Secondary Education and English - Double Majors

Baccalaureate GERS38-44 credits

Communication / WRTG F111X; WRTG F211X or WRTG F212X or WRTG F213X or WRTG F214X *
COJO F121Xor COJO F131XorCOJO F141X ** / 2 courses designated upper-division writing-intensive (W) and either 1 designated upper-division oral-intensive (O) course or 2 upper-division oral-intensive courses designated O/2
Library and Information Research / LSF101X or successful completion of library skills competency test
Arts / Complete one from the following: ANSF161X/FLPAF161X, ANSF202X, ANSF223X/MUSF223X/NORSF223X, ARTF200X, ARTF261X, ARTF262X, ENGLF217X/FLPAF217X/JRNF217X, FLPAF105X/JRNF105X, FLPAF200X, FLPAF215X, HUMF201X, MUSF103X, MUSF125X, MUSF200X
Humanities / Complete one from the following: ANLF141X, ANLF142X, ANLF251X, ANLF255X, ASLGF101X, ASLGF202X, ENGL/FLF200X, ENGLF270X, ESKF101X, ESKF102X, ESKF111X, ESKF112X, FRENF101X, FRENF102X, GERF101X, GERF102X, JPNF101X, JPNF102X, JRNF101X, JRNF102X, LATF101X, LATF102X, LINGF101X, LINGF216X, PHILF102X, PHILF104X, RELGF221X, RUSSF101X, RUSSF102X, SPANF101X, SPANF102X / Humanities and social sciences (18 cr): Any combination of courses at the F100 level or above with a minimum of 6 credits in humanities and 6 credits in social sciences or up to 12 credits of a non-English language taken at the university level and at least 6 credits of social sciences
Social Sciences / Complete two courses from the following in two different disciplines: ACCTF261X, ANSF242X, ANTHF100X, ANTHF101X, ANTHF111X, ANTHF211X, BAF151X, COMMF180X, ECEF104X, ECONF100X, ECONF201X, ECONF202X, ECONF235X, GEOGF101X, HISTF100X, HISTF102X, HISTF122X, HISTF132X, JUSTF110X, PSF100X, PSF201X, PSYF101X, RDF200X, SWKF103X, SOCF100X, SOCF201X, WGSF201X / See above
Ethics / Complete one from the following: BAF323X, COMMF300X, JUSTF300X, NRMF303X, PHILF322X, PSF300X
Mathematics / Complete one from the following: MATHF113X, MATHF122X, MATHF151X, MATHF152X, MATHF156X, MATHF230X, MATHF251X, MATHF252X, MATHF253X, or STATF200X or any math course having one of these as a prerequisite / One 3-credit course at F100 level or above from math, computer sciences or statistics (excluding DEVM courses)
Natural Sciences / Complete two from the following: ATMF101X, BIOLF100X, BIOLF103X, BIOLF104X, BIOLF115X, BIOLF116X, BIOLF120X, BIOLF213X, BIOLF214X, CHEMF100X, CHEMF103X, CHEMF104X, CHEMF105X, CHEMF106X, CHEMF111X, GEOGF111X, GEOSF100X, GEOSF101X, GEOSF106X, GEOSF112X, GEOSF120X, MSLF111X, PHYSF102X, PHYSF103X, PHYSF104X, PHYSF115X, PHYSF175X, PHYSF211X, PHYSF212X, PHYSF213X / No additional natural science unless required by the major or minor
Other / One additional Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences from the lists above. / B.F.A. general requirements are the same as the requirements for the B.A. degree except a minor is not required for the B.F.A.
Total Required / 38-44 credits

Beyond GERS

MATH/CS/STAT3 credits

Social Science/Humanities complex – 18 credits required minus 6 credits of English12 credits

Minor / Secondary Major replacesthe need for minor32-39 credits

English Major36 credits

Complete the following program (major) requirements:

  1. ENGL F310--Literary Criticism--3 credits
  2. Complete Three of the following:
    ENGL F301--Continental Literature in Translation: The Ancient World--3 credits
    ENGL F302--Continental Literature in Translation: Medieval and Renaissance--3 credits

ENGL F306--Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to the Civil War--3 credits
ENGL F307--Survey of American Literature: Civil War to the Present--3 credits
ENGL F308--Survey of British Literature: Beowulf to the Romantic Period--3 credits
ENGL F309--Survey of British Literature: Romantic Period to the Present--3 credits

  1. Complete One of the following:
    ENGL F422W,O/2--Shakespeare: History Plays and Tragedies--3 credits
    ENGL F425W,O/2--Shakespeare: Comedies and Non-Dramatic Poetry--3 credits
  2. Complete One of the following:
    ENGL F317--Traditional English Grammar--3 credits
    ENGL F318--Modern English Grammar--3 credits
    ENGL F462--Applied English Linguistics--3 credits
    ENGL F472--History of the English Language--3 credits
  3. Complete One of the following:

ENGL F333--Women's Literature--3 credits

ENGL F340--Contemporary Native American Literature--3 credits

ENGLF341--Contemporary Alaska Native Literature--3 credits

ENGLF347--Voices of Native American Peoples--3 credits

ENGLF349--Narrative Art of Alaska Native Peoples (in English Translation)--3 credits

ENGLF360--Multiethnic Literatures of the United States--3 credits

ENGLF380--Topics in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature--3 credits

ENGLF433--Women, Gender and Sexuality in Language, Literature and Culture--3 credits

ENGLF449--Northern and Environmental Literature--3 credits

  1. Complete One of the following:
    ENGL F410W,O/2--Studies in American Literature up to 1900--3 credits
    ENGL F415W,O/2--Studies in 17th- and 18th-Century British Literature--3 credits
    ENGL F420W,O/2--Studies in Medieval and 16th-Century British Literature--3 credits
    ENGL F440W,O/2--Studies in 20th- and 21st-Century British Literature--3 credits
    ENGL F450W,O/2--Studies in 19th-Century British Literature--3 credits
    ENGL F455W,O/2--Studies in 20th- and 21st-Century American Literature--3 credits
    ENGL F460W,O/2--Studies in Comparative/World Literature--3 credits
  2. Complete One of the following:
    ENGL F427-- Topics in Film Studies--3 credits

ENGL F435--Authors--3 credits
ENGL F465--Genre--3 credits

ENGLF482-- Topics in Language and Literature--3 credits

ENGLF485-- Teaching Composition in the Schools--3 credits

  1. Complete Three ENGL F300- and ENGL F400-level courses (at least one at the F400 level)--9 credits

Secondary EducationMajor32-39 credits

Complete the following program (major) requirements:

EDSC 110--Becoming a Middle/High School Teacher--1 credit

EDSC 205--Introduction to Secondary Education (offered spring)--3 credits

OREDSC 415--Foundations of Modern Educational Practice (offered summer)

EDSC 407--Developing Literacy in the Content Areas (offered summer and fall)--3 credits

EDSC 414--Learning, Development and Special Needs (summer)--3 credits

OREDSE 422--Curriculum, Management and Strategies II: High Incidence (all semesters)

OREDSC 482--Inclusive Classrooms for All Children (summer)

EDSC 402--Methods of Teaching in the Secondary School--3 credits

EDSC 432-437--Secondary Instruction and Assessment--3 credits

(a section for: English, Social Studies, Art, Science, Mathematics, and World Languages)

EDSC 442--Technology Applications in Education I--1 credit

EDSC 458--Classroom Organization and Management--3 credits

EDSC 471--Secondary Teaching: School Internship I and Seminar--3 credits

EDSC 443--Technology Applications in Education II--2 credits

EDSC 457--Multicultural Education and School-Community Relations--4 credits

EDSC 472--Student Teaching: School Internship II and Seminar--3-9 credits

Total Credits for Dual major Secondary and English121-134 credits

* The course prefix has changed for a select group of English courses (ENGL F111X, ENGL F211 and ENGL F213X) starting fall semester 2017 to WRTG F111X, WRTG F211X, WRTG F212X, WRTG F213X and WRTG F214X.

** The course prefix has changed for a select group of Communication courses (COMM F121X, COMM F131X, and COMM F141X) starting fall semester 2017 to COJO F121X, COJO F131X and COJO F141X.

B.A. ENGLISH AND SECONDARY EDUCATION – Dual Major – Four Year Sample Plan – 121-134 credits

Freshmen Year / Summer Semester / Fall Semester / Spring Semester
WRTG 111X (3) / GERS Social Sciences Course (3)
COJO 121X or 131X or 141X (3) / MATH/CS/STAT Course (3)
EDSC 110 (1) / GERS Natural Science w/ Lab Course (4)
GERS Math Course (3-4) / WRTG 211X or 212X or 213X or 214X (3)
GERS Social Sciences Course (3) / GERS Arts, Humanities or Social Science (3)
Humanities or Social Science elective (3) / LS 101X or Test out (0-1)
16-17 credit hours / 16-17 credit hours
Sophomore Year
ENGL (301,302,306,307,308, or 309) (3)* / ENGL 310 (3)
GERS Humanities Course – rec ENGL 200X(3-5) / ENGL (301,302,306,307,308, or 309) (3)*
ENGL (301,302,306,307,308, or 309) (3)* / ENGL 300/400-level elective (3)
GERS Natural Science w/ Lab Course (4) / EDSC 205 (3)
GERS Art Course (3) / ENGL 300/400-level elective – rec ENGL 472(3)
16 credit hours / 15 credit hours
Junior Year
EDSC 407 (3) / ENGL (333, 340,341,347,349,360,380,433, or 449) (3) / ENGL 400-level elective(3)
GERS Ethics Course (3) / Social Science elective – rec ED245 (3) / EDSE 316 or 422 (3)
ENGL (317,318,462, or 472) – rec ENGL 317 (3) / ENGL (427,455,465,482, or 485) (3)
ENGL (410,415, 420,440,450,455,or 460) (W, O/2) (3) / ENGL 425W,O/2 or ENGL 422W,O/2 (3)
Social Science elective – rec ANTH 242 or HIST 461 (3) / Humanities or Social Science elective (3)
6 credit hours / 15 credit hours / 15 credit hours
Internship Year
EDSC 402 – General Methods (3) / EDSC 457 – Multicultural (4)
EDSC 432 – English Methods (3) / EDSC 443– Technology II (2)
EDSC 458 – Classroom Management (3) / EDSC 472O –Internship II and Seminar(3-9)
EDSC 471 – Internship I and Seminar (3)
EDSC 442 –Technology I (1)
13 credit hours / 12 credit hours

It is recommended that students meet with School of Education (S0E) to select courses within the above requirements that will also meet the School of Education’s NCTE accreditation requirements for English teachers. * Students should complete at least 3 credits of American, British and Continental Literature.