Dragons, CREATE, BUILD, CONNECT. It S Deaf Awareness Week

Dragons, CREATE, BUILD, CONNECT. It S Deaf Awareness Week


Good morning, AttractiveDragon Scholars. Please stand for the moment of silence. (silence) Teachers, please verify that students are in dress Code. And now the pledges.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

And now the Texas flag. Honor the Texas Flag. I pledge Allegiance to Thee, Texas, One State under God, One and Indivisible.

Please be seated.

Dragons, CREATE, BUILD, CONNECT. It’s Deaf Awareness Week.

  1. Deaf people can do anything except hear.
  2. Deaf people can sign/talk at great distances without the use of amplification through the use of sign language.


Pink Out Tshirts are in. Students who have already ordered and paid for their tshirt can come by during their lunch. Room 312.

If you are interested in competing in UIL Academics, you should pick up an interest form from your English Teacher or from Mrs. Thomas in room 111.

Effective Tuesday, Oct. 6th- Friday, Oct. 9th , Officer Murray and Mr. Tommy will be in the GO Center during all lunches for those students wishing to pay parking fines. Today a list of parking violators will be posted in the cafeteria by ID number.

Students pick up ID'S at your lunch period.

ALL CLUBS, the next Presidents’ Round Table meeting is NEXTWednesday, October 7th, 8:30 am, Room 126.

ALL CLUBS, your Homecoming dukes and duchesses’ PACKETS, PHOTOS, AND POSTERS ARE DUE BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 5TH, TO ROOM 101. Your club election ballots are due to room 201.

Homecoming Dance Tickets will be on SaleOctober 5th-9thfor $15 during all three Lunches, &October 12th-14th for $20! You MUST have

  1. your ID
  2. the ID or a copy ofthe APPROVED Out-of-School Guest Form for your DATE
  3. No Parking Fines

Forms for out-of-school guests may be picked up in andare due to Room 201 by October 13th. Guests MAY BE in 9th Grade. But they may NOT be older than 20 years. Join us at Gatsby’sHomecoming Dance, October 17th, 8 pm-11 pm, in the Main Commons! Only a LIMITED Number of Tickets will be SOLD!

Braggin’ Dragon

Congratulations National Honor Society Duke and Duchess Gunnar Smith and McKenna Ethington.

Ms. Valenti needs the following items for floral design class.

•Scrapbook paper

•Old homecoming mum items

•Small Tin vegetable cans

•Toilet Paper/Paper towel cardboard rolls

•Silk Flowers

•Christmas decorations-Especially old ornaments


•Paint Brushes

•Construction Paper

•Any old craft items