How to Create an Adobe Acrobat File
If the original is in Microsoft Word format. . .
1. Open the original document in Microsoft Word.
2. Make any final changes to the document and save.
3. Under File, select Print.
4. Change the Printer Name to Acrobat PDF Writer.
5. By default, the name of the new pdf file will be the same as the Word file and it will be saved in the same directory. If this is OK, then click on OK. Otherwise, rename the file and/or change the directory where the file is save before clicking on OK.
The Adobe Acrobat file has been created. To view, double click on the file.
To place the file on the Web. . .
1. Save to t:\webpages\
2. Send email to letting us know what you would like to do with the file – where it should go, if it needs to be linked from any Web page. . .
If the document contains specific URLs that need to be “clickable,” there are some additional steps to complete before placing the file on the Web.
1. Open Adobe Acrobat (the program, not the Reader). It is located under
2. Under File, Open, find your Adobe Acrobat file wherever you saved it.
3. Under Tools, select Web Links and then Create.
4. By default, all URLs will be made into Web links. If this is OK, click on OK.
Otherwise, select the pages that require links before clicking on OK.
5. Re-save the page.
In addition to Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat files can be made from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Access reports, WordPerfect or other text documents. The steps are basically the same. For more in-depth instruction, consider taking the CTSS workshop on Adobe