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Executive with an MBA and wide experience managing business units in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Proven achievements in turning around existing businesses and new business startups. Experienced at managing sales forces for Systems, Services and Products, Operations and Technical Services. Strong leadership skills. Excellent negotiation and communication abilities. Fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Work Experience


Siemens S.A. - Santiago – Chile(Jun 06to date)

Regional Head Chile – SiemensBuilding Technologies

Responsible for P&L. Definedthe Business Unit strategy. Managed Services, Systems and Product Sales Area, Engineering, Operations and Technical Services. Direct reporting line in Chile and dotted line to Switzerland.

  • Made the turnaround in the Service Business from a Profit of -5% to +15%.

Split the Operations area from the Sales area. Reinforced the Sales Force. Created the Installed Base database and assigned it to the Account Managers. In-sourced the technicians.

  • Started up a new Business Line for product sales.

Developed the Sales Force. Developed the Business Plan with market segmentation and defined the segment objective. Named country distributors and Value Added Partners in different locations. As result of these actions,generated US$ 300,000 in18 months.

  • Restructured the Business Unit, with 55 employees.

Different areas were merged. Improvedoperability and internal communications. Implemented a system for the flow of information from sales to after-sales.

  • Selected employees were trained in Management and Project Management, in order to be aligned with the standards defined by headquarters.

Siemens Building Technologies Ltd. – São Paulo – Brazil(Aug‘03- May ‘06)

Division Regional Head – Fire Safety & Security Products

Responsible for P&L. Defined the Business Unit strategy. Managed Offerings and Product. Had direct reporting line in Brazil and dotted line to Switzerland.

  • Made the turnaround of the business after five years of losses,a fact that avoided the closing of the Business Unit.

Defined the product portfolio to be commercialized, focusing first on those with a major know-how,followed by new technology introduction. After analyzing the market, defined those segments where the sales force would focus on. The sales force and the offering staff were trained.

  • Reduced the fixed cost structure, based on a better use of resources. Implemented a strict toll for cost control. Improved the relationship with the factory in the U.S. Made long-term agreements with internal and external suppliers and improved competitiveness. Implemented the “Employee of the Month” award, which raised employee motivation and improved team work. Implemented a system for celebrating goal achievements, something that improved relationships with other company areas.
  • After an interchange of ideas with a colleague fromChina, detected a business opportunity to be developed in South America.

Following that opportunity, a new Business Line was started for product sales,resulting inUS$ 80,000 in the first year. Developed the Sales Force. Developed the Business Plan with market segmentation and defined the segment objective. Appointed Value Added Partners in major cities.

  • Defined the Service Sales Strategy, to increase sales fromUS$ 300,000toUS$ 1,500,000in two years.

Reinforced the sales force. Created the Installed Base database, to focus the sales activities. Defined the services portfolio to be commercialized based on the flexibility required by the market. Using trainers coming from headquarters, trained technicians and the sales forcein service sales techniques.

  • Brand repositioning in the market.

Recovered the divisionimage in an environment with a bad service perception. Reduced warranty expenses.

Cerberus Mac Keon S.A. (a Siemens company) - Buenos Aires - Argentina. (Apr ‘02 – Jul ‘03)


Responsible for P&L. Defined the Business Unit strategy. Managed Services, Systems and Product Sales Area, Engineering, Operations, Technical Services and Purchasing areas. Managed the company during the economic crisis that occurred in Argentina.

  • Successfully negotiated contracts with large companies during the crisis.
  • Built a good team work.
  • Successfully finalized a Fire Protection project in a refinery plant owned by Repsol-YPF.

SIEMENS S.A. - Buenos Aires - Argentina. (Feb ‘96 – Mar ‘02)

Responsible for Sales and Promotion, Telecom Argentina Group

Started in theTrainee Program. Afterward became responsible for customer requirement definitions and solutions to be implemented. Defined Sales and Pricing strategies. Promoted Siemens Solutions.Made Digital switching projects for Public Communications.

  • Led the team responsible for the sale of the second International switch to Telecom.
  • Was a member of the team which made an offer for a customer infour countries.

Industrias Metalúrgicas Pescarmona S.A. (IMPSA) - Argentina. (Sep ‘94 – Feb‘96)

Project Engineer – Crane Division


Postgraduate Degree: MBA - Master in Business Administration

IAE – BusinessSchool, Austral University, Argentina

University Degree: Electrical Engineer with a major in Electronics

National University of Tucuman, Argentina

Further Education

  • S3 – Advanced Management Program– Siemens – Brazil, Germanyand Mexico – IMD-Duke-Babson
  • Global Immersion Program. IAE-UCLA-Wharton-HarvardUniversity – USA
  • Postgraduate course in strategic planning and administration - UBA - Argentina
  • Sales Workshop for Broadband Access Systems - Siemens AG – Munich, Germany


Fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese

Aldo Enrique Mayuli

+56 9 9289 0321