PFA Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2016

Notes taken by Jodie Katofsky

**anyone who did not attend the meeting please review the notes

Presidents Updates:

-Approval minutes from August 8. Shelbee makes a motion to approve; Colby seconds the approval.

-Introductions from all the board members and guests

-Athena and Jasmine to be voted fundraiser position. All in favor; no objections. Vote approved unanimously.

- Krissy Freeman – thank you for supply sorting

-registration Day very successful

-Kinder/journey meet up- great event

-back to school nights successful

-new family welcome- please RSVP

-movie night bring your own Picnic September 9

-movie starts 7:45. Movie is Zootopia.

City of Calabasas Councilmembers Alicia Weintraub and David Shapiro:

-opened the senior center to anyone 50 and over behind the library

-old town construction for a park and ride faculty free parking lot from the city Calabasas road.

- they meet every other Wednesday 7:00 City Hall.

-proud to support the schools 1.4 million dollars to the schools committed to maintain that partnership

-Chaparral and Calabasas high school have later start time to avoid traffic

- stop lights on parkway Calabasas are overseeing the lights you can get the app they are a coordinated effort that is maintained by the city.

- Alicia and David are the Liaisons for the city council send emails please email if you have any questions or concerns.

- in 2 years city will have a 1 million dollar deficit

-one item on the ballet measure F 67 homes and three story hotel approved my council now needs to be approved by measure F.

-October 5 walk to school day

- pumpkin festival October 15-16

-October 22 free flu shot

-agriculture and engineering opening position at the city

Principals Report:

-  thank you to the PFA for all your time

-  love seeing new faces encourage people to come especially new families

-  school side updates - kids doing well positive energy three new teachers all doing great

Treasurer Updates:

-  handed out the treasurer check sheet. Please review. Contact treasurers with questions.

-  updated budget

-  doing well financially

-  check request 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

-  advance requests for petty cash or Clover Go’s

Board Member 2-minute reports:

Executive Vice President:

-Updated calendar passed around the PFA the calendar

-enrichment is moving along

Administrative Vice Presidents:

-Proposal Meeting coming up. Teachers are able to submit items they need September 27 8:15 meeting. Need PFA Board attendance and a quorum vote for proposals.

-AFD 45% turned in their form. Under $143,000 need to get to $400,000

-Forms coming in but slowly

- sports party for each class gets 100%

- homework passes will be handed out soon for those who met AFD deadline.

Volunteer Coordinators:

-Movie night September 6 starts 6:30 boys and girls club bring blankets and dinner movie will start 7:45

-camp keystone is donating the equipment for movie night

-weekly blasts except the first Sunday of the month which has a newsletter, if you want something to be in by the 20th of the prior month. If you want something to be in the weekly need to be summited on Tuesday.


-Party book doing well. Flyer to be sent home with students and in weekly Sunday email blast.

-Mother son date is moved from October to May due to event chair’s availability.


-  Casino night December 3

-  Ralphs sign up 45 total. Had 40 last year total for school year. We have potential to reach much more if we can get more sign-ups.

-  Carnival - big changes such as individual class rooms will be in charge of a booth each. Room parents to coordinate class booths. Planning meeting in progress. More details to come.

Curriculum Enrichment:

-  Working on Red Ribbon Week planning. Busy little chefs coming for journeys and kinder - big focus on kindness and health

-  Birthday book club sold 5x more than in the past years.


-$11,000 sponsorship revenue to date.

-Regular cameras are better for yearbook photos. Send all photos to: for yearbook


-Check your PFA Board Member mailboxes. Last year PFA did not check their mail and things were not claimed in time (directory forms, checks, etc).

Traffic Campus:

-  Parents complaining about traffic light issues.

-  Carline updates, info and rules. Class Carline schedule is now posted.

New Business/Questions:

-  We will bring back the Bay Laurel Holiday Boutique for November 2017. We have 3 chairs or the event who will begin planning.

***Meeting adjourned at 9:48am.