Cedar Grove-Belgium High School Mr. Arentsen

Advanced Math Course Syllabus Phone: 920-668-8686 Ext. 515

2015-2016 Email:

Room # 115 – Hours 1, 3, 4, 8


Textbook – Precalculus with Limits, a Graphing Approach

(an online textbook is available if you want to use it)

Folder with a notebook OR a three ring binder (1.5” or 2”) with loose-leaf


Scientific Calculator

- A graphing calculator is highly recommended, but not required.

- Feel free to contact Mr. Arentsen with any questions on which graphing calculator is recommended.


 Your semester grade will be calculated in the following way:

1st Quarter = 42.5%2nd Quarter = 42.5%Final Exam = 15%

 The following CGB HS grading scale will be used to determine your letter grade (minimum percents shown):

A+ 99 B+ 87C+ 77D+ 67F Below 60%

A 93 B 83C 73D 63

A- 90 B- 80C- 70D- 60

 Grades are weighted in the following categories.

 Tests - 50%

  • There will be one chapter test per chapter.
  • Retakes: You may retake 1 test per semester as long as you make corrections on a separate piece of paper, and get your corrections approved by Mr. Arentsen. The scores of the original and retake test will be averaged together and will be your new score (whether its higher or lower than the first test).

Quizzes/Projects – 35%

  • There will usually be two 20-40 point quizzes per chapter.
  • Retakes: You may retake any quiz as long as you make corrections on a separate piece of paper, and get your corrections approved by Mr. Arentsen. You can then take another version of the quiz, and the scores of both quizzes are averaged together. If the average is less than the original score, the first score will be recorded.

 Homework – 15%

  • Most assignments will be book assignments and worth 5 points. They will be graded on both completeness and accuracy. Work must be shown for complex or multistep problems.
  • Video assignments will be done through EdPuzzle. Students must logon to earn points, and earn 5 points based on the percentage of the video they watched, and another 5 points for answering questions with the video correctly (10 points total)
  • Assignments will usually be posted on Google Classroom (classroom.google.com - code is uqmozzx) and on the class website:


Advanced Math and Precalculus are almost synonymous. Precalculus is the topics required to be successful in Calculus, and Advanced Math includes all these topics plus some additional math topics that may be helpful in higher math. Here are the topics we will be covering:

Chapter 1 – Functions and their graphs

Chapter 2 – Polynomial and Rational Functions

Chapter 3 – Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Chapter 4 – Trigonometric Functions and graphs (Degrees and Radians)

Chapter 5 – Analytic Trigonometry (Trigonometric Identities)

Chapter 6 – Law of Sines and Cosines, Vectors and Dot products

Chapter 7 – Linear Systems and Matrices

Chapter 8 – Sequences, Series, and Probability

If time: Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates

Mr. Arentsen’s Educational Philosophy

I believe that everyone can learn, and that brains are like muscles. The more you practice and struggle with difficult problems, the more you learn. Mathematics is like a language, and studies have shown that learning languages (including math) helps develop thinking skills that will be useful and even essential later in life. My goal is to prepare each student to be successful in a new century where many of the jobs that will be available to them aren’t even created yet. Critical thinking skills, digital literacy (computer skills), and being able to work in teams will be what many employers are looking for.

Class Structure

The structure of the classroom with be a mix between a traditional classroom and a flipped classroom. Sometimes I will teach the lesson in class and then allow you time to work on your assignment, and other times students will watch a video and answer questions based on the video outside of class, and then complete homework problems during class time.


As in all courses, daily attendance is key to your success! You are expected to be in class and on time every day unless you are excused. Any work that is due the day of an excused absence will be accepted immediately after the absence for full credit. If you are absent more than 1 day, you will have that many days to make up any of the work you missed. Missed tests and quizzes must be made up within 1 week of your return to school. Do not abuse this policy! If you are absent on the day of the test or quiz, then you need to try to make up that test or quiz as soon as possible! If you know you will be absent on a certain day(s) please let me know ahead of time so I can get you materials.

Tardy policy: You are permitted 2 short tardies for the semester, but on the 3rd and any tardies after that you will need to serve a 10 minute detention with Mr. Arentsen.

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! I cannot stress this point enough. I will work with you on questions you have until you have them answered in a way you understand. I will be available during the following times for extra help:

  • Before school Rm. # 115 7:00 – 7:30
  • After School Rm. # 115 2:50 – 3:30

If none of these times work for you, please come talk to me and we will find a time that works for both of us!

Course Expectations:

I expect that each student will work hard, have a great attitude, and complete this course successfully. To do this I expect the following:

 Each student is expected to be on time and in class each and every day, and display a positive and cooperative attitude.

 Each student will come to class prepared EVERY DAY. This means writing utensils, homework, folder and notebook and especially any questions they may have.

 Students are expected to complete all class work and assignments with justifications. All answers must be justified with work shown.

 Students are expected to RESPECT themselves, each and every one of their classmates, and school property.

 Each student is responsible for letting me know if they require any extra help outside of class time.

 Each student will take responsibility for making up any missed work due to excused absences or field trips.

Students who do not follow the above expectations and also the policies in the student handbook will be subject to the following actions: a warning (talk-to) from me, a detention with me to be served before or after school, and possible referral to the office for repeated or extreme cases.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices:

 Devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones will be allowed at certain times with teacher permission. Occasionally I will allow students to listen to music during work time (One headphone/earbud in, no one else can hear it, not using the phone).

If a student is using their device without teacher permission, the following consequence will be issued:

 1st Violation: I will take the phone and either keep it in my desk or turn it into the high school office. A referral is written, and devices can be picked up after school.

 2nd Violation: I will take the device and turn it into the office. A referral is written and the student will serve a detention with me. The office will call the parent to pick up the device.

 3rd Violation: Follow procedure in student handbook (page 16).

I consider any academic misconduct (cheating, plagiarism) in this course to be a serious offense, and I will pursue the strongest possible academic penalties for such behavior.

Furthermore, I promise to be available for each and every one of my students in and outside of class time to meet their individual needs. When a student feels he/she needs additional help, they should contact me right away so that I can make time to work with them outside of class. Finally, I promise to provide you with a safe, secure environment in which we can all learn, and have a little fun while doing it! Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Mr. Arentsen

Parent/Student Behavioral Contract


Expectations for Mr. Arentsen’s Classroom


  • Bring supplies to class and be ready to learn when the bell rings
  • Take notes and ask questions
  • Complete assignments thoroughly and on time
  • Take responsibility for your choices


  • Use positive comments
  • Respectfully disagree
  • Raise your hand
  • Ask permission before leaving your seat
  • Work silently on other work until all quizzes or test are completed
  • Leave classroom in a clean condition
  • Follow Technology Policy


  • Work together with classmates as a team
  • Help others understand math concepts
  • Be positive and courteous to others in the room

In signing this document I hereby verify that I have read and understand

all the above expectations (including those in the syllabus) and will choose to follow them for the remainder of the school year.

Student Name (Please Print): ______

Student Signature______Date______

Pertinent Info

Please use the following space to indicate any important information that would help me teach you better. ______