Customer Interest Survey for Terrorism Site

Terrorism Site Survey

  1. Would you be interested in additional Stratfor analysis focusing specifically on terrorism?

¨  Yes

¨  No

2.  How do you define “terrorism”?

¨  Terrorism affecting the United States and U.S. interests aboard

¨  Counterterrorism (definition required)

¨  International Terrorism (definition required)

¨  (Additional multiple choice needs to be determined)

¨  Open comment box

  1. How do you define the “war on terror”?

¨  The war against terrorism” targets (al Qaeda and allies)

¨  Most groups on the government’s list of terrorist organizations

¨  All organized crime that employs terror tactics (targeting civilians for commercial rather than political goals)

¨  Other (open comment box)

  1. What regions of the world are you most interested with regard to terrorism?

¨  North America

¨  Central America

¨  South America

¨  Western Europe

¨  Central/Eastern Europe

¨  Russia/Former Soviet Union

¨  Northeast Asia

¨  Southeast Asia

¨  Australia/Oceana

¨  South Asia

¨  Central Asia

¨  Middle East/North Africa

¨  Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. Would you pay for a Web site focused on global terrorism or terrorism impacting the U.S. and U.S. interests abroad? This is phrased as a yes or no question—instead, ask how much they’d be willing to pay:

(Multiple choice $TBD)

  1. What topics in terrorism would you like to see covered? (multiple choice – NEED TO PROVIDE EXAMPLES TO NARROW THE FOCUS)
  2. Are you more interested in “crime” than terrorism? (We need to word this question differently, in a way that defines the terms from Stratfor’s viewpoint a bit better. The feedback will be more useful to the analysts if we’re speaking the same language consistently. Perhaps Rodger can rephrase it in more detail?)

¨  Crime

¨  Terrorism

¨  Both

  1. How often would you refer to the site to read the latest intelligence on terrorism?

¨  Daily

¨  A couple of times a week

¨  Once a week

¨  Open comment box

  1. How do you currently stay abreast of terrorism news, information, or intelligence?

¨  TV News

¨  Newspaper

¨  Magazine

¨  Specific publication

¨  Specific Web site

¨  Which publications? (comment box)

¨  Which Web sites? (comment box)

  1. Would you prefer to receive the latest terrorism intelligence via email newsletter or a Web site?

¨  Terrorism Web site

¨  Terrorism newsletter

¨  I want both

  1. How often do you want this delivered?

¨  Updates throughout the day

¨  Daily

¨  Weekly

¨  Monthly

  1. How frequently will you be visiting the site? (you asked this already)

¨  Several times a day

¨  Once a day

¨  Several times a week

¨  Once a week

¨  Several times a month

  1. Would you like email updates to alert you when there is new content on the site?

¨  Yes

¨  No

  1. Why do you read about terrorism?

¨  Personal interest

¨  Business interest

¨  Both

  1. To what extent do you want to know the reasons behind the terrorist threat? (give them some options to choose from, it’s a hard question to answer from scratch)
  2. Would you like to receive a daily update about terrorist attacks?

¨  Yes

¨  No

  1. Would you like to read about the ideology and methods used by various terrorist groups?

¨  Yes

¨  No

  1. Would you like to receive an index of global terrorist threats (MIGHT NEED TO DEFINE WHAT WE MEAN BY INDEX HERE)?

¨  Yes

¨  No

  1. Would you be interested in the strategy and tactics of terrorists and terrorist organizations? (this might repeat intent of reworded Question #18)

¨  Strategy and tactics of terrorists

¨  Strategy and tactics of terrorist organizations


  1. [Content suggestions for website on terrorism] you would like to see (multiple selections):

¨  A geographical and biographical look at the interconnections of various groups

¨  Tracking ideological ties, training and operations ties, arms and funding ties

¨  Forward-looking intelligence, forecasts, predictions

¨  List of terrorist organizations, their biographies and timelines

¨  Track, categorize and discuss terrorist organizations

¨  Track, categorize and discuss counter-terrorist organizations and operations.

¨  Track the relationship between terrorist organizations and states – hostility, support and tolerance


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