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Nutrition 1101 Midterm sample questionsDr. Ed. Barre

Any indicated question below may or may not be on the actual midterm examination. Questions below do not represent the full range of material to be covered on the midterm. Midterm will cover lectures 1-12 inclusive.

Instructions: Examination is exactly 50 minutes in length.

Answer all questions. The correct answer for the multiple-choice section is the answer that provides the most information and at the same time is the option that is fully correct. There is no choice. In point form only, please legibly write your answer in the space provided below the short answer question. Please legibly print your name and put your student number on page one. Examination is a total of 6 sheets double-sided.

Which dietary principle drives the other five dietary principles?

a) moderation

b) variety

c) adequacy

d) nutrient density

The two main themes of this course are:

a) type 2 diabetes

b) type 1 diabetes

c) obesity epidemic and food security/food insecurity

d) a and b

Hunter gathers most likely faced:

a) Food security

b) Food insecurity

c) obesity

d) b and c

Food label information can help prevent?

a) food allergies

b) food/drug interactions

c) food intolerances

d) all of the above

Eating disorders can refer to:

a) undereating

b) overeating

c) a and b

d) none of the above

In Sydney, Nova Scotia, who is responsible for overseeing food establishment inspections:

a) Cape Breton Regional Municipality

b) Canadian Food Inspection Agency

c) Nova Scotia Department of the Environment

d) Cape Breton County

Which should be a focus in terms of quantities bought for adults so as to reduce food costs while meeting servings required by Canada’s food guide?

a) grain products and vegetables and fruit

b) meat and alternatives

c) milk and alternatives

d) supplements

The Walkerton tragedy is in part due to ______economics:

a) personal

b) government

c) corporate

d) all of the above

Making the cow sacred in India a very long time ago was meant to:

a) reduce obesity

b) increase the milk supply

c) improve food security

d) a and c

Ways of saving money when buying food include:

a) bulk buying

b) using leftovers

c) using left overs that have been properly stored to avoid food borne illness

d) a and c

Which affects the quantity and quality of human nutrition?

a) Politics, history and psychology

b) Economics and psychology

c) Sociology and anthropology

d) All of the above

Short answer question


1) How does food/food establishment inspection relate to the six dietary principles (identify the six dietary principles (6 points) and then indicate how food inspection relates to any four of the six dietary principles (4 points)).