Laboratory Information System

BBK Department Dictionary



To define all departments used within the Laboratory module and to set up daily specimen numbering wheels.


Department Examples:

Department / Prefix
Blood Bank / BB
Blood Bank Reference / BR
Blood Bank Charge / No Prefix

The Prefix, associated to the department, sets up the daily specimen numbering wheel.

Each department may have a unique prefix, share a prefix with another department or have no prefix. Tests are assigned to a specimen based on prefix, not department.

Management reports can be sorted by either department or prefix.

The Blood Bank Charge Department, which contains no prefix and does not generate a specimen number, is used for Charge type tests and Group type tests where component tests cross prefixes.

Standard specimen number format:


US - MMDD:PrefixNumberPriority

Canada - DDMM:PrefixNumberPriority



In the 6.0 environment, LAB and ITS should not use the same mnemonics for LAB/MIC/BBK Departments and ITS Categories.

If LAB defines MR as the mnemonic for Microbiology Referred and ITS defines MR as the mnemonic for the MRI category a conflict will be created when the entries flow to OM. OM resolves the conflict by appending a queue number to subsequent entries. For example, MR and MR-1 are created in the OM Category dictionary. Since the OM order dictionaries are usually defined to include the category mnemonic at the end of the order string, OM users can be confused by the similar mnemonics.

LAB and ITS Core Teams must communicate with each other and be aware of what mnemonics are being used for the LAB/MIC/BBK departments and ITS categories.

BBK Department Dictionary (continued)

Departments can be used in lieu of Sample Types to facilitate Analyzer Downloading. More information on Sample Types can be found on the Sample Type Captivate.

Dictionary Prompts:

Mnemonic: (Free Text) Standard Definition

Active: (Y/N/E) Standard Definition

Name: (Free Text) Standard Definition

Abbreviation: (Free Text)

Used on Management Reports.

Prefix: (Free Text)

Enter one or two letters to define the specimen numbering wheel. Leave the field blank if the department should not create a specimen number for the ordered test.

Example: 1117:BB00005R (BB represents the prefix.)

To protect the integrity of specimen data, the department prefix can’t be changed once the Expunge feature is disabled and the department has been filed to a test.

MEDITECH recommends not using “I” or “O” as the last character of the prefix definition as these letters are often confused with 1 and 0.