United States History Dual-Credit

HIST 1301 – Fall 2013

Leslye McGrath

281.245.3000 ext 4239

Course Description:US History A/History 1301 is a general survey of United States history emphasizing the political, social and cultural evolution of the country until the turn of the 20th Century. Topics will include the peopling of North America, America’s European legacy, exploration and discovery, colonization, revolution, independence, ideology, westward expansion, slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction, the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era.

Student Objectives:Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to demonstrate:

a survey knowledge of United States history from the peopling of North America through the period of Reconstruction;

an understanding and appreciation of how this formative period helped to shape today’s United States of America;

an ability to organize the information presented in this course into topical and chronological sequences;

awareness of the nature and scope of historical literature dealing with this period;

basic analytical skills by writing college-level reports, papers and essays.

Required Text and Materials: The textbook is available for purchase in the ACC bookstore. For information on the textbook and other course materials, including details about how you can order your book online and have it delivered to you, visit the ACC College Store's Web page.

James L. Roark et al. Understanding The American Promise, Combined (Reprint), (ISBN 978-1-4576-0846-9) Copyright 2011, Published by St Martins, Paperback

Cheating/Plagiarism:Zero tolerance – if you cheat or plagiarize, you will earn an “F” for the course and will be referred to your high school AP and the ACC Associate Dean of Student Services.

Student Evaluation:

There will be 5-6 exams given throughout the semester, consisting of multiple-choice, identification and short essay questions. Material will come from the lectures, the assigned readings from the textbook (Roark) and other assigned readings. Students will only have the time allotted for class to complete the exam.

The Final Exam will be a cumulative multiple-choice exam.

There will be between 5-8 quizzes based exclusively on the textbook readings.

There will be 6-8 required summaries/responses from assigned readings. The first will be completed and turned in during class; the remaining will be submitted via email (further explanation of this will be givenon prior to the first assignment).

Class participation will be comprised of class discussions and minor assignments.

TAKS Requirements

All Dual Credit students will take the AHS US History Benchmark tests in preparation for the Exit Level STAAR test in April. Our timeline will not coincide, so you will be given supplemental independent study materials. Additional tutoring will also be available in the spring prior to the test.

Grading Breakdown: Grade Scale (ACC) Grade Scale (AHS)

Exams50%A = 90 -100%A = 90 – 100%

Quizzes25%B = 80 - 89%B = 80 – 89%

Reading summaries15%C = 70 – 79% C = 75 – 79%

Class participation10%D = 60 – 69%D = 70 – 74%

F = 59% and belowF = 69% and below

Calendar -dates are subject to change, with advance notification given in class

Unit OnePaleo-Indian Civilization to Colonial Era

Roark Chapters 1 & 2Aug. 31, 2013

Roark Chapter 3Sept. 5

Roark Chapter 4Sept. 9

Roark Chapter 5Sept. 12

EXAM OneSept. 13

Unit TwoSeven Years War to Independence

Roark Chapter 6Sept. 19

Roark Chapter 7Sept. 26

EXAM TwoSept. 30

Unit ThreeIndependence to Early 19th Century

Roark Chapters 8 & 9Oct. 4

Roark Chapter 10Oct. 7

Roark Chapter 11Oct. 11

EXAM ThreeOct. 16

Unit FourAntebellum America

Roark Chapter 12Oct. 18

Roark Chapter 13Oct. 22

Roark Chapter 14Oct. 25

EXAM FourOct. 29

Unit FiveCivil War and Reconstruction

Roark Chapter 15Oct. 31

Roark Chapter 16Nov. 5

Roark Chapter 17Nov. 12

EXAM FiveNov. 15

Unit SixGilded Age, Industrialism and the Progressives

Roark Chapter 18Nov. 20

Roark Chapter 19Dec. 4

EXAM SixDec. 13

Review and Final ExamDec. 16-20


Students will be responsible for any material missed due to absences. Make-up quizzes and exams must be completed with 5 class days of the scheduled date. Online summarydeadlines apply regardless of attendance in class that day. Extreme circumstances should be discussed with the instructor.

ACC Withdrawl Deadline

The withdrawal date for the Fall 2013semester is November 15th, please refer to AHS/ACC Counselor, Ms. Henry, for details regarding this procedure.It is recommended that the student talk to the instructor before withdrawing. Current information can be found online in the Withdrawal section of ACC Schedule. Students who file withdrawal requests by the published deadline will receive a grade of W.

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