Burbage Primary School PTA AGM Meeting


Wednesday 17th September 2014

8pm White Hart, Burbage

Present – Caroline Renshaw, Rachael Firth, Julie Gordon, Amy Webb, Hazel Wyatt, Emily Johnson, Helen Taylor

Apologies –Amanda Wheeler, Emma Ashbrook, Nicola Coupe

Minutes of last meeting/matters arising – none

Annual Report - HW

Well done to everyone who helped/supported this year. Whilst we have had a successful fundraising year, there still hasn’t been a huge amount of support for the running of events which has made it hard for those few that do help but we have achieved alot this year.

HT - thank you on behalf of the school –Staff and children really appreciate everything that is done for the school. Events are not only good financially but fun for the children.

Treasurer’s Update - RF (see attached report)

Overall a good year with Bags2School being a very easy fundraiser (next collection 9th Oct).

Localgiving.com subscription is due 16th Oct (£72) but has proved to be worth it this year.

Summer Ball - we need to think of alternatives to get more people to come along.

Total funds in both accounts £3791.44. Need to keep £1000 in savings account as a buffer in case of costs for events.


There have been no nominations for any committee positions and HW is stepping down as chair. The following were elected as the committee for 2014-15:

Chair - Julie Gordon

Treasurer - Rachael Firth

Secretary - Caroline Renshaw


HT presented a list of requests from school:

  • Please continue contribution towards coach travel for trips –this will be done on a per head basis as class sizes vary so much. Total contribution will be £900 (so approx. £8 per child).
  • All weather surface for the KS1 outdoor area
  • ‘Growing School’ – develop the garden, have small animals, polytunnel– lovely idea, Emma Ashbrook mentioned that Microsoft allow their employees to help with their communities, could we utilise this offer to help with this somehow?
  • ICT
  • Long term wish – all weather surface around the trim trail as it gets very muddy/slippery in the winter.
  • School Council may have some ideas

Other discussions:

●Certain events won’t be run this year as they’re too difficult for so few to run and don’t make enough money eg.Mother’s Day & Summer Ball (rethink this one or maybe run it every other year?)

●The Barn Dance is coming up (18th Oct), PTA to cater themselves in order to make more profit, need to sell tickets, absolute minimum of 30 otherwise it will be cancelled.

●Boden Sale in the spring (to be organised by Emma Butler) - propose we run a fashion show with children in the afternoon & mums in the evening??

●We need an advertising budget - HW to advertise Barn Dance in the Gazette & Herald, CR to try to get it in the Burbage News but think we missed the deadline.

●Xmas Film Club - CR to check Fridays in December that we could run this - PTA supply hotdogs & ice creams –(only dates available are 28/11 or 12/12)

●Xmas Cards - JG to speak with Cauliflower Cards, school keen to do this asap.

●Blue Bags - next collection 9th Oct, anything left over from the jumble will be put into blue bag collection (need to call them to get them to pick up extras) CR to send reminder

●Liz Lockwood to run second hand uniform stall - thank you to her for all her efforts

●Xmas Fayre - 4th December (in school calendar) – JG & HW to run

●No panto this year, can we consider M&M? CR discuss with NC

Date of Next Regular Meeting–8pm Wednesday 19th November –White Hart, Burbage