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Find Your Online Voice

Social Media? Yeah, everyone's talking about it. Will Facebook or Twitter be as popular next year? In 5 or 10 years? Maybe not. But why not take advantage of these platforms (and the marketing opportunities they afford) while they’re hot?

This month, Rumblings focuses on social media and how we think you can best use these new communications tools to your business advantage.

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Find Your Online Voice

Building a strong social media strategy for your business can be difficult. It requires time, commitment and a relevant point of view. At Rumbletree, we think a disciplined social media strategy should focus on the following five important points – designed to find your online voice:

1. Community Building. Build brand loyalty with an audience that is looking for you. Develop an online community rich with active members, full of excitement about your product or service. At Rumbletree, we take advantage of Tweepz [ to find people to follow from our area with similar interests.

2. Product Research. Interact with your community to find out what matters most to them. It is critical to listen to and highlight feedback about your product or service that is unsolicited. At Rumbletree, we follow our clients on Twitter and we are fans of our clients on Facebook. This lets us know what is most important to them, on a daily basis.

3. Customer Service. Real-time search can be helpful insight into your audience's wants and needs. Remember that every interaction impacts the way people view your product or service. Twitter Search [ is a great tool to find out what people are saying about your company or industry, right now.

4. Marketing. Share events, contests and promotions. Your audience is listening for a reason. Keep them motivated with unique content that adds value to your interaction. We like to keep our followers and fans involved by tweeting about events our team will be attending or posting interesting quizzes and marketing news on our Facebook wall.

5. Transparency. Build trust through seamless interaction. Your audience is looking for your honest, non-biased opinion, much like what you are looking for from them. We consider ourselves an interesting, creative and sometimes quirky bunch, and we’re not afraid to be ourselves, in person and online.

Rumbletree would like to help you create a winning social media strategy. Contact us today to see how we can help you put your best voice forward.

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