Dr. Deirdre Moloneydr. Steve Gump

Dr. Deirdre Moloneydr. Steve Gump

Dr. Deirdre MoloneyDr. Steve Gump

Director of FellowshipsAssociate Director of Fellowships

Office of International ProgramsOffice of International Programs

Simpson International Bldg, Level ASimpson International Bldg, Level A

(609) 258-1998(609) 258-1998

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Instructions for Completing This Questionnaire

1.Please send as an e-mail attachment prior to our meeting:

  • Your CV or résumé
  • This completed form

2. Please bring to our first meeting:

  • This completed form
  • An unofficial academic transcript

3. Prior to our meeting:

  • Review the full range opportunities on the fellowships website:
  • Note that some applications require (often unofficial) copies of transcripts from all institutions from which you have received college credit, including non-Princeton study abroad programs. Please make sure that you have several copies.
  • Very carefully review the eligibility requirements and application instructions of any fellowships or scholarships that pique your interest. Our meeting time will be tailored toyour specific interests and goals. Thus, you are responsible for being aware of basic eligibility information and deadlines for the various fellowships before our meeting. Weare, of course, more than happy to address more nuanced questions that are not evident from the fellowships and foundation websites.


Initial Meeting Questionnaire




Date of birth:

Residential college (e.g.,Butler, Whitman):

Graduation date:

Concentration (& any certificates):

Country (or countries) of citizenship:

Current G.P.A.:

FELLOWSHIP PLANNING: The following questions and prompts are designed to encourage you to think carefully about your experiences, interests, and potential fellowship opportunities. Please use this opportunity to research fellowship opportunities and reflect on your interests and goals by completing the form to the best of your ability. It is fine if you do not yet have response to all of these questions.

Fellowship(s) of interest:

Countries of interest:

If relevant, please list graduate institutions or academic programs you’re currently considering:

Briefly describe your research, creative writing, performance, or other independent academic experiences. Please include the title or subject of your JP and/or senior thesis/project:

Are there other circumstances, experiences, or events in your background that are not evident from your résumé/cv that would be relevant to a national fellowship competition?

What characteristics would your friends or mentors say make you distinctive?

How do you intend to make a broader impact on your field or society?

What are your major non-academic interests, passions, and goals?

How did you first learn about this office?

An e-mail
The OIP website
Fellowships information session
Dean or Director of Studies of my college (name):
Faculty member (name):
Other (please describe):

Please list the name, position, and contact information of three faculty mentors or work, research, internship, or volunteer supervisors who would write you strong letters of recommendation. Please briefly explain the context in which you’ve worked together. Note: Many fellowships and scholarships (including the US Rhodes) require more than three letters.