All Around the World!!

Lesson 1 – 30 minutes / Introduction / Grade 2/3 - Dance
Music – “All Around the World” by ATC as well as a variety of music with varying tempos. Examples are listed below.
CD Player
Left and Right Signs / Objective:
To introduce the students to movement, body and space awareness.
Intro and Warm up
6 minutes / intro ourselves and our signal – when you hear the whistle, you need to stop and listen
safety while moving – protect your balloon!
why we are here – to do creative movement with you, so you can learn how your body moves and how to move safely
music tag to “Get Happy” – freeze tag, but to get unfrozen, you have to dance with a free person for 8 counts
add in two taggers / practice signal and stop
get students to volunteer safe movements – i.e.: watch where you are going
15- 17 minutes / play “Get Happy” and have students find the beat – what is the beat? –how would you move to this music?
students experiment moving to the music – ½ class watch, ½ perform; switch
what did you notice about the movements?
2) play “To Die For” instrumental – students find the beat – think of how you would move – move – share – what did you notice?
3) play “Flight of the Valkyries” – find beat – move- share – notice
4) play “Juba Dis” –find beat – move – share – notice
5) play “All Around the World” – find beat – move – share – notice / encourage students to really start moving
model moving to demonstrate examples of what moving looks like
look for students moving in interesting ways and moving to the beat
play as many varieties of music as time allows.
3 minutes / What did you enjoy today?
Which music did you like the best?
What do you like to celebrate? Who celebrates? Think about the biggest and best celebration you can imagine for the next time we come!
Lesson 2 – 30 minutes / Movement Story / Grade 2/3 - Dance
Music – “All Around the World” by ATC
CD Player
Movement Story / Objective:
Expose students to the movements necessary for the final sequence in a fun and interactive manner
Intro and Warm-up
4 min. / Discuss safety in the gym (bubbles) and introduce ourselves again
Captain’s Calling game
-Up periscope – lie down with leg in air
-Dig for treasure – mime digging
-Peg leg Pete – hop on one foot
-Row the boat – with partner
-Found treasure – gnome wiggles / Remind students to watch out for bubbles when running in the gym
They will need to listen carefully for the captains call
20 min. / Gather students in circle in center of gym. Have them join hands and take a very large step back, let go of hands and take one more small step.
Teach the movements in order telling the students to pay special attention to them because not only are we going to use them this class but next.
1. Triangle
2. Jumping up, up, down, down – shift left, left, right, right
3. Gnome wiggles and spin
4. Crossing feet – scull and cross bones – and spin
5. Roll the dough and step sideways
6. Mashed Potatoes
Everyone sit down. Explain that we are going to now listen to a story and do the actions as we go. / Refer to dance music analysis sheet
It is very important that we listen very carefully to the story and watch me for the cues to the actions.
Begin the story.
6 min. / Review the movements in circle with the music (ATC) playing
What did they like? Not Like?
Tell them to expect next time


A Movement Story

(Inspired Whatever You Do Don’t Go Near That Canoe! by Julie Lawson)

One foggy morning my brother and I wandered down to the dock where our friend Captain McKee kept his many boats.

We noticed one canoe that we had not seen before.

It seemed to glimmer in the sunlight and just call out to us to take it for a paddle. …And that is what we did.

So we snuck down to the end of the dock

(Triangle - everyone sneak like this. Look to the left, look to the right, stop in the middle. Look to the right, look to the left, stop in the middle – repeat)

The three of us jumped into the canoe and began to paddle into the fog,

We paddled for a long time until finally we struck land where we jumped out of the canoe and looked around to see if there was any danger.

(Jump out of the canoe –jump up, up, down, down - repeat. Now look for danger –shift left, left, right, right –repeat)

What we saw we just couldn’t believe. There was whole bunch of Pirates laughing and celebrating around a big bonfire with the gold around their necks and in their teeth glinting menacingly in the firelight.

(Now be the pirates – gnome wiggles, turn around – repeat)

Then the pirates saw us watching them and they did a scary dance that looked like this:

(Skull and cross bones – cross jumps – cross, uncross, cross, spin, repeat)

We heard them yell, “Well shiver me timbers and scuttle me board! Skuzzle me skullbones and frizzle me beard, what kind of intruders do we have here! … ‘Let’s reel ‘em and keel ‘em’ , the pirates called out, ‘Let’s splinter their giddles and twickle their toes!’”

We were sure they would be eaten! We thought we would be roasted on a spit so we began to creep away.

(Roll the dough/roast on a spit – roll, roll, roll, roll, creep away sideways – creep, creep, creep, creep – repeat back)

“Wait!” boomed the leader Big Bart. “Flare up the fire and flutter the flames! Sharpen those sticks!” Skewer ‘em mateys!

We thought we were goners for sure! Until my brother smelled the air and said “There’s marshmallows roasting ‘round here!”

We soon realized that they did not want to eat us they wanted to invite us to a hot dog roast! We were so relieved that we stared to dance and all the pirates joined in.

(Mashed potato – up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down)

We were so full after our feast that we paddled home through the fog very slowly. We parked at the dock and walked tiredly home where we snuggled into our beds and fell fast asleep.

Lesson 3 – 30 minutes / All Around The World Dance / Gr. 2/3 PE
Music – “All Around the World” by ATC
CD Player
Left and Right Signs / Objective:
Teach the sequence in order as it will be performed and using elements of body and space patterns and simple locomotor and nonlocomotor movements
Intro and Warm-Up
2 minutes / Go over signal - whistle
Germ Bug Tag – play “I wanna be like you” and have 2 students be “it”
Switch taggers after 30 sec. / Taggers tag a person; the tagged person lies on back with feet and arms in air, wiggling like a bug; child comes over and releases bug by bending over the tagged child.
25 minutes / Review moves from last day (3 minutes) not to the music.
Review moves with the music
Place students in lines – point out safety and R & L signs
Teach verse 1: play music and clap counting to 8; get them to listen for the “bells”
Triangle Slides – try to the music
Jump Ups – try to the music
try triangles and jump ups together, then with the music
Chorus: Gnome Wiggles – try to the music
Cross Jumps – try to the music
try together with the music
Try Verse 1 and Chorus together, then with music
Verse 2: Roll The Dough Walk – try to the music
Mashed Potato – try to the music
together to the music; add in 8 count head bob
Try Verse 1, Chorus and Verse 2 to the music – end after the head bobs / Students are in the CIRCLE
Make sure music is loud enough for all to hear
Tell students we are going to learn these moves in a sequence to the music – and maybe even perform it!
Make sure triangle slides are REALLY Leaned into
remember HANDS in jump ups, and LOW shifting
Gnome wiggles: 1&2. . .
Cross Jumps have a “think about it” 2 head bobs before the turn
Roll the dough – practice SIDE STEPPING, then add rolling dough with arms
Mashed potato- get body moving, not just arms
8 count head bob – arms are UP
CALL OUT MOVES and do them with the kids
3 minutes / What did you like about today? Do you think you can remember these moves in order for next time? / Get them to think about the song and the moves until next time.
Lesson 4 – 30 minutes / All Around the World / Grade 2/3 - Dance
Music – “All Around the World” by ATC
CD Player
Left and Right Signs
Scarves / Objective:
To perfect the performance adding in the introduction and conclusion to the dance.
To add in the coloured scarves as an artistic flare
Intro and Warm up
8 min. / Review signal and safety
Captain’s Calling game
Up periscope – lie down with leg in air
Dig for treasure – mime digging
Peg leg Pete – hop on one foot
Row the boat – with partner
Found treasure – gnome wiggles
Review the movement sequence without music – counting out the moves
Review the movement sequence with the music – if progressing well try it without calling out / Stay within your bubbles, ensuring you do not pop another’s bubble.
Check that all are really doing the movements – e.g. really leaning into the triangle, jumping high off the floor for the jumps and moving their hips when doing the gnome wiggles
20 min. / Remember that the theme is celebration!
What kind of celebration could this be? When do you celebrate and is dancing part of that celebration? Why is it important to recognize and celebrate certain people and events? Does everyone in the world celebrate the same things? Why? Why not?
Add in introduction and conclusion to finish off the entire sequence
Starting in circle for introduction – from start until keyboards come in – students create a movement or short series of movements which they will perform as they walk in a circle formation
Students then find their place on their line – 16 counts to do so
This will be done in reverse at end – students will go from their positions on the line back into the circle formation and their movement where they will finish in a freeze pose.
Put the entire sequence together, including introduction and conclusion and practice as many times as time allows.
Add in scarves and have everyone hold them in their right hands / Ensure that all are moving around the circle at the same pace
Look for sequence teaching points as in lesson 3
After the second run through give students scarves. Allow them a moment to get used to them so it will not be a major distraction
2 min. / What did you like about today? Do you think you can remember these moves in order for next time?
Next time will be performance time. Please remember to wear your white shirts and jeans. / encourage them to practice in their spare time
Lesson 5 – 30 minutes / All Around the World / Grade 2/3 - Dance
Music – “All Around the World” by ATC
CD Player
Scarves / Objective:
To perform the final music sequence to an audience
20 -30 minutes / Practice the sequence as many times as time allows before the performance. This will refresh the students minds and body to the dance and give them that added confidence that they can move in front of an audience / Offer encouraging words and a real pep talk that instils confidence in their abilities.
Remind students to just keep going if they get lost in the sequence. It is ok to make mistakes.
3-5 minutes / Perform the movement sequence to an audience / In our case, to the month end assembly
Unpack the whole experience with the students. What did they enjoy the most? If they were to perform a movement sequence again what would the theme be? How were we as teachers?
Let’s celebrate our experience and the success that you all enjoyed by getting up there and doing an amazing job!