Documents for the WGF Meeting Will Be Made Available on CIRCABC At

Documents for the WGF Meeting Will Be Made Available on CIRCABC At

Directorate C – Quality of Life, Water & Air
ENV.C.1 - Water

Brussels, 15 March 2017
WGF21-meeting agenda-FINAL

21st Meeting of the Working Group on Floods
Wednesday 15 March to Thursday 16 March 2017
Venue: Central University Library “Carol I”
(Biblioteca Central Universitara / BCU),
Boteanu Street, no. 1, sector 1 Bucureşti, ROMÂNIA


Final Agenda

Day 1: Wednesday 15 March, 14:00 – 18:30 & Day 2: Thursday 16 March, 09:00 – 13:30

Back-to-back WG F workshop on "Climate Change" (please see separate programme). Venue of Workshop is the same as for WGF21.

Agenda Items
13:00 / Registration and refreshments or lunch
14:00 / 1 – Welcome and introduction to Day 1
a) Welcome from Romania (Ms. Olimpia Negru, State Secretary)
b) Organisational issues
14:10 / 2 – Approval of the agenda
(Doc: WGF draft Agenda, check before meeting )
14:20 / 3 – Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
(Doc: Draft final minutes of meeting and workshop WGF20, and )
14:30 / 4 – Floods Directive implementation in MSs and trans-boundary River Basins
a) Update on implementation progress (presentation: I. Kavvadas, EC DG ENV)
(Docs: State of play adoption of FRMPs, )
b) Strategy for the danube Region - Environmental Risks Priority Area (PA5) recent and upcoming activities, projects; Information about the Hungarian presidency of the SDR in 2017 (oral report: Karoly Gombas, ÉDUVIZIG, ICPDR Flood Protection Expert Group chairman, EUSDR PA5 coordinator)
c) "Approach and developments in the approximation to the EU FD in Ukraine" (Presentation: Yuriy Nabivaneths, deputy director , Ukrainian Hydro-Meteorological Institute of the State Emergency Service and the Academy of Science of Ukraine)
15:30 / 5 – Information exchange on FRM activities - Presentations by MSs, stakeholders & discussion
a) "A new approach to communicating flood risk in England" (presentation: Wendy Brooks, DEFRA/UK)
b) “Methods used for flood risk management planning in Moldova and their relevance for the Floods Directive” (presentation: David Ramsbottom HRWallingford)
c) Developments in the area of land use (oral report: Fco Javier Sánchez Martínez, Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, ES)
16:15 / Coffee break
16:45 / 6 – Related EU Policies and European Commission Activities
a) Ongoing work on Art. 4.7/new modifications of the WFD (presentation: Raimund Mair, EC DG ENV) & Member State case study (presentation: Mark Adamson, OPW, IE)
b) Ongoing work on WFD's Good Ecological Potential (presentation: Martina Bussettini, Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research)
(docs for a and b: )
c) Update on flood relevant JRC activities (presentation: Lorenzo Alfieri, EC DG JRC)
d) Updates on relevant EU policies and projects (presentation: I. Kavvadas, D Kaljarikova, EC DG ENV; T. Christiansen, EEA)
18:30 / End of Day 1 [NB: The official dinner starts at 19:30 and is 15mins walking distance from meeting venue]
09:00 / 7 - Introduction to Day 2
Info point (under agenda item 6): "Art. 290/291 Lisbon Treaty/delegated & implementing acts" (I. Kavvadas, EC DG ENV; Harald Jendrike, Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Landwirtschaft)
09:10 / 8 – WGF Work Programme 2016-18
a) Status of WGF 2016-18 work programme & prioritisation (introduction: Clemens Neuhold, AT)
(Docs: (a) Mandate Working Group F "Floods": 2016-18 – v.2.1 Draft ; (b) For your comments: Review of the first cycle of the Floods Directive Working Group F workshops, )
b) Subgroup on FD's 2nd cycle reporting: progress to date (introduction: Dagmar Kaljarikova, EC DG ENV)
10:30 / 9 - WG F thematic workshops & information exchange
a) Draft final report on the workshop "1st cycle of Floods Directive implementation", WGF 19 (introduction: Clemens Neuhold, AT; presentation: I. Kavvadas, EC DG ENV)
(Doc: )
b) WGF 20 Workshop on Pluvial Flooding & draft final report (oral report: Katharina Schwarz, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear safety)
(Doc: final draft report for comments )
c) WGF 22 Workshop subject to be decided (discussion, e.g. "risk assessments")
d) Future workshops comments / proposals from members (introduction: Clemens Neuhold)
(Doc: )
11:15 / 10 - Presentation of recent floods in Europe
a) Danube ice-breaking and Tisza ice flow in 2017 (presentation: Balatonyi László , HU National Directorate of Water, Flood Control Department)
11:30 / Coffee break
12:00 / 11 – Research
a) Integration in planning under the FRMP and RBMP: initial insights from 6 EU case studies (presentation & discussion: Kirsty Blackstock, The James Hutton Institute)
b) Update on research activities (presentation: I. Kavvadas, D Kaljarikova, EC DG ENV)
12:50 / 12 – Recent and upcoming flood related projects, conferences, meetings, other events
a) FLOODrisk2016 conference, Lyon special session (oral presentation: Mark Adamson, OPW, IE)
13:00 / 13 – WGF 21 Workshop
Workshop on Climate Change (oral presentation by RO: Daniela Radulescu, Natioanl Institute of Hydrology and Water Management)
(Doc: Questionnaire for the edited version of the report see here )
13:10 / 14 – Any other business
a) Issues to be reported at the next SCG and/or WD's meeting
b) Date of WGF22 meeting (incl. workshop & sub group reporting meeting) –Date / venue: 17/18/19 & 20 October 2017, Tallinn/EE (NB: See also CIS events calendar )
c) Date & venue of WGF23 meeting (incl. workshop): tbc
13:30 / End of Day 2 & Close

Documents for the WGF meeting will be made available on CIRCABC at

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