA Draft, this Dream Teamer played two seasons with the Hawks from 1996-98 before missing an entire year due to injury.

Answer: Christian Laettner

C. Dealt by the Trail Blazers to Atlanta in 2004, this power forward and Philadelphia native played exactly one game as a Hawk before being sent to Detroit in a three-way deal.

Answer: Rasheed Wallace

15). For 10 points each--name these blogs under the Gawker Media umbrella.

A. One of the most popular Gawker sites is this DC gossip and politics blog, founded by Ana Marie Cox and now edited by Alex Pareene and Ken Layne.

Answer: Wonkette

B. Similar to Engadget, this Brian Lam-edited consumer electronics blog has quickly been gaining widespread acclaim for its insider contacts.

Answer: Gizmodo

C. This Will Leitch-edited sports gossip blog is one of Gawker Media's fastest growing sites. In 2006, ESPN issued a memo claiming that it, by name, was an unacceptable source for stories.

Answer: Deadspin

16). He was the centerpiece of what was purportedly Ronald Reagan's favorite television show on the air during his presidency. For the stated, name these things about Alex P. Keaton.

A. For 5 points--Alex P. Keaton was played on Family Ties by this Canadian actor.

Answer: Michael J. Fox

B. For 10 points--During the show's last two seasons, Alex pursued a relationship with feminist psychology major Lauren Miller, played by this actress.

Answer: Courteney Cox (accept Courteney Cox Arquette)

C. For 15 points--prior to his relationship with Lauren, Alex had a relationship with Ellen Reed, who was played by this actress who would become Michael J. Fox's real-life wife.

Answer: Tracy Pollan

17). If you have trouble buying Nic Cage as a leading man in a romantic comedy, well, you're probably not alone. But that didn't stop filmmakers. For 10 points each--given his romantic interest in the film, name the romantic comedy in which Nic Cage starred.

A. Sarah Jessica Parker, 1992

Answer: Honeymoon in Vegas

B. Bridget Fonda (well, I guess also his shrew of a wife Rosie Perez), 1994

Answer: It Could Happen to You

C. Cher, 1987

Answer: Moonstruck

18). Identify these people who make regular appearances on Mythbusters, FTSNOP.

A. FFPE, these are the show’s two hosts, each of them special effects experts.

A: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage

B. This young woman is often referred to as a “Mythtern”. She joined the show after being part of the winning team in a contest to build Archimedes’ death ray. Name her, FTP.

A: Jess Nelson (accept either)

C. For a final 10, what ballistics expert from the San Francisco Police department comes in whenever the team wants to use dangerous projectiles? He’s helped out with myths including whether a bullet can be caught in someone’s teeth.

A: Sergeant Alan Normandy

19). Advertising Age compiled the list of the ten songs most likely to get stuck in your head, which includes several advertising jingles. Name some of the members of the list, for 10 points each.

A. First on the list was the "Baby Back Ribs" jingle for this chain of casual dining restaurants. Fat Bastard would tend to agree with this assessment.

Answer: Chili's

B. #4 on the list was the "Gimme a Break" jingle for this Nestle four-bar chocolate-covered wafer candy bar.

Answer: Kit-Kat

C. #5 on the list was the jazz-tinged theme by Lalo Schifrin for this Bruce Geller-created spy series from the 1960s. U2's Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen updated the theme for a 1996 film adaptation.

Answer: Mission: Impossible

20). It's not the Gaelic word for failure, no matter what his mother says. For 10 points each--name these things about 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy (DON-uh-hee).

A. Donaghy is played by this actor, who won a 2007 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy for his performance.

Answer: Alec Baldwin

B. Donaghy earned his promotion to GE's Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming after he developed this home appliance, which uses heat, convection and microwaves to cook food.

Answer: Trivection oven

C. In his divorce settlement from his wife Bianca, Jack acquired the couple's interest in the Telluride, Colorado location of what fast food franchise.

Answer: Arby's


In each photo, name either the player taking the shot or the goalie trying to block it, FTPE. As a hint, each goalie is his team’s regular starter this year.